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  • t
    I am in Nashville tn
    November 19
  • t
    Hi Michaell,

    I'm looking to buy a 2015 4x4 jeep Cherokee latitude v6 Comfort / Convenience, SafetyTec and Cold Weather pkgs/ or Trailhawk with same options. Paying cash, no trade. What price should I pay?

    November 19
  • maddoc2
    I would greatly appreciate your comments on this deal I have on the table.
    Need to give an answer by Monday

    ( I am in FL - 6% sales tax)

    2014 335i
    MRSP $ 57,700
    Sales Price $ 49,000
    Gross cap cost $ 50,303 ($49,000 + Acq cost $725 + Doc fee $578.40)

    # Option 1

    Residual 61%

    Residual $ 35,197
    Mthly Payment $ 567.92

    First Mthly payment $ 567.92
    Lic.,Insp.,Title, Reg. Fees $ 248.00

    Total Due at signing $ 905.13

    # Option 2

    36/15 k
    Residual 59% ($ 34,403)

    Mnthly $ 556.40 after 8 x MSD ($4200)

    Due at signing : $ 5093.61 ($4200 + $556.40 + $331.50 fees);
    Fees Due at signing : $331.50 = license - 248, Rental surcharge - 60, other fees - 23.50)
    Dispo fee : $ 350.00

    Based on your comments from previous posts I thought this was a good deal but wanted to make sure I am not missing anything in these complicated numbers..

    Manager is not willing to negotiate any further !
    November 16
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    November 6
  • ocean12
    Same here. need your help. I posted in the lexus rx 350 forum. Hopefully you be able to check it out at your earliest convenience. Thanks very much.
    October 28
  • windycityguy
    Need your help. Just posted in the Jeep 2015 leasing forum. Not sure how often you are online but would appreciate you talking a look at my post.
    October 28
  • ronzo28
    I can be reached through this forum or at

    Thanks very much.
    October 10
  • ronzo28
    Thank you for the lease information. Would you please explain how the $1000 lease cash works? The dealer has not mentioned this promotion to me. Thanks again.
    October 10
  • gator00si
    I'd like to see how the bigger Santa Fe stacks up if you don't mind:
    GLS FWD - 36mo/12kmi
    Limited FWD - 36mo/12kmi
    September 26
  • pjmbrennan
    In response to the comments below, the negotiated price is still being discussed but if we assume it is 45,305.00, what are your thoughts?

    pjmbrennan said:

    I am new to the lease game. I want to lease a 2014 Buick Enclave, leather group, AWD. I need a 39mo/32.5k miles. It looks like the MSRP is around $47.5k. The quote I am getting from the local dealer are approximatley $1,500 down and $450/mo. what do you think? Thank you in advance for your guidance.

    1.35% MF and 55% for 39mo/10K per year lease. $1500 lease cash.

    What is the negotiated selling price?
    September 23
  • cms78
    How does this sound? 2014.5 Camry LE. 36 months/15k. MSRP $24,020. Sale price 22,492. 0.00001 MF. RV of 13.365. $263/month. The $263/month sounds high to me. Where do I have room to negotiate?
    I'm in Syracuse, NY (don't know if you need that)
    September 23
  • trancelator

    Sorry, just want to make sure.

    .00001 MF for both the Sport and the Touring?

    August 28
  • daw2014

    Hi! Thinking about leasing again a Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 with sunroof and navi in NYC. Do you happen to know the current MF and residual value for a 2014 and a 2015 with 7500 and 10k per year with perfect credit? Also currently in a jeep lease with 3 payments to go and the dealer is offering us an out at $439 with taxes in + bank fee 595 + dmv $200. Is this good? I feel like we need to know all the numbers which they did not give us.

    August 28
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    August 27
  • jessekac

    Hi, saw that you provided the last post about this so maybe you could help me out Looking to lease a 2014 Murano SL. 36 Months, 12K Miles. What is the residual value of this car and current lease factor w/top tier credit? Thanks! Jesse

    August 8
  • tjlions

    Can you give me the August lease numbers for a 2014 Infiniti QX60 purchased in NC? I'm comparing different factors including fwd/awd, 36-39 months. The things that I'm sure of are 15k/year and premium or better package. Thank you in advance.

    August 4
  • gsb88

    they are quoting me .66 and .0013 MF the 775 +1935+300 = 3010 / 33 = $91.21 don't we add that to your 587.70? that brings it to 679 vs 682, which is close..... what am I missing. thanks!

    July 30
  • wsterling
    Thank you for all of your help!
    July 28
  • capco

    Lease quote in NC: 2014 Altima 2.5S, cap cost $22,478, residual 56%, MF 0.0003, 36 mth term, 12000 mileage limit with $0.15/mi over limit. $2,499 due at signing which includes 1st month pmt of $189. Doc fee quoted as 495 and tags 69. Does this all sound right for the Nissan incentive advertised for $189/mth/36 mths? Haven't negotiated anything yet. Is $2310 too much for down payment? (2499-189)

    July 25
  • gobluejd
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    July 19
  • siper1

    Thank you for the recent information on an Audi Q5 (00144 and 60%). What would the adjusted MF be with 8 MSDs, assuming .0005 per? Is it possible to reduce the MF to 0?

    July 18
  • schmidthb

    Michaell - any chance you can share the variables your using to get that payment? I'd like to counter to dealer with that. Many thanks!

    @schmidthb said: Hoping someone can help! I'm looking at a 2014 328i XDrive with MSRP of $50,975 / sales price of $46,900 . Money Factor at .00160 / 63% residual on 36mo / 12k mileage Currently at $613 with $1,880 due

    Feel like I can do better - any help would be most appreciated!!

    MF is marked up from .00130. With your MSRP and selling price with the base MF and 63% RV, I get a pre-tax payment of $513.43. Quite a bit of room to do better.

    July 18
    • Michaell
      There are lots of lease calculators out on the web where you can plug in the numbers to get the monthly payment.
    • schmidthb
      may I send you my calculations in hopes you can identify where the problem lies? Mulitple dealers don't seem to like!
  • trusaleen1

    Hi Michael, I realize this isnt a Passat but can you please give me the MF and residual on a VW 2014 VW Eos Komfort for 3 years 12k miles. Also what is VW typical acquisition fee. Looks like they have a 1000 rebate too. Thanks

    July 17
  • mossburgh

    sorry, the previous post is regarding the Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium

    July 17
  • mossburgh

    Can you explain the discrepancy in the residual values you quoted for the 2015 premium. In may you said .53 with a MF of .0003 but in July you quoted .63 with a MF of .0009 ??

    July 17
  • nsull410

    One more question, do you know if the lease conquest $1k would also apply?

    July 14
  • nsull410

    I was looking for 12k/36m terms.

    July 14
  • alg200wsj

    Hi Michael,

    Can you give me the money factor and residual on a 15k a year lease of a 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x2 V6. The lease is in Florida. Thanks!!!!

    July 13
  • alg200wsj

    Sorry one last thing what would the residual change to for 12k a year?

    Thank you so much for your help!!!

    July 13