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  • oantigua
    Michaell First, I want to say thank you for helping everyone out with all this great information.I'm a new leaser ... I have been going back and forth between considering leasing a 75K Lincoln navigator which i negotiated 36/10 for $930 b4 taxes. I went to audi and fell in love with the Q7 3.0 premium MSRP $65550 (didnt negotiate) at the first dealer i went to. I just asked for the best deal possible. I told them $2000 down payment good credit score 750< looking for 36/10 zip 33137 FL.The sales associate came out with the most ridiculous lease options... starting was $1,197 and up depending on additional money down. I was so upset , I told him i wanted a lease not to fiance the purchase of the car! I walked out when he said he would do better. He called ans said he would work a better deal but im not interested in giving them my business. I will find another audi dealer. So here is where I need help. I want to educate myself and be able to calculate a lease i go to next place.
    July 19
  • pablomm
    Hi Michaell, I'm in the market to lease a kia stinger premium I need some help as this will be my first time leasing 40k they have a 7200 I have 1000 down payment and I want to do 36k 12k a year please help on trying to figure out my montly payment. Help me as I don't know what I should be paying for the car and what I should be paying a month don't want to over pay please.
    Thank you very much 
    July 18
  • boborun1
    Hi Michaell,
    Quick question for a newbie.
    If Subaru lease deals national, why do people give you their zip codes when asking for MF and RV? I'm trying to learn this whole process.
    Thank you!
    July 18
  • mbcla50
    I have a quote for a 2018 CLA250SedanFWD of $423 per month for 36 mos w/12K per year mileage. The quote is for a demo with 6K in miles. No money down for $423 payment. Thinking payment should be $399. I am turning in a 2015MBCLA250FWD three months early under pull forward program. The MB Build has invoice of $40K including convenience package, Pano roof, premium package, and ash wood trim. Is $423 w/no money out of pocket a good deal? Dealership is in Delaware.
    July 14
  • fanoff1
    10,000 miles per year
    July 12
  • sweetmessiah
    Michaell, I wanted to thank you for your information, it ends up my daughter leased a 2018 Honda Fit Sport with an MSRP of $19,200 for $183.32 from a dealer in North Dakota vs the dealer in Aberdeen, SD that quoted $259. That is a huge deal for a 27 year old recent college graduate with 100K in student loans to pay back, the dealer also made my daughter aware they were giving her an additional $500 due to her recent graduation. NONE of this would have happened without your information so I very much wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your reply.

    Kind Regards
    Steve & Alissa Blinder
    Aberdeen, SD, Alissa lives in Santa Fe, NM, just home for a 10 day visit :)
    July 10
  • sunny_987

    Can you please tell me if 275$ + Tax and True Zero down is a great lease price for the following ford -

    Ford Escape SE FWD
    36 months/10.5k miles per year
    Inclusive of SE Sport Appearance Package + Ford Safe and Smart™ Package + SE SYNC® 3 Package

    Zip 90230
    July 9
  • jmart2382
    Hi Michaell! Thank you for your insight on my proposed deal.

    After reading another similar question on the forum, it seems as though I'm being overcharged here. The salesman must be coming up with $328 from the original selling price. I am going to call him tomorrow. If I can get an even lower payment, it would be great! They need to discount more as the 2019's are coming.


    I just was quoted a lease rate on a 2018 Subaru Impreza Sport Sedan, loaded w/Eyesight, Blindspot, Moonroof, Auto-Dimming Mirrors, Upgraded Stereo, and rubber mats.

    MSRP=$27,561, Discount to $25,561, $400 Lease Cash.
    57% Residual for 36mo. 12k. yr.
    Money factor of .00015
    $0 Security Deposit
    $513.77 down Inc. first months payment
    = $328 a month with tax.

    Is this a good deal for my area? Zip 18641
    I agree with the .00015 and 57%
    I get $280/mo before tax with those prices.

    Ask the dealer for the adjusted cap cost used for their payment quote, and how they got there from the sell
    July 9
  • johnjospeh
    Hi Michael,

    Looking to lease an Audi A4 Premium Plus Black Optic
    Go this deal from Audi Manhattan.
    MSRP: 49,100
    RF: 54%
    MF: 0.00018
    Day of Signing: $2500
    MP: $499
    Seems a little high not sure what numbers i should be aiming for.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your help,
    July 9
  • sweetmessiah
    87505, thank you on the Honda Fit Sport, I really appreciate any help.

