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  • herby2132
    Looking for the 2.0T #'s for the Kia Sorento
    March 16
  • hammerhd
    Hi Michael

    I am looking to lease a 2015 Buick enclave FWD premium model. It is the dealers service car and has approximately 3000 miles. How can I find the current MF and residual value. I live in illinois
    March 15
  • phlflyers
    Good afternoon. Could you please provide me with residual for 2.5 Altima SL & SV models? 15k a year please. Thanks as always for the great service you provide here.
    March 14
  • flattskeys
    Hi Michaell,

    Can you help me with some lease numbers on 2015 Sedona SX-L for New York
    looking for M/F with 798 credit score
    Residual for 36M / 15K
    any current rebates for a zero down deal, also is it favorable to roll taxes into payment?
    March 4
  • dedepetro
    So I was trying to research lease options for an Outback (I am also in Colorado) but apparently don't know anything about leases other than the residual - what is the money factor people are talking about?
    March 1
  • shouldeye
    Thank you - I thought the mf seemed high. here is additional price info:
    msrp- $49655
    dealer discount - 1,368. (not enough)
    Appearance protection already applied 599.00
    Nitro filled tires 139.00
    Net selling price 49,025

    plus FL taxes 3,008.89
    Tag/reg estimate 268.75
    tire/battery/MVWEA 8.50
    Documentation Fee 699.95

    Balance Due $53,011.09

    seems high to me

    Also should the residual be based on msrp or the negoiated selling price?

    February 28
  • sylentlegend
    I have 2 different quotes. Elk Grove is based on 39/12kmiles $439 payment and the second is on 39/10miles $423 payment but was told its a $13 add price for 39/12k at $437

    Only difference I believe is that the cheaper doesn't have illuminated kick plates

    Is one deal better then the other? I leaning toward a 39/12miles.
    Both cars are 2015 q50sport

    Thank you-

    February 14
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    February 13
  • dennisnyc40

    February 8
  • dennisnyc40
    Hi Michaell
    Thanks for your reply. Here is a better look at the offers I received. Please let me know if these are good deals. Hopefully you can decipher the IDL lease. Thanks again much appreciated. Dennis..
    February 8
  • jadcam
    thanks for your response. the residual was at 60% last month. What happened? New bank?
    February 7
  • duke78
    its 4 cyl base TLX
    January 30
  • chiri1
    Hello Michael,

    I need help with a quote for the Q5

    I am getting quote of a Q5 Premium Plus
    Cap Cost 41,525.
    MF; 0.00123 (Seems high to me as I have great credit)
    Residual 57%
    Audi Care
    Audi Loyalty Program (1,000 Credit)

    0$ Out of Pocket and 620/month

    Is this GOOD deal or should I push for lower Cap Cost?

    Thanks so much
    January 28
  • rictom
    Michaell: I haven't been to edmunds in years. Back now and having trouble navigating new forum. Here's what I'm trying to find. A discussion about toyota sienna awd vs. minivan fwd. I try searching specifically on that topic but I don't find much if any of a discussion. Maybe there isn't one. But can you tell me the best way to search for that topic AND make sure I'm starting with the most recent discussion? I've been tooling around the forums but I can't seem to find the best way to: Plus, seeing a topic and then seeing the number of pages: 1,2,.....infinity- does that mean there are that many pages for my specific topic (toyota sienna awd), or that many pages for the general topic (toyota sienna?)

    January 18
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    January 2
  • lololol
    Here's the information:

    Selling Price: I'm not sure
    Area: Los Angeles, CA
    Lease term: 3 years 12,000 miles/year

