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Buick LaCrosse: Real World MPG



  • adamcadamc Posts: 5
    I've test driven two and they've been blissfully quiet.
  • bluecxsbluecxs Posts: 5
    My LaCrosse was quite for about 6000 miles, then it started to get extremely noisy. That is why I said to test drive a used car or a rental.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    You said Buick cannot hear anything. Are you talking about a dealership? If so have you tried going to a different one. Dealerships are independent and you can take it to any one you want under warranty.
  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    I think I know what you are referring to by the creaking console. It's all plastic and in cold weather over rough road I can hear it also in my CXS. Now that the weather is warm, it is fine. Everything else is as tight and rattle free after 14,000 miles as the day I bought it. Aside from that occasional console creak, I find it one of the quietest cars I have ever driven, little if any road and engine noise. Quieter than my past lexus or acura cars I have had.
  • kevokevo Posts: 6
    I posted to this forum (I think) way back around Feb 05 saying how pleased I was with my CXS. I would like to take it all back now. I would like to chime in on the poor fuel mileage and squeaks and rattles. The car has never gotten better than 17 mpg 50/50 highway/city. The car has 12,500 miles and I have squeaks all of the time, hot or cold. Too bad the rest of the car is quiet because it makes the squeaks all the more noticeable. I'm going to take it in the shorts when I trade this heap on a foreign car. As a comparison, my mother bought a Lexus ES330 one month before I bought mine. She now has 40,000 and the car is as nice today as the day she got it and even gets good mileage.

    I had to edit the post because I forgot to write about the paint chipping. It seems to be really soft paint or something due to the chips where one doesn't expect to have chipped paint, rear bumper, rear decklid, high on the hood near the windshield.


    As an aside, the service received from the dealer I bought it has been marginal at best. I just love dirty motor oil on my nice leather seats and waiting an hour for said oil to be changed. Twice.

  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    Too bad on the squeaks and rattles. Since the weather turned warm, even the console creak is gone on mine and I never did have any rattles. I had a lexus es300 once and it squeaked from the day I bought it till I got tired of it mostly due to the short seat bottoms. Only negative I have on the Lacrosse is the gas mileage in stop and go traffic. On the highway, I can get up to 27 mpg. You are correct on trade value, at present, one would be lucky to get about $19,000 on a trade for average miles, assuming one optimized the cost of their new car purchased.
  • gorphilgorphil Posts: 27
    If owners are using the economy indicator in the Driver Information Centre to determine mileage, reset it and see what happens. The economy indicator in my 2005 Allure was stuck on 11.4 liters per hundred kilometers and did not change. After I reset the indicator, it operated properly. It now shows 11.1 liters per hundred kilometers for combined driving. Not as good as my 2002 Regal.
    I also have the creak in the console; however, I have not investigated to determine the cause. The left side appears to be up too high at the back. Perhaps there is an adjustment.
    No problems with water leaks and the car is very smooth and quiet.
  • kevokevo Posts: 6
    I use the economy indicator as a snapshot and reset it at each fill-up. I back that up with the good ol' math Miles/Gallon. They are always close, usually the car is more optimistic than reality. 17-18 MPG tops. The instantaneous MPG sometimes goes up around 30, but pull a slight hill and it drops to 13-14. With economy like this, I see no penalty in getting the SUV I wanted in the first place.
  • sscott3sscott3 Posts: 6
    I do consider myself screwed. I have had the car back to the dealer more than once and at first they trued to tell me it was the way I drive, giving me driving 101 type advise. Then they said that because the EPA rating is 19 to 27 and I am getting 19.4 that is normal. My 99 Regal GS with the SC3800 got 22 to 23 mpg. Same driver, same route, same everything except the car. I'm an engineer for a supplier to the auto industry and I have always been pretty avid about buying American. I got over it. GM has lost about half of their market share over the last 30 years, one customer at a time. I've worked with GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota developing parts and in my opinion Toyota has their act together. It's not surprising to me that they are continuing to grab more and more market share. To be fair, I like the LaCrosse, but the poor mileage is hard to take. It costs me about $300 per year in extra fuel cost at $3/gal. My current plan is to stencil "19 MPG" on the inside of each back window so others can know what they can expect from a LaCrosse.
  • adamcadamc Posts: 5
    It's just one thing to consider, and I don't want to overstate the significance of it, but with the new ethanol standards for gasoline, everybody is getting slightly worse mileage these days.

