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  • scootercooks
    Good day I am looking for the residual and MF on a 17 Honda Accord ex-l 36/12 36/15. I'm in CO

    Thank you in advance for your time.
  • koko1000rr
    Hello I'm looking for the MF and Residual on a 2017 ram 1500 night edition crew cab in nyc. 36/7500k 4x4 6'4" bed around $54000 msrp
    March 28
  • brucewayne3
    Michael, I got your info for 2017 Cadillac ATS Luxury 2.0 on residual and MF. When I plugged the numbers the dealer gave me, there was almost a $200 difference. Does the below seem correct? Is this a good deal? Thank you.

    Msrp 42290
    Net sales price 35395
    Total adds 787
    Sales price with adds 36182
    Trade 0
    Tax 2261
    Lic reg 940
    Down pay 0
    Lease end purchase 25262.70
    Savings 6895
    24/15 = 651.24/ month
    24/12 = 634.01/ month
    1st payment due at signing.
    March 27
  • jimmydean7

    Several days ago messaged you privately to say that for your forum to be helpful it needs to address cash back and special deals. You seem to be happy with providing money factor and residual. As I mentioned that is not where people are getting screwed. Look at the posts on your predecessors posts to see how much more complete his advise was:
    March 26
  • jride143
    Hi Michaell,

    We are in S. Fla and looking to lease a 2017 Dodge Challenger 392 Scat Pack. I would like to not have to put any money down if I can help it. This is the car we are trying to get.....

    What is a fair price to pay for this car for 36 months $12k miles? What is the savings if you drop the mileage down to $10k miles over 36 months and how much does the payment drop (on average) for every $1,000 you put down.

    We are trying to get our payment as close to $500 (or less would be nice) as possible, if that is even possible. We have excellent credit but we didnt get that far yet. They quoted us $672, no money down 36/12. I laughed.

    If we cannot make it work, can you please give me the same info on a 2017 R/T (this car below)

    I appreciate this info very much! Thank you
    March 26
  • brucewayne3
    Do you know what the residual, MF, etc. Be for a 2017 Honda Accord Sport v6 for 15/24? Would you advise to put money down or not for these terms? What monthly payment with taxes included would you estimate to have?

    Thanks !!
    March 25
  • mxu136888
    Hi Michaell,

    I've been offered the following deal on a custom built 2017 BMW X3 Xdrive 28i, and I'm just wondering if I can negotiate more. 36 months/10k miles with 7 MSDs.

    MSRP: $52,370
    Selling price: $47,133 (10% off MSRP)
    MF: 0.0014, reduced to 0.0065 after 7 MSDs
    RV: 64%
    Tax rate: 8.5%
    Due at signing: $1000 (1st payment and fees) + 7 MSDs

    Monthly payment: $523 (tax included)

    Is this a good deal? should I accept or try to negotiate more? I figured that this is pretty good. Bummer I missed the $1000 loyalty program. I'm in Los Angeles.

    Thank you!


    March 23
  • nyundercover
    Hi Michaell,

    Can I have the RV and MF for an Elantra SE Automatic, 36mo/12k in Chicago and Highland, Indiana?

    March 22
  • jupiterlife
    New to leasing, always bought. Looking for info on best deal to lease:
    2017 Audi A6 2.0T Premium Plus Sedan quattro MSRP:$57,540

    What is current MF and Residual (Florida) ? What kind of payment and miles can I get ?
    March 22
  • rocketfire
    Looking for mf and residual for 2017 Kia Sorento in Kansas....ex v6
    March 21
  • artw0rk

    I was wondering if you could provide some info on 2017 Mini Countryman Cooper S All4.

    Looking for Money factor and residual for 36 months 12k per year with A+ credit.

    March 20
  • my3sons7
    Michael- can you let me know the MF and RV on a 35T prem with 12k miles for 36/39 months? I was just quoted: on 12k 36month RV 53% and MF .00141 and 39months 51% and .00147 in NJ this seems off from the others
    thanks for the help
    March 20
  • matanoos
    Hi Michael and thank you fro your help.

    This will be the first time that I lease a car and I really don't want to get a bad deal.

    How can I lower the MSRP price to at least a price that will be good if not the invoice price. I mean is there a number from GM finance?
    What is a better lease time 36 or 24? generally speaking
    Also any other tip and advice on other important factor in the lease will great.

    Thanks again

    March 17
  • TEH
    Hello Michael,
    Do you have info regarding money factor and residual on 17 crv ex? Customer with excellent credit. Any info on disc. from MSRP also appreciated.
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    March 17
  • beesofrandr
    Hello Michael,
    I would have posted this question, but I couldn't figure out how. I live in VA, but am leasing a 2017 Mercedes C300 Cabriolet from a dealer in Salisbury, MD. I was, originally, told the MF was (is for March) .00158. When I made an inquiry about using MSD's, I was told that a mistake had been made and that the MF I was given is for a C300 coupe and that the Cabriolet MF is .00208. Are there different rates for different models or are they yanking my chain because I got a 12% discount from MSRP (they call it DE1 pricing) and they need/want to make up profit on the back end of the deal?
    Thank you,
    March 16
  • lkbjr01

    Looking at the new 2018 BMW 4 series. I see the BMW March MF is .014. Need RV for the 440xi (includes M Package), assuming 36 months @ 15k miles per year. Assume no incentives yet as this is a new model? Thanks very much.
    March 16
  • crowe14
    Thanks so much for you feedback! I just posted an additional question on the site, but I have another question as I just received another phone call.
    Its from another Chicago dealer (Fletcher Jones) and the numbers seem too good to be true and dont quite compare to the other numbers i've been given.
    Initially, I inquired about a '17 P+ Quattro - $39,285.
    He only came back with these numbers:
    Residual: 55% ($21,606)
    MF: .00055
    No $$ down:
    36/12k $390 (before tax)
    42/12k $375 (before tax)

