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  • edwardmsk
    Hi Michael, I noticed that you seemed to be a very active moderator and the primary source of MF/RV information for not only Honda's but a few other makes as well, so I wanted to reach out to you before I posted 4 different questions in four different discussion threads that may end up being answered by you. If I was looking at finding out MF/RV numbers for the Odyssey, Pacifica, Sienna, and Sedona, should I just directly PM you or should I go ahead and post on individual so that the information is there for everyone else to see as well?
    May 24
  • rtrees44
    I'm planning to lease a 2017 Q7 3.0T Prestige here in Denver, CO this week. Can you please send updated money factor, RV, down payments, MSRP and invoice for a 12k/36 mo package? I'm trading a 2016 GL550 with 12k miles. Any idea on a dealer trade-in value for my MB?
    Many thanks,
    May 21
  • osroubek
    Hello Michaell

    I really appreciate your help. I know the dealer thinks that any information I can find on the internet is looked at with suspicion and is inaccurate in their eyes. The disadvantage I have is that I cannot find a breakdown sheet of the money factors to challenge them. I called Chase and they will not help me. I am not asking you for any such document, but just would like to know that my information is as accurate as possible since no one wants to pay more than they should for a vehicle

    Best regards,

    O. Sroubek
    May 18
  • johnlooking1
    Hello Michael,
    I'm being offered a 2017 Acura TSX base model for $290.50 per month with 1st payment and $595 bank fee upfront out of pocket, is this a good deal?

    Thank you,
    May 15
  • jaymeh23
    Hello Michaell,

    I was wondering what the Residual Value and the Money Factor on the 2017 CLA 45 AMG is for 36 months/10k miles. Please let me know, thank you so much.

    May 10
  • tramakri
    Apologies for the DM, Michael, but for some reason, my posts are not showing up. I tried to respond to your question on the board, but my posts are not showing up.

    Here was my original question:
    I have been offered a deal for 2017 RAV4 XLE AWD with:
    - convenience package (Premium Entune, Nav, etc)
    - front and rear parking sonar
    - tonneau cover
    - All weather and cargo tray
    - mudguard
    - roof rack
    MSRP $30863, Sale Price $28949
    $0 down, $292 per month for 36/12K miles per year.
    Minnesota, tax is 7.125%

    Should I take it?
    May 9
  • fyyff990
    Hello Michaell,

    Sorry to bother you on DM but I am new here and don't know much about this forum.
    I'm trying to make a decision on a new lease and I have no idea what I'm getting into. After reading couple threads here, it looks like you are the one who can help me. 
    Im trying to get a '17 Highlander Hybrid Limited Prem here is SoCal. With about $1,500 on accessories. MSRP comes out to around $51k. They are asking $2,000 at signing and $689/mo for 12k/36mo lease. They will also pay off my RAV4 with 10 months left on a 12k/36mo lease deal with 36k miles already. 
    $689/mo includes tax. Tax here is 10%. 
    If you can tell me yay or nay for this deal, I'll really appreciate it. 
    Thank you. 

    May 3
  • raykoziol
    Hi Michael. What are the rates and residual for a 2017 Lexus Rx 350 Base FWD for 36 months with 15K miles per year for Florida, zip 33598? What are the current incentives for a current lessee? I assume the acquisition fee is still $700 ?
    May 2
  • elcapitan246
    Hi Michaell, I just got a new quote from another dealer on a 2017 VW Golf R 6MT DCC + Navi

    MSRP 40,515
    Sale price: 37,515
    acq. fee $625
    Tier 1 MF .00220 RV 74% 10,000 miles 24 month lease
    Tier 1 MF .00220 RV 73% 12,000 miles 24 month lease

    586 a month 0 down
    539 a month 1000 down
    492 a month 2000 down

    Does this sound like a good deal on an R?
    May 2
  • archibob45
    Hi, I am seeking some info on current Residual and Money Factor for a 2017 CR-V EX for 36 mos/ 15 K
    and 39 mos 15 K. also, in your opinion should I wait until the June numbers come out or lease now ?
    Thank you for your help.
    May 1
  • denver_doug
    Sorry I posted on the Forum, but am looking to lease another Autobahn GTI...this time w/Driver's Assist. My current is 2015 Autobahn DSG/Light pkge. No PP (wasn't yet avail.)
    Q; is it too late to order 2017 (DA needs to be ordered... app. not on delivered cars at dealers lots)?
    R might work, but much more $$ and few if any discounts...although the thread says there are some R deals here in Denver where you reside....really? Where?!!