    Ethanol is less energy dense than gasoline, and many folks have reported a 5-6% drop in mileage with the new formulation.
  • sscott3sscott3 Posts: 6
    When I bought my CXS in May 05 I was disappointed with the mileage at about 19 mpg. The car continued at just under 20 mpg for the summer and dropped to 19.4 mpg over the winter. I had the same squeaks and rattles others have mentioned particularly in the winter with cold temps. I still have a creek in the dash. I recently took a 500 mile trip over a weekend. Mostly 70 mph (50%) and 60 mph (30%) with some 65 and slower speeds all highway with cruise engaged. It got 24.9 mpg. I suppose that a sustained 55 mph could yield close to the 27 mpg EPA estimate. Others have reported very poor city mileage of around 14 mpg and my 25% city driving on my day to day commute to work is probably what is doing me in. Since reseting the average calculator it's running at just over 20. I now am thinking that it is the axle ratio used for the CXS that is responsible for the poor mileage. The 3800 engine with the higher axle ratio does much better. I traded a car I liked (99 Regal GSE) that got 22- 23 mpg and required premium fuel with an EPA est of 18/26 for an 05 CXS with an EPA est of 19/27 and only needing regular fuel. I gave up the performance of the SC3800 engine expecting better fuel economy. I got poorer performance as expected and poorer gas mileage as well. GM, you wont get another chance at my business.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    The axle ratio has been changed for 2007 for the 3.8 version.
  • jfgte8296jfgte8296 Posts: 3
    I fugured out where that creaking in the center console is comming from but not how to fix it yet. If you tilt the two center air vent down all the way, and push down on that plastic base you will here the noise. Now If only I could figure out how to stop it. I may use some dense foam tape to try to dampent it but have to leave room to allow the vents to be tilted.
  • tedescm1tedescm1 Posts: 309

    I bought a acura tl and also creaks and rattles

    get the Lexus
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    I am looking to purchase a new vehicle. One of the vehicles of interest is a 2007 Buick LaCrosse with a 3.8 V6 engine, CXL / Drivers confidence pkg., CF5 - Power Glass Sunroof, and KA1 - Heated Front Seats. The vehicle is rated for 20 mpg city and 30 hwy. After reading these postings dealing with vehicle mileage, I am having second thoughts???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- Best regards. --- Dwyane :confuse: :( ;) :lemon:
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,713

    Having had 3 3800s in heavier leSabres and getting 35-38 at steady cruise speeds below 65 on them and getting 30-31 overall on distance interstate travel with AC on and 3 adults and luggage in the car, I don't understand the lower results for the 3800.

    I'd suggest renting one for a trip and even renting one for a few days around town. Get one with a digital readout for mileage that you can reset and watch for a while.

    Our leSabres tend toward 24 for me and 22 for my wife in around suburbs driving including short trips to grocery, post office, shopping, etc., ranging 1 to 8 miles.

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  • I bought my 2006 LaCrosse with the 3.8L engine in July of 2006 and was somewhat up set with the gas mileage, but as the car has broken in the mileage has improved. With 4500 miles on it now, in mixed driving, it's getting between 26 and 28 consistantly. This is a vast improvement from the 18 to 19 I first got it.

    I had a 2002 Regal with the same motor and what I'm getting now with the LaCrosse is about what I got with the Regal. I took the Regal on a trip and got 33 mpg with it, but I haven't gone on any trips with the LaCrosse yet.

    The only difference I see between the two cars, is the Regal seemed a bit more responsive when given the gas, and no it wasn't super-charged. The Lacrosse seems to downshift more often than the Regal did and the gas pedal seems to be harder to press.

    I was told years ago by an old mechanic that you shouldn't see your best gas mileage or performance until an engine has 7000 miles on it. Maybe that's true, at least my cars gas mileage has been going up as the miles have.

    It's pretty difficult here in MD to get a good grasp on your gas mileage, since depending where you live determines what additives they put in your gas. If you live where they do smog testing, the gas has an additive to cut down on smog and makes your gas mileage drop, then in the winter they mess with the formulation again. The biggest pain is in your wallet. I can go 20 miles away to the next county and pay 10 to 15 cents less and not have any of these power robbing additives, while getting much better gas mileage. I did that today and in mostly highway driving with some town and a few stop lights, when I got home,I had averaged 30.6 mpg on my average fuel mileage reading, which is usually 1 mpg more than what it is if you figure it out by hand.
  • My vehicle now has 3300 miles on it. The overall mileage has crept up to 20 MPG. It would be great to see it improve as I head to 7000 miles. Still love this great car.
  • Just drove over 1200 miles from Tennessee to Massachusetts for the holidays. My 3.6L engine averaged 25.5 MPG for the trip. Pretty decent mileage. We were stuck in several long traffic jams once we hit the New Jersey/ New York area. The car now has 5300 miles on it and averages about 21 MPG overall. Just had an oil change and the tires rotated before the road trip. Am now running synthetic oil in it and will consider actually using the Oil Life System versus mileage for oil changes.
  • I just checked this post and at least I'm not alone in the poor mileage, I have a 05 CXS with the 3.6L I've had it for 11 months. the best MPG is ever got was on a trip 24, it averages 15 /16 MPG (70%city 30%highway)I live in the northeast and now its averaging 13.5 to 14.5 MPG this winter. I know the winter you usually drop mileage, but what sucks is I traded in a 04 trailblazer 4X4 that was getting between 13 and 14MPG in the same winters with the same driver going the same places. and to think the dealer told me there was no complaints about fuel economy.
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