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Nissan Maxima Climate Control Questions/Problems



  • The complete dashboard is dark along with the gear shifter letters. Sounds like a blown fuse?...Any thoughts?

  • kfdmedkfdmed Posts: 130
    It works as designed.

    The only defect is in your brain.
  • I have a 2002 Maxima, the heat was working fine and then started blowing cold air. I change to defrost for a minute and then back to heat and the heat was hot again. 10 minutes later the same thing happened and I put it on defrost and that did the trick again.
    My electric has cut out a few times in recent weeks - only for a second or 2.
    Twice the car stalled, once it did not.
    I would have to think these are related problems.
    Any suggestions? My battery is old but the car starts fine, I doubt this would matter.
  • mikel61mikel61 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and I just got back from dealer. The problem is the climate control module located near glove box. part cost around 95 to 100 dollars plus tax and installation. Takes a screw driver and about 5 minutes to install it..
  • I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima also and the other night my ac went out. That morning everything was working fine and later that night when I got into the car there was no heat, air, nor was it defrosting my windows & windshields. One person told me it may be my blower module but I'm not sure haven't had it checked out yet. When I go to turn it on, nothing comes out and it makes no sound. When u were having the problems with you ac was it anything similar to what I'm experiencing and if so what was the problem and what did you have to get to fix it....Thanks, I would appreciate the feedback
  • My ac does not seem to be cooling very well, i have to put it on 60 before it even begins to cool the car off and the same thing with the heater, it has to be on about 80. my car is still under warranty and i have taken it to the dealer 3 times. First time they found a leak and changed the compressor and the second time they changed what he called a "sling door" in the dash, which is still rattling like crazy. They said that the car will not get cold if it is cool outside or some crap like that. is anyone else having this problem?
  • rjaeschkerjaeschke Posts: 1
    I shut off the inside airvent on the passenger sid eof my 2004 Maxima, and now it will not open. Is there a way to pull it out and repair without pulling the entire dashboard out?
  • I have a 99 nissan maxima seems the air blows cold when it wants to I can run temp up and it gets hot when I run it down it doesnt get cold cool but not cold. Freon is good compressor is running I even replaced the dash control still same problen any Ideas??
  • Thank you so much to guide me where the problem was!! MY a/c auto climate control was working fine. I brought my car in to get an auto-start installed in my 2006 Maxima. When I got the car back, my climate control was acting just as described (only got cold when the temp was set at 61 degrees and blew hot air when the temperature was set 62 and above). The fans blew full blast in both modes. So, going off of what was posted by Cla240z, I took off the plastic panel under the steering wheel (there are only 2 screws (one under the fuse panel door and the other on the lower right of the panel)). On the back bottom right of the plastic panel there is a sensor that had nothing connected to it. But dangling from under the dash were a hose looking thing and a wire with a plug on it it. Both the hose and plug went directly into sensor on the plastic panel. I started my car, and the climate control works again! woo hoo!! Thanks again.
  • maxima90maxima90 Posts: 1

    I have nissan maxima 2012 SV and its really a wonderful car. It smooth in acceleration and runs great.

    The only issue (might not be) i have with this car is its sluggish when i turn on A/C at any speed. I normally use A/C at 75 degrees auto when i drive. Is there a best approach to run the A/C when i drive please advise...
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