    May 1
  • niceguy1355
    hi, I am seeking for your help on this offer I am about to accept for a subaru outback:

    2017 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium with EyeSight+bsd+Rcta+prg+high beam assist+ 

    Msrp 31475
    sales price 29131 (with 2% vip discount)
    residual 19200 , 
    42 months money factor 0.00075
    10000miles/ year
     mo payment = 310(includes fee and tax I believe) with 660 down . 
    Zip code 13637
    ny state tax 8%

    thank you for your assistance!!
    May 1
  • baazigar
    Hi need help urgently. I just discovered this forum.
    I am leasing a 2017 Mercedes C300 convertble with MSRP 56,695 in Texas for 36 months on 10,000 miles, Based on the numbers I’ve seen, MF is 0.00108 and RV is 58%.
    The dealer is offering me a selling price of 54,357 ( 4.1% discount), however my fleet program reduces the cost by another $2,000 and he is offering tax credits of approx 2500. Aquisition fee is $1095. The payment he is offering me is 693/month. I am putting my first payment +150 down=$843 down. No security deposit.

    1. Is the MF and RV correct?
    2. By offering to pay a security deposit can I reduce the money factor? Assuming that comes back to me at the end of the lease. Does that work in TX?
    3. By Opting for auto pay do I get a discount and if so how – is it a lower money factor?
    4. What else can I do to get a better deal?
    April 28
  • user8781238
    Hi Michaell - bit of a brain teaser. I'm trying to back into my MF, as well as figure out the taxable items in NY to make sure I am getting a good deal. Details on the 2017 Q5 Premium with Navigation & Convenience, Metallic Paint, Q5 Protection Package:

    MSRP: 45,110
    Negotiated Sale Price: 39,750
    Residual: 24,810 (55%)
    Fees: 97.50

    Customer Cash: 2,500
    Rebate: 750
    Local Tax Rate: 7.375%

    Monthly Payment:451.52

    I'm trying to figure out 2 things - the Money Factor at the payments above, and the elements of the deal that are subject to Tax.

    In New York, my understanding is that the taxable elements of the deal are the Down Payment, the Interest/Financing Charge over the term of the lease, and the depreciation amount (essentially the sum of the pre-tax, pre-interest payments).

    Your help with the Base MF on a 36month/12k per year lease on the above vehicle would go a long way, as well as your guidance on taxation in NY.

    April 26
  • spngb0b
    Hey, I am currently in the market for a F-Pace S or R-Sport 2017 or a 2018. Could I please have MF's and residuals for 36/10 & 36/12 in Nassau County, NY, 11552 for those four vehicles?? Thank you in advance.
    April 22
  • firsttimer123
    Hello, I just got quoted on a 2017 XE 35t R Sport MSRP 53,000, 36/12, RV 58/ MV 0.00115 for a monthly payment of $803 after Tax. No money down. He told me he can work a little bit on the MV but no where near 0.00015, for zip 75243.
    April 21
  • rrscourious
    Hey Michael, is this is good deal for a BMW lease?

    2017 X5 xDrvie35d
    MSRP - $77,620
    Adjusted Cap Cost - $72,685
    MF - .00146
    Residual 57%

    If not, what is a good lease deal on a 2017 X5 diesel?
    April 20
  • jesterny
    Good morning.
    I need your help. I want to lease a Ford Explorer Sport but want to make sure I'm getting a good deal. I overpaid on my current Ford lease and I don't want to do that again.

    From what I've read on this forum down payments are not recommended for leases. I understand but I needed my payments to be under $450 a month. That is why I chose to put money down.

    Here are all the details the dealer gave me yesterday. I have X-Plan Pricing.

    2017 Ford Explorer Sport
    Floor Liners
    Twin-Panel Moon Roof
    Dual Headrest DVD

    MSRP: $53,075.00
    Residual: 0.54
    APR: 0.50
    Term: 36 Months
    Cap Red: $1350.17
    Rebate: $5157.00
    Acquisition Fee: $645.00
    Tax: $2101.44
    New York, NY
    Miles: 12k/Year
    Price: $51,068.00