    December 2014
  • wheatonr
    Thank you for the help. It was great to have your support.
    December 2014
  • weeeut
    I don't know how you do it but you are awesome! Thank you for all the information, you are truly valuable to the community.
    December 2014
  • dhami
    Hi michaell
    Trying to make deal for 2015 Audi Q7 premium plus. Msrp $59300. Sp $55000.
    want to lease 36m/10k. What should be the MF and RV. Planning to lease with just drives. How much monthly I shoud be expecting. Thanks
    December 2014
  • revras
    MIchigan, cap cost I am assuming is selling price , lets shoot for 44k.
    December 2014
  • revras
    state is Michigan , MSRP is 48,500$, would offer 44000 k, then apply incentives ideally
    December 2014
  • harrigme
    Hi Michaell, Where do you get these MF and Residual numbers? Also, is the MF number you are quoting the base that is offered from each of the manufacturers? I am just trying to understand so when I go into the dealership I know what I am talking about. Thank you.
    November 2014
    • Michaell
      The numbers are provided to us each month and are not public. The MF we quote are the base rates for top tier credit.
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    November 2014
  • cali_oil
    Hey Michaell,

    I have a question regarding another lease.

    2014 BMW 320i, 36 months, 10k miles.

    Cap cost-not sure but I will get it for you.

    MF= not sure
    Residual= not sure

    MSRP- $35,200

    They gave me the car for $265 including tax. $1500 Drive offs.

    Can you tell me the MF and Residual and if this sounds like a good deal.

    Thank You.
    November 2014
  • jay278
    Hey Michaell. I have received an offer from one dealer for 2015 Sonata sport that has MSRP of $24,430 and invoice price listed as $23,501 for $19,000 OTD including tax and everything. Should I take this deal? I wish it had come with the premium package, but I guess this deal itself is really good to me. I want to know how you think about this deal. I was initially looking for SE with the popular package, but since Sport comes with the popular package as a base, why not choose this one over. And also, what is the difference between the SE model and the sport model?
    Thanks in advance.

    Update: There was little bit of a catch in here as I thought APR for Hyundai was 0.9% nation wide and 0% for most of the dealers but this dealer is asking for 2.9% which is really high. He said that if I want to have 0% or 0.9%, then $1000 or $1500 rebate will be gone.
    So technically, with 0%, it is about $20,434 OTD and with 0.9%, it is $19,974. I still think it is a good deal however, it is not that gre
    November 2014
  • morgannour
    Hi Michael,

    Would you tell me the money factor/residual for 2014 Jeep Cherokee LIMITED, 4WD, V4, on 36/10 for the month of December, LA, California, on excellent credit.

    is there much difference with the 2015 money factor?

    November 2014
  • melissaflorida
    Hi, in a nutshell I am looking to lease (2) 528 series & (1) 428 convertible. What kind of deal should I be shooting for from a dealer when leasing 3 cars at once?

    Going to dealership tomorrow. I have a few estimates of $7550 off the 528's and only $3200 off the convertible.

    Thanks so much!
    November 2014
  • t
    I am in Nashville tn
    November 2014
  • t
    Hi Michaell,

    I'm looking to buy a 2015 4x4 jeep Cherokee latitude v6 Comfort / Convenience, SafetyTec and Cold Weather pkgs/ or Trailhawk with same options. Paying cash, no trade. What price should I pay?

    November 2014
  • maddoc2
    I would greatly appreciate your comments on this deal I have on the table.
    Need to give an answer by Monday

    ( I am in FL - 6% sales tax)

    2014 335i
    MRSP $ 57,700
    Sales Price $ 49,000
    Gross cap cost $ 50,303 ($49,000 + Acq cost $725 + Doc fee $578.40)

    # Option 1

    Residual 61%

    Residual $ 35,197
    Mthly Payment $ 567.92

    First Mthly payment $ 567.92
    Lic.,Insp.,Title, Reg. Fees $ 248.00

    Total Due at signing $ 905.13

    # Option 2

    36/15 k
    Residual 59% ($ 34,403)

    Mnthly $ 556.40 after 8 x MSD ($4200)

    Due at signing : $ 5093.61 ($4200 + $556.40 + $331.50 fees);
    Fees Due at signing : $331.50 = license - 248, Rental surcharge - 60, other fees - 23.50)
    Dispo fee : $ 350.00

    Based on your comments from previous posts I thought this was a good deal but wanted to make sure I am not missing anything in these complicated numbers..

    Manager is not willing to negotiate any further !
    November 2014
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