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Audi A6



  • numuupnumuup Posts: 4
    Thinking of purchasing from a dealer 98 A6 with 56,000 miles, loaded, quattro, for $13,950. How reliable is it and any problems?
    Any input on this model and pricing is appreciated. Thanks
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    From 3 years of reading this board and Audi World, various publications and my own experiences, I would rate the A6's reliability as typical for a high-tech, German luxury car. In the two years and 30+K miles I've had my '01 2.7T, I've had to replace an auxiliary cooling fan, a hazard switch, and shortly, a fan for the climate control. The car has also had issues with transient vibration in certain speed ranges, which has now been corrected, as it was initially after 5K. This has been a problem with some specific cars and seems to have multiple causes. But it looks like my dealer and AoA have gotten much better at finding and correcting them. Knock-on-wood, I am very satisfied with my car, and consider the problems as largely minor.

    If the consumer ratings to which you are alluding are those of Consumer Reports, my car would probably contribute to the Unsatisfactory Rating the magazine would assign if I were to fill out a survey. Last time I checked, CR's methodology had no way of differentiating between minor and major problems or determining how difficult or easy it was to have them corrected.
    I've also pondered the CR ratings, and they seem to have more than a dose of subjectivity. I noted that while the charts for the A6 and 5-Series show similar quantifiable percentages of problem areas, the 5-Series is recommended, and the A6 isn't for reliability reasons.

    The A6 has had some problematic model years. '98 was its first year of production, and there seemed to be a disproportionate number of cars from that model year with problems, though many/most were great. For some reason, the first model year for the 2.7T, 2000, was also problematic for that model. Some A6's have obviously been flat-out lemons, with hosts of problems. Most have been good cars. But whether the A6 has had any more lemons as a percentage of its total than other similar cars is doubtful.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    German luxury car. It's all about setting the bar. Happiness = reality - expectations. If you come to the party expecting a vehicle which is completely ridiculous to possess without a warranty (Mark will weigh in at some point), you'll be pleased as punch.

    If, on the other hand, you're planning to get one with 40 - 80K miles and expect it to provide the kind of reliability that the (soul-less) asian vehicles are known for, you may need to consider recalibration of your expectations.

    I actually like Audis, but I rent them (literally). Most of the people on this board who are the most pleased also rent (lease) them and/or make sure they're covered by a warranty that is supported by Audi.
  • asiu28asiu28 Posts: 7
    I bought my Audi A6 3.0 in Sept. 2002. It is a great car except sometimes when I shift into reverse (R) the car starts to shake, like go over reflectors on the road, but the car was not moving at all. I shift back to park (P) and then R again, the shakes stop and back to normal. Happens about once or twice a week. Dealer cannot find any fault. Checked everything. Any suggestions, please advise. Thanks.
  • I love my Audis (all couple dozen of them), wouldn't dream of having one without a warranty. Have only purchased ONE -- lease all the rest.

    Can't remember keeping one past 49,000 miles.

    Don't really know anyone who does not like the car.

    The people that have (soul less) Japanese, etc., cars mentioned often do not like cars that require you to pay attention to them.

    They are not wrong and we aren't either.

    I grind my own coffee beans every single morning, too. Lots of folks use instant coffee -- and we are both happy.

    Audis are very involving to drive and "live with."

    Mine have been far from bullet proof in the reliability area. I found recently that the problems have been "nits" -- overwhelmingly so.

    This is not an excuse -- at this stage of modern manufacturing nits should be very few and very far between.

    The car (Audis, generally) is an absolute joy to drive. 1998 A6 2.8 quattros had far too many nits, IMHO, to consider used -- at least without a very comprehensive warranty product overlaid between your checkbook and the repair bills.