    Kind Regards
    July 9
  • beamer25
    Hi, thanks in advance for your help.
    36 months lease for 2018 GLA 250, (28217 North Carolina)
    Lease Incentives: Any cash back, dealership allowance?
    July 7
  • bdavis5252
    Thank you for all the incredible info. I am trying to lease a new Lincoln Navigator Reserve. i went through that forum and get that the residual should be slightly above 50% and the APR around 2%. Is the residual calculated off the MSRP or the negotiated price you end up paying for the car?

    July 5
  • hemingway9

    Can you please provide MF, RV, and incentives for 36/10k and 36/12k, leases in zip 91202 for: 2018 CX 9 Grand Touring & Executive please. What type of discount relative to M.S.R.P. is common? What type of payments can I expect with drive-off and tier 1 credit?
    July 3
  • builder2
    Hi there,
    I know nothing of lease rates, terms, etc. I am looking at 2019 QX50 essential with msrp of 55K. What kind of numbers should I be seeing from dealer in 95747 in sunny and hot Roseville, CA. Also it comes to mind that these 39 month leases mean you have to register this for the fourth year. Am I seeing this right? Thanks so much for any help and education. BTW we're going from ford edge so no additional incentive.there.
    June 30
  • topguy1983
    Hi Michaell,

    I am going to the dealer to lease a corvette today and I really need to check the numbers before I sign the papers tonight.
    I don't feel like the are telling me the truth that's why I wanted to see if you can pleaseee help me out.
    The car is a 2019 Chevy corvette grand sport 1LT. MSRP 69K dealer is selling it for 64K.
    with 3K out of pocket they quoted my $1030....I am in 10% tax rate in los Angeles. The lease is 36 month 15k per year. They said GM is the bank leasing it.
    Do you think these numbers makes sense?

    If you don't have time could you please give me the Residual value and the money factor? that way I can calculate the expected payment?

    Thank you very much in advance for your time and support
    June 28
  • tmariecle
    Young, first time leaser, worried I got taken advantage of. Could you review? Leased a 2018 Discovery Sport HSE 237hp Saturday. Total MSRP w/ destination & delivery: $50,147. There was a bunch of stuff in the trunk (wheel protection, chrome locks, car care kit, interior protection/storage pack) which I didn't realize added on almost another $1k to MSRP. They said I couldn’t do anything about it. Did a 39 month, 39k mile lease, cap cost was $47,932, plus $895 acquisition fee, $943.28 rent charge, $2195 for tire and wheel coverage, $1965 sales tax, $250 doc service fee, $72.50 title and registration, $20 cap cost reduction tax. I paid $3500 at signing (which included $2547 down payment (cap reduction from my own cash), $610 first month payment, doc fee and title). 55% residual. Monthly payment is $610. It's .30 cents for miles over 12k (I was only $100 away from the MSRP cutoff to go down to .15cents but they said they couldn't change it). $495 turn in-free at the end. Thoughts?
    June 28
    • tmariecle
      I also heard there's a $2k manufacturer rebate but they didn't put anything in the paperwork. Is there anywhere I can confirm that?
  • jdsanchez

    Im about to lease a 2018 E sedan 4Matic in NJ with 3P option for $755 a month. MSRP is $69,180 12K 36 months with 2500k down. They are taking my 5 payments of my 2016 E 400 of $699.99 total of $3500k. Is this a good deal? Thank you!!
    June 27
  • rsasprinter
    Thanks for the info on the Niro lease. Would you by chance have nay numbers on a 2019 Sorento Sx limited?
    Any great suv leases for june/july at all?
    June 26
  • grinder6
    Michaell, Hello, I don't see any recent posts with pricing on Audi Q5 since April/May 2017, am I looking at the wrong place. Can you please direct me.
    June 25
  • lele2008
    Hi, Michaell
    I got a quote for GLC300 4 Matic , I am at North CA, SF area
    List Price $49875
    Case Due $3000 36month /12k
    Monthly Pay $550 tax included
    Is this a good deal? Deal said I need to close the deal today.
    Thanks for your help!
    June 24
  • tohondaornot
    Hi Michael,
    Newbie here
    I am looking for a 2018 Honda Accord EXL to lease for 36 months/ 12,000 miles. My old dealer is offering me one at MSRP $31,064.00 a discount of $3,657.21 making the new selling price $27,406.79 but then with a dealer fee of $799 and sales tax of $1,701.68 and tag fees of $557.50 - my out the door price is $30,464.97.
    I have a tag already but here is how the lease breaks down - 36/12 with $1,323.00 down $357 plus tax per month or $379 with taxes.
    I keep hearing about residual value and the money factor. Can you help me negotiate a better deal?
    Thank you.