    Out the door cost:
    Upfront Cash: $4300.00 = includes down payment, tax, title, registration, 1st month payment, and any other fees.
    Monthly Lease Payment: $445.00/Month
    Should I ask for less of a monthly payment? Is my upfront cash too high? Is this a good deal?
    April 20
  • emc6979
    Michaell: Please provide APR, Residual Value, and Lease Cash (and any other current incentives available) for a 2017 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD 36 months/10,500 miles per year in 08003 and 19103.
    April 19
  • excelpro
    Hi Michaell. Just joined. How can I find best OTD price for basic Subaru Legacy in the Philadelphia area. I'm willing to travel 50-75 miles. Thanks.
    April 15
  • CTinCT
    Hello Michaell...SORRY for the PM! I just joined the site. I wanted to ask you lease numbers (36mo 10 or 12k) on a 2016 Challenger Hellcat but cannot figure out how to post it! Help! lol

    April 14
  • lexus_dude_18
    Hi Michaell, I posted in the forum but also wanted to send you a mssg for your thoughts...

    2017 Lexus RX 350 AWD
    MSRP- 54064
    Concessions- 5945

    2500 down (includes all origination/dealer fees and taxes)

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.
    April 13
  • sillyivan
    Thanks for advice about CarMax for appraisal. Looks like I'll need a couple more months before attempting to swap my Sport for a Luxury model. But one positive I discovered the Pirelli runflats I have to replace come with a year long road hazard warranty. No need to buy extra insurance. Unfortunately I paid a couple hundred for warranties last tire change - spend and learn.
    April 13
  • Will2k218

    Sorry if I am not responding in the correct thread.

    Will2k218 said:


    I was quoted the following deal. Is a good one? Thanks

    2017 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum w/midnight edition

    3 year lease
    15k miles
    $0 down
    $557 with tax

    What state? FL

    What is the MSRP and adjusted cap cost, if all the fees and such are being rolled in ($0 down)?

    I don't know MSRP and adjusted cap cost and all fees are being rolled in.

    4x4 or 4x2?

    April 12
  • lewfelice
    have lease for 2017 Lexus ES 350 with premium package at $504 for 35 payments. Thoughts on competitiveness?
    April 11
  • hoosier1717
    Hey Michaell, I just wanted to run some of my final numbers by you to get your thoughts, I appreciate any insights:

    My final numbers came out as follows:

    2018 Audi S5 Sportback Prem+ 12k/36m

    MSRP: $63,975
    Acual Price: $61,416
    Residual: 65% (Include +1 for AudiCare)
    Money Factor: .00146 (Includes reduction of .00045 for 9 MSDs)
    Acquisition Fee: $895 (appears this goes up from $795 later this month, before my car arrives)
    Audi Care: $869
    Dealer Fees: $25
    Total Cap: $63,205
    Tax Rate: 7%
    Security Deposit: $7,425

    Total Monthly Payment: $806.33

    My monthly rent charge comes out to $152.99 ,totaling $5,507.64 over 36 months plus the $895 acquisition fee.

    From your experience does the monthly payment and interest rate sounds reasonable for the car in question?

    April 7
  • isawitfirst

    Do you have current MF's, residuals, discounts for A7s , premium plus or prestige?
    3.0 or TDIs.

    Any big special incentives for leftover 2016s?

    April 6
  • mdcali
    hi Michaell, im looking at the cx 5 touring. need MF and Residual here in los angeles. i need 36 miles + for 3 years
    April 5
  • tburke22
    Micheal -- I posted this but wasn't sure how long it took to get to you. Thanks in advance for your help!

    We are located in Boston, MA and can also buy in RI.

    We are considering Leasing 2 cars with a trade-in. Here is the info:

    Trade-in = 2013 Sorento EX AWD 4-cyl with 119,000 miles. Newer tires, fine mechanical condition and well-maintained. I have on-line trade-in numbers from $12k all the way down to $7,800 -- So, I will assume $8k to be on the safe side.

    First Car = 2017 Sportage SX AWD with remote engine start and floor mats only. Doing 36mo and 12,000mi/yr

    Second Car = 2017 Rio LX automatic with floor mats only. Could do 36mo and 10,000mi/yr

    I know you say never put money down on a lease, but we need a 3rd car and the Sorento really is ready to be traded in.

    I am thinking we apply the "trade" value to the Sportage to bring that number way down as the Rio will be cheap enough. Can you give us some advice and the critical numbers such as MF and residuals for MA and RI.
    April 3
  • scootercooks
    Good day I am looking for the residual and MF on a 17 Honda Accord ex-l 36/12 36/15. I'm in CO

    Thank you in advance for your time.
    March 29