    Audis (and virtually all European cars, for that matter) are breathtakingly expensive to repair and about average cost to maintain (for the breed, that is).
  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Posts: 1,491
    I'm thinking of purchasing a 2003 Audi A6 3.0 quattro. It looks like a very nice car, with one of the best interiors I've ever seen for this class. But I also heard from my friends that Audi got some serious problems with quality. My friends own A4s, so I don't know if A6 has the same problem. If anyone knows about this matter, plz let me know.
  • I am on my 3rd Audi. My current one is a 2002 A6Q 2.7T 6M which replaced my 1990 FWD Audi 90 with 96000 miles, which replaced my 1985 FWD 5000S after an accident (not my fault). I have been driving the A6 for more than a year now and find myself constantly looking for an excuse to drive that car. I live in NYC where public transportation is the usual way of getting around, and go to the Pocono mountains every other weekend for some R&R. I originally planned to get the new A8 when my lease runs out in 2005, but I'm having so much fun with my A6 that I am considering buying the next redesigned model in 2006 (?) instead of or in addition to the new A8, depending on how much money I have then. Never had a major (meaning, un-repairable) problem with the Audis. I used to drive a Toyota, a Nissan, a Volvo,(all stick shifts) and a Dodge (auto). Never had a problem with the foreign cars, either, and always had one with the Dodge. My wife is starting to increase her use of the A6 too because she likes the handling. I hope this helps you in your decision either way. Your experience may not be similar, as mine may not be typical. Good luck.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Robbie, could you be a bit more specific? I'm unclear what you're looking for, other than the experiences and opinions that have already been offered.
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    The automotive page in today's Boston Globe had a write-up on problems with the 2000 and 2001 A4 and VW Passat. The problem is exclusive to the 1.8T. Apparently the ignition coils are causing trouble - failing while the car is being driven and forcing owners to have their cars towed to service. One tow truck driver was attributed with saying that he tows two or three cars a day with the same trouble. There was some concern that VW and Audi dealers have a fix but are waiting for cars to be brought in with the problem.
  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Posts: 1,491
    The problem I heard most is the ignition coil. And I also heard some complaints on reliability.
    None of my friends have an A6, that's why they don't know much about it.
  • The Edmunds writeup on the new RS6, states "Six cylinders, Four doors, Two intercoolers." I hope this glaring error underneath the article's title is soon corrected. Editor???
  • Can anyone provide me with some thought? I have a 2000 A6 - quattro. I have had a few problems since about 12 months after I bought this car. It has been kinda disappointing to have so many minor interior problems for a vehicle of $35,000 -$40,000 price tag. Anyways, recently I brought my car in to get the fuse for the Drivers side master window switch replaced. After I picked up my car and started driving it again at speeds of 75 - 80 mph I started hearing a whistling noise coming from the front of the car. Its obviously the wind but I cant seem to pin point why and how before I dropped it off with my dealer there was not "whistling" noise but after I picked it up this "whistling" noise started. Could it be coming from the vents? windshield? windshield wipers? Thanks for your help....
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Write to with that comment.
  • Hello All

    I am currently in the market for a 2001 or 2002 A6 4.2. I am using the Edmunds price guide to get a feel of what would be a reasonable price.

    Should I expect to pay close to the Edmunds price line? Lower? Higher? Any input is greatly appreciated.

  • noshonosho Posts: 119
    if due to repair is probably from the driver's door. The noise might be reflecting off the windshield giving the impression of coming from the front.... Check that the door panel is secure and the door seals aren't damaged. Any other possibility is a wild guess without being able to hear the noise.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    The price guide is a great information and negotiating tool. I think I remember that it is geographically adjusted. This is important as the used market for Audis differs greatly in different parts of the U.S. If it is so adjusted, you should be able to find a deal close to what Edmunds suggests if you negotiate effectively.

    I think Edmunds provides an explanation of how these prices are arrived at. I would study that explanation to be confident in the methodology, and to be prepared to defend the estimates when negotiating.
  •    I recently purchased a 1996 A6 wagon. It drives and rides beautifully, but numerous (expensive) electrical problems have popped up...most have been solved but I seem to find that electrical parts on this car are extraordinarily finnicky. Perhaps readers can help me solve one nuisance. On my former Subaru I drove with the lights on, and when I turned off the key the lights all went off. With this Audi, when I turn off the key the headlights go off...but the parking lights and tail lights remain on. This defeats the entire purpose of the headlights going off, since I then STILL have to turn off the headlight switch manually. Any help?

       One additional area is of great interest to me. Since I may look for another used Audi (it could be an A4, A6, or V8) do you readers have any advice on models or years that are more "trouble free"? I am aware that motors changed in certain years. And in reading about problems with the 2000-2003 years, it appears that plenty of problems still exist even though the cars are newer. I have read a number of Audi sites and it very dificult to decipher enough good comparable information. Any help here? Thanks.
  • I do not know anyone rich enough to afford a used Audi -- new ones cost less by far.

    Although my statement above is not entirely accurate, it is -- in spirit -- dead on. Audis (and they are not alone) are very expense to acquire and maintain "used" -- even if you lease one yourself and then in effect, buy it for yourself.

    Audi maintenance costs can be breathtaking and repair costs are some times bankrupting. An extended or aftermarket warranty is something that should be considered.

    It is so much "cheaper" to consider a brand new Audi than almost any used one -- if you have that much money, please make a donation to one of my favorite charities and lease a new one. You'll spend the same amount either way.

    And, I say this as a big fan of -- not basher of -- Audis.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    For specific questions on C4 platform (Pre-'98) A6's I suggest you visit the appropriate AW forum -

    I generally agree with Mark's comments regarding the cost of a new lease vs. out-of-warranty ownership costs, though I've never done an exhaustive study. Certainly, dealer maintenance on an out-of-warranty Audi can be prohibitive. I haven't investigated independent mechanics and non-OEM parts, and whether this route could significantly reduce on-going maintenance cost. I have read posts on AW from people who work on their cars themselves with some success. Perhaps Gene has this level of interest and skill, if so, it could be a very different situation.

    As to models and years, in the A6 family, typically newer is better. Post '01 cars seem to have comparatively few problems. 2000 was an earlier model year where average reliability improved, except for the then new 2.7T. Don't know a lot about A4's. A8's are supposed to be very reliable, and depreciate a great deal. If this is a consideration, you might explore the cost of one used.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    "If you can't afford to buy one new and/or pick up an extended warranty. . .go elsewhere."

    This board refers to where you'll most likely end up as the land of "soul-less" vehicles. Others have different names for them.

    Anyway, you heard it first from those who know best.
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