    p.s. I was not sure how to post this on the forum so I private messaged you. Hope you will respond. I need to turn in my 2015 on 6/26
    June 24
  • morningphase1
    Brand-new here! I live in NJ. I'm looking to buy a 2018 Subaru Outback Touring 3.6. Was going to lease (never have) but felt uncomfortable doing that. So...I'm getting lots of calls/emails from salesmen. I received a TrueCar price of $36,714 thru 6/30.
    The car at my local dealer has splashguards (build your own subaru site has them at $173), side molding ($290), and I'd want door-edge guards added ($162 per same site). That comes to $625; I assume that's added to the TrueCar price.
    I haven't seen actual salesman yet...just doing research online.
    I have a $200 coupon to the local dealership, and another dealer sent me an email that he is authorized to beat any competitors price by $350 (but that place is an hour away).
    How do I best negotiate? And does the msrp of $36,714 sound good?
    If there is 0% financing, then I'll prob do that and pay the balance when the 0% is up to keep the money in the bank. (I have the cash to pay upfront.)
    Michaell, what are your thoughts on all this?
    June 23
  • ybangura
    I"m seeing a lot of people asking for leasing values for cars and I'm trying to understand what they mean (but don't) for example (.00060 MF and 60% residual)???

    I'm looking for a 2018 Outback Limited w/eyesight in 60647 zip code I'm wondering if it make sense to lease and buy the residual in 3 years or to wait for the 2019's to get released and hope for prices to drop on a used / CPO model.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.
    June 23
  • tyler1rosis
    Hello, I was wondering if I could get the rv/Mf for a 2019 VW Jetta SEL Premium for zip 92648 as well as any incentives for June? 
    June 23
  • Rtakla
    Hi Michaell, Just got final numbers on a 2018 Alpha Romeo Gulia (NY registration, NJ dealership) 

    MSRP: 51k Gulia Ti sport AWD
    selling price: 44k
    $525 out of pocket. 525 monthly payment. All taxes and fees are included 

    What are your thoughts? I’m about to close, I feel there is room for couple $$ 
    June 19
  • robertb17
    Hi Michaell. Looking for MF and residual for an '18 Sierra 1500 crew cab short box 4x4 Denali. Zip 95841.

    36/15 36/12 39/15 39/12

    June 17
  • bignner
    Hi Mitchell me again
    They are giving this MSRP 50920
    Dealers discount 5620
    Rebate is 3000
    So this is what I came up with selling price is 43,300
    Only 3000 rebate down
    Residual 56% 28515
    43,300 - 28515 = 13,785 total
    (13785÷ 36 = $ 382.91 so round it up at $ 383
    Interest I called calculated like this 42300+28515= $ 70,815
    I still added aquistion of 925 and all the extra fees, county fee and rounded it up at 2000
    There comes the intreset 70815 + approximately $ 2000 = 72,815 ×1.66 money factor gives
    me $ 120.80 so round it up at $ 121 every month
    Total is 383+121= $ 504 monthly payment plus the sales tax of 8.25 puts it at 545 to 546 including tax .
    What do you think am I doing it similar to your work computer that breaks down the lease numbers
    I thanks and God bless

    June 17
  • bignner
    Hello Mitchell

    I appreciate the respond but I am looking at 2018 and not 2019
    i want to get a 2018 430i BMW , Msrp is 50920
    Zero out of pocket
    My score is 770bon experian and 760 on trans Union, I go back 20 plus years I earn good salary .

    Only the rebate as down to cover drive off and all .

    I would like to know if my numbers are realistic ?
    Besides that are the following info correct 56 % residual on 36 months, 12 k a year not 10 k
    Money factor is it 1.66
    Rebate is it 3000 ?
    Is there anything else besides that rebate ?
    I am was given 590 with only first payment out of pocket
    But I did the numbers according to their discount of $ 5610 plus 3000 rebate and came up with zero drive off and 35 payments at 544 incl tax 8.25 sales tax
    Is that a deal ? Would you take that ?
    What about losing are they losing at 590 a month ?
    I appdrleciate the work you're doing and I thank you for responding the first time and I appreciate again h
    June 17
  • macman1984
    Hi Michaell,

    I am hoping you can help me out. I currently have a Acura TLX 2016 advanced and paying $520 a month OTD on a 36 month lease with 10,000 miles a year. July 1st I will have 6 payments left and my local dealer offered me a 2018 MDX advanced with 10,000 miles a year for $520 a month out the door key for key $0 out of pocket. What are your thoughts? is this a good deal? Can I do better?

    June 17
  • bste2174
    I'm looking for lease pricing on a 2018 Land Rover Discovery SE 36-39 month/ 12k mi/yr with no more than $4000 down. In California.
    If you can give me RV and MF that would help...
    June 17