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  • rmika99
    hello Michaell,
    I'm looking for the MF and RV for '15 VW Jetta SEL ($26,745 MSRP/36mo/12kmi)? Any incentives for June and what monthly lease # do you get?
    Thanks in advance for your help!!
    June 29
  • deuirej
    Hey..just leased a Jetta today. Do you have an email where I can send pictures for you to see if the deal was decent or not?

    SE with connectivity and Nav. Msrp of 24, money down at all, just first payment of $288. 35 more payments of 288..also signed up for "term care select" which I should've negotiated off.
    June 28
  • equipiuqe
    Hi Michaell,

    I am looking for MF and residual values of Chevy Equinox 1LT with the following lease terms:


    Could you please help with these? I am in NorthEast Ohio. Thanks so much.
    June 27
  • gp3
    Thank you for your response to my post. I would appreciate some guidance if you can give it since I am a complete newbie to car buying and don't want to get screwed.

    Im honestly not sure what you mean by the "Real world trade in values" but I brought my volvo to carmax and the guy told me it wasn't worth it to buy out my lease and then sell it to carmax. The reason I guess is because I am currently finishing up a very short lease (24 months) on my volvo and the sale value is lower? than what I could buy it out for. That being said, I only have a month left with the lease that is already paid for. So when I go to the dealer this weekend looking for a new lease, can I ask them if it was possible to roll over the excess mileage that I've accumulated? or in this situation should I just wait until the lease is up, pay the overage and then lease a new car.

    Do you think the evoque is a decent deal at this time? Any ideas on what my monthly payment would be with $0 down at $45,00
    June 24
  • bravo1957
    This is what he tells me.
    Nothing like that exists. We have a lot of rebates on the A6 right now, if we order something we expect it to be much higher since they will expire while waiting for the car. The Summer of Audi sales event programs are excellent right now.

    If you are looking for lower and much more choices you should consider the standard seats on a regular premium plus. I think you should come in and meet with someone here and see the difference in person.
    June 9
  • bravo1957
    Hi MIchael the discussion we was in is closed.
    Update i communicated with Biener Audi and this is what they are telling me.

    Here's an example lease.

    2016 A6 3.0T Quattro
    Havanna black with nougat brown interior
    Prestige package
    Comfort seating/contour seats w/ massage
    Cold weather package

    36 months, 12k miles per year
    $780/mo with $3,563 due at signing including tax, first months payment, and bank fee.

    Plus they made a big outline as Customer Disclosure with the breakdown of the deal.
    Is not what i want.

    I told them that i want Audi A6 3.0 Prestige with Contour comfort seats with massage and the SLine Sports package Brilliant Black.
    June 9
  • darrin46
    what kind of mileage does your wife get on the outback, what made you go with the 3.6
    June 2
  • macastel
    hello Michaell

    I'm in the process of TRANSFERING a lease from a previous owner under my name. Its a 2015 550i x drive. He has had the car for 5 months and has 5K miles on it. there are a total of 27500mi left in the contract with 34 months. This is the original deal he got back in February of this year. so I am curious to see if he got a decent deal and if the deal he is offering is good for me.

    Original back in Feb:
    MSRP $72,250
    Gross capitalized cost $64400
    capitalized cost reduction $600
    residual value 42,627.50
    Depreciation 22172.5
    rent charge 6494.06
    lease payments 39
    sales tax $0
    monthly payment $735.04
    it looks like he put down a total of $5,138 dollars which included (600 capitalized cost, 735.04 first month, registration, license fee, 2,062 sales/use tax, 795 acquisition fee, etc).

    After some negotiation he is giving me $3300 dollars for me to take over the payments. The car in like new condition since we already had BMW inspecting it and I looked at it.

    will you take it?
    May 30
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    May 26
  • brian125
    Mike when you get a chance could you give me lease numbers on a 2015 Chevy Malibu LT model 3yr, 36k and 2yr, 10k

    May 23
  • looking4rav
    Hi Michaell,

    How do I determine if the dealer is padding the MF (quoted at .00045) or the Capitalized Cost (quoted at $30,708)? I don't know if they are just a little high on their quote or way over priced. This is my first attempt at leasing and I'm hoping to wrap this up before the end of the month. Thanks for any help you can give me - it's much appreciated.
    May 21
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    May 20
  • utking
    Hey Michaell,

    Below is the original question that I had. The dealer says 0.00169 is is at the highest credit tier. Where did you get 0.00129 from?

    "I'm a new college grad, and planning to lease 2015 BMW 320i xDrive in Michigan.

    Here are the details that the dealer offered:

    MSRP: $36,400
    Discount: $3,000
    Net Capitalized Cost: $34,109
    Mileage: 10,000 miles/year
    Lease term: 36 months
    Residual: 65%
    MF: 0.00169

    The dealer offered $438.80/month with $709.84 due at signing and zero down payment."
    May 16
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    May 8
  • mickeymouse1
    Hello: Wondering if this about as good as it gets right now...any help would be appreciated..