    I then found a Premium with P+ pckg; $$40,185 ($900 more)
    He said numbers would be the same, just add approx $25 to the before tax payment, so...
    $390 -> $415
    $375 -> $400

    I guess it would help to know what they are selling the car for, but even with my original figures I posted in the forum of $35,500 and with baseline numbers, you came back with $416 before tax. How is it that they can come up with $390? The car must be selling for a great price fro the trim, around $34,500.
    March 13
  • billauld
    New Jersey
    March 12
  • riche119
    I'm interested in leasing an Audi A4 Premium+ in either Illinois or Indiana (I live near the state line, so both are feasible). From your previous posts I've been able to get the current money factor and residuals (for which I thank you!), but am interested in if there are any incentives are available in these states.

    March 11
  • txhummus
    I'm trying to see if it makes financial sense to lease a 2017 430i coupe (36/12K) in Texas. I have a 2012 Acura TSX with 52K on it (fully paid for), and looks like it's valued at $12-13K. I'm considering trading it in and having a one/single pay lease. I've checked the edmunds basic lease calculator that can incorporate trade-in value but it spits out a monthly payment instead of the remaining cash lump sum for single pay. Can you point me in the right direction?
    I can also share details of a publicly available offer from a local dealership for this car model, but before I started negotiating with them I wanted to know what cashflow I had/needed.
    I'm a leasing newbie so would appreciate your expertise/patience.
    March 5
  • Tmarino1
    Thx for your quick response... How does this deal sound ? Could I get them lower than $39,750.00?

    2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4 x 4 Nav and Sunroof
    MSRP: $43,380.00
    Adj Cap Cost: $39,750.00
    Residual: 24,293.00 (56%)
    39 Months

    $395.00 per month ... taxes, 1st month and dmv fees of $1,540 due upfront.
    March 3
  • zeee001
    I am looking to lease a BMW 2016 340i. I have a 335i BMW 2013 with 42000 miles. I am trading that in and leasing the 340i. For 15000 miles a year he is giving me for $560. Is that good? I wanted it to be around $500. Thanks
    February 27
  • njbunnylover

    Did I get a good deal on my lease?

    2017 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro S tronic
    MSRP: $42,350
    Total price (including package options): $45,575
    Gross capital cost: $41,419
    Cost including taxes, title, etc: $44,167
    Cap cost reduction: $2,478 ($2,000 down + $478 1st month payment)
    Adjusted cap cost: $41,689
    Residual value: $25,522
    S line
    Virtual cockpit
    Heated front seats
    18" all season tires

    February 25
  • artc2017

    Not at pro at this but it looks as if people ask you questions and answers magically appear...

    Looking at leasing a 2017 Mercedes GLE 43. What is the residual and MF for February?

    February 24
  • leem4
    I used Edmunds price promise,& true car. You don't need either of them. Just go on websites like autotrader or extend search in miles. What I did was find a car sent that info to another dealer and ask them if they could beat their price and because of the fact there is so much competition out there, most dealerships would beat that price by a few hundred, even 1 thousand dollars. I know this for a fact. I just bought a 2017 Nissan Altima 2-5 SL, it is top of the line for altima. They have the 2.5, 2.5S, 2.5SV, 2.5SR, and the2.5SL.This car is loaded w/leather seats, all the goodies. The price I got quoted with Edmunds Price Promise was $26,454 & true car around the same for the 2.5SL After sending dealers price quotes from other dealers, I finally got the 2.5SL for $20,252.00 So if I went with Edmunds Price Promise &TrueCar it would of cost me $6000.00 more. So heck with EDMUNDS NO PROMISE and TRUE YOU CAR.
    WELL YOU DO THE MATH. These sites are like most of them more scammers
    February 22
  • details182
    Hello would you let me know the MF and RV for a QX30 Premium 15K 36 months in Arkansas

    FWD or AWD?

    Can I have both. I looking at a FWD but they may only have an AWD at the dealership
    February 21
  • campracing
    Hi, Can you please provide Money Factor and Lease Residual value for the following:
    2017 F150 XLT Supercrew 4x2
    Northern CA resident.
    10K miles per year 36 month and 24 month terms.
    Also, any Lease cash rebates?

    Thank You
    February 20
  • johnc206
    Hello sir,

    I was wondering if you could help me out?

    Asking from NJ

    2017 Ford Explorer XLT SUV Ti-VCT V6 Engine

    Sticker Price (MSRP1) 45,950
    -$1,500Ford Offer
    -$500Ford Offer

    Final Price $43,950

    Included Packages - Equipment Group 202A

    looking to do 36 months 12 k - no money down. What should I expect to have as a monthly payment?

    Thank you in advance, good luck to everyone!
    February 16
  • pvluvscars1
    Can you please provide the MF and Residuals on the 2017 Range Rover Evoque SE Premium for the 36/12, 39/12, 36/15 & 39/15. Is there a better sweet spot I should explore? Located in Ventura Co. California

    Unnegotiated deal on the table is $51,170 MSRP, Vehicle Price $49,000 (includes $1,000 mfg discount):
    36/12 Residual at $30,190.30, $0 Cap Reduction, $674.68/mo $1,250.43 Out of Pocket
    42/12 Residual at $28,655.20, $0 Cap Reduction, $632.66/mo $1,208.41 Out of Pocket
    48/12 Residual at $26,608.40, $0 Cap Reduction, $615.27/mo $1,191.02 Out of Pocket

    February 12
  • bass123
    What's the MF and residual for 2017 Mercedes Benz GLE 350 (