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    July 19
  • siper1

    Thank you for the recent information on an Audi Q5 (00144 and 60%). What would the adjusted MF be with 8 MSDs, assuming .0005 per? Is it possible to reduce the MF to 0?

    July 18
  • schmidthb

    Michaell - any chance you can share the variables your using to get that payment? I'd like to counter to dealer with that. Many thanks!

    @schmidthb said: Hoping someone can help! I'm looking at a 2014 328i XDrive with MSRP of $50,975 / sales price of $46,900 . Money Factor at .00160 / 63% residual on 36mo / 12k mileage Currently at $613 with $1,880 due

    Feel like I can do better - any help would be most appreciated!!

    MF is marked up from .00130. With your MSRP and selling price with the base MF and 63% RV, I get a pre-tax payment of $513.43. Quite a bit of room to do better.

    July 18
    • Michaell
      There are lots of lease calculators out on the web where you can plug in the numbers to get the monthly payment.
  • trusaleen1

    Hi Michael, I realize this isnt a Passat but can you please give me the MF and residual on a VW 2014 VW Eos Komfort for 3 years 12k miles. Also what is VW typical acquisition fee. Looks like they have a 1000 rebate too. Thanks

    July 17
  • mossburgh

    sorry, the previous post is regarding the Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium

    July 17
  • mossburgh

    Can you explain the discrepancy in the residual values you quoted for the 2015 premium. In may you said .53 with a MF of .0003 but in July you quoted .63 with a MF of .0009 ??

    July 17
  • nsull410

    One more question, do you know if the lease conquest $1k would also apply?

    July 14
  • nsull410

    I was looking for 12k/36m terms.

    July 14
  • alg200wsj

    Hi Michael,

    Can you give me the money factor and residual on a 15k a year lease of a 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x2 V6. The lease is in Florida. Thanks!!!!

    July 13
  • alg200wsj

    Sorry one last thing what would the residual change to for 12k a year?

    Thank you so much for your help!!!

    July 13
  • alg200wsj

    State is Florida 15k Miles a year

    July 13
  • alg200wsj

    Hi I'm looking for the July money factor and residual on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4x2 V6. 36 and/or 39 months. Can anyone help me!


    July 13
  • pdxq50s

    Hey Michael , I just received the following email from a salesperson at Infiniti.She is comparing a G37X or RWD sedan.premium ,no nav..Is this correct ? She said these are the changes from June to July.

    "The residuals went down 9% on the 24 month lease. So, on a 10K lease, instead of 71%, it's 62%.

    I can figure you a lease, but it's not going to be what it was before. Probably $40 more a month. "

    July 11
  • sarahj10
    Hi Michael,
    I am looking to lease a 2015 rx350, state is NH, MSRP is 50,254. Net cap cost is 47,200 (46500 + 700 loss on my trade). I'm looking to do a 36 mo/17k lease. There is 1200 in fees due at signing, nothing down. They've offered me 587/mo, is that a good deal?
    July 11
  • yeoda

    Hi Michael, Test drive new 2014 Toyota Corolla LE ECO in DFW area in Texas with dealer options such as tinted windows, back up camera, wheels lock and body protection coatings today. Their OTD price with dealer fees = $18,813. I have not negotiated the price yet. Is this a good deal? I would like to see others opinion on the OTD price. Thank you.

    July 5
  • jhutx

    Thank you Brian and Michael for your advice. I am asking because I am going to take 1-month vacation. I like the deals now, but do not like the idea to rush the purchase and put the car in garage for 1-month :) I already got a couple of calls from the dealers telling me the month-end promotions going on now, and that I may not get the same deal and choice later. So just try to get your perspective from historical and past experience.

    June 25
  • tntgirl13

    Thanks for your quick response. It is a 4matic. Is this a good deal ? Is there room to negotiate. I see the mf you quoted is less.

    June 20
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    June 18
  • roadragee

    Hi, Michael

    Could you provide MF & Residual for Prius Three and Five, 24 month. / 12k and 36 month / 12k for CA? (Do different trim levels have different MF/Residual for Prius?)

    Thank you!

    May 2
  • tylerw49

    Hey Michael, thanks again for your help.. I updated my post in the Mazda 3 lease thread.. Lookin at the hatch on both options.

    April 30
  • recastro

    Hi Michael,

    My lease terms are 36/mos - 12,000/year......Thanks again for your help!!!!

    April 30
  • atos2012

    Hi Michaell,

    What is the way to find out MF and residual? I just called the Hyundai Finance and no luck. Thank you in advance.

    April 30
  • lildean

    Michaell - I posted in the 2014 Jeep GC Lease Questions. I am switching from looking at Sorentos to Jeep Grand Cherokees. I am looking to lease a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4. Can you tell me what the MF and Residual is for Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks for all your help

    April 27
  • rjc5


    Would you please take a look at this Prius lease deal?

    Thanks much!

    April 26
  • lildean

    Do you have the 2014 lease numbers for the AWD Kia Sorento SX Limited in Pittsburgh, PA at 12K mi/year? Any specials being ran currently? My credit score is over 800.

    April 25
  • texanmade
    Hi Michael I'm looking at leasing a 2014 Honda Accord. They offered me 500 flex cash 0 down monthly payments at 550 a month including tax and maintenance and the lease protection honda care as well . The MSRP is 35,895.37 the agreed price is 34,8897.35. The residual value is 16,959.25. This is for a 2014 honda accord exl with navigation. Thanks
    April 23
  • reg007

    It's been a long time since I dealt with Cap Cost, money factor, residual, etc. Is it okay for me to ask for your expertise in regards to leasing a specific vehicle from a Colorado dealership? In other words, I'm not sure of all the "hidden" costs that increase the monthly and out of pocket expenses and need a better understanding of all the variables. Thanks in advance.

    April 22
    • Michaell
      Reg - please post your specific questions in the make/model discussion .. I'll be happy to answer any questions there.
    • reg007
      I'll put my thoughts together and post it soon. Thanks!
    • reg007
      I posted a longwinded question under Lexus. Thank you!
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    April 21
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    April 18
  • a5cabrio

    Amazing feedback on the Mazda3 - following up with the dealership now, thank you!

    April 16