    2015 Honda Pilot SE, 12000 miles per year, ZERO DOWN LEASE PROMO(see below)from is what the numbers are based on..

    I have checked with about 7 dealerships and this was the best so far....

    $31,973.02 is Net capitalized cost includes $595 acquisition fee. Dealer contribution may vary and could affect actual lease payment. Total monthly payments $12,600.00. Option to purchase at lease end $20,720.00.

    Sales price I was given is $31,145.57, fees are $883.00(includes doc fee, inspection, registration and title) plus 6.5% sales tax=$34,050.64 so $422.86 per month for 36 months with 0 down at lease signing as everything is rolled into the lease.....payment includes sales tax....
    May 5
  • mzia
    Can you please reply on the 2015 Sonata lease questions page. Thank you
    May 5
  • kalany
    hi michaell.. please check your message that I left there..
    April 30
  • muffinflavored
    Thank you so much for all of your help!
    April 30
  • oftheseven
    Hi Michael - saw you stated Mazda 2016 CX5 GT- AWD lease numbers in PA as: .00060, 63% for 36/12 - does that apply nationwide and for the FWD as well? I'm in CA.

    April 25
  • 12many
    Hi Michaell. You seem very knowledgeable so I thought you might know this. I was ready to lease a new Tahoe, but when I test drove it, it has a stutter (almost like it was missing on one cylinder) at moderate acceleration. The car was right off the truck and had not been prepared by the service department, other than checking fluids (still had protective plastic on paint and plastic on seats). Could this be something that would be fixed during dealer prep in the service department? I like the car, but don't want to buy into a bunch of headaches? Ever heard of anything like this? ECU learning ??


    April 20
  • 12many
    Thank you Michaell for your input. You are very helpful to those less knowledgeable. For me, there are so many variables between price and whether to lease or buy (for business use) that it is hard to make a decision.
    April 17
  • leaseanaudi
    Thank you in advance for any information. In SF Bay Area and interested in 2015 Audi S3 Lease. Was quoted today S3 Prestige w 19-inch wheels MSRP $50,210. 36 month, 10k miles, residual value is 54%. 36 months lease with $1,400 down payment is $723.

    If you can provide the money factor and residual, that would be great. I can try to figure out what payment SHOULD be. If you can actually do the calculation, then that would be super awesome.

    I have never leased a car and have been trying to educate myself with leaseguide dot com and I hope I understand their formula correctly. I used your figures of 36/10 - .00102 MF, 56% Residual, 6% off MSRP, i get a payment of $637 with $1,400 down payment. is this correct or within ballpark ?

    Thank you again for all your efforts on this forum.
    April 17
  • bp124
    Negotiated price on the lease of 41,800.
    April 13
  • nanda2
    I Just leased QX60 FWD with premium/premium plus/theater package for 15k

    it has blind spot monitoring,Navi, forward collision assist, and most other features
    paid $1000 up front including taxes and everything. Monthly payment of 599
    Dont know if its a good deal or not.
    April 12
  • Stang77
    Hi Michaell,

    I used the calculator but can't seem to get the correct payment using the numbers you provided on a 2015 Honda CRV CVT LX in San Antonio, TX. Any suggestions? A different online Lease Calc?


    April 7
  • lahav
    Hi Michael. First, thanks for feeding everyone the latest residual and MF numbers.. no matter how many times we ask for the same rates :)

    Second, I am in the market for a vehicle and was wondering if you knew, off the top of your head, which company has the best deals this April. I mean, you've looked up all these numbers across manufacturers, did one strike you as cheaper/good deal for this month?

    I'm looking closely at the Forester or Outback as we need a bigger back seat for rear-facing baby seat and wagonish trunk for our dog. But the BMW X1 looks good and maybe some other crossover could be a better deal. .

    Thanks ahead of time!
    April 2
  • herby2132
    Looking for the 2.0T #'s for the Kia Sorento
    March 16
  • hammerhd
    Hi Michael

    I am looking to lease a 2015 Buick enclave FWD premium model. It is the dealers service car and has approximately 3000 miles. How can I find the current MF and residual value. I live in illinois
    March 15
  • phlflyers
    Good afternoon. Could you please provide me with residual for 2.5 Altima SL & SV models? 15k a year please. Thanks as always for the great service you provide here.
    March 14
  • flattskeys
    Hi Michaell,

    Can you help me with some lease numbers on 2015 Sedona SX-L for New York
    looking for M/F with 798 credit score
    Residual for 36M / 15K
    any current rebates for a zero down deal, also is it favorable to roll taxes into payment?
    March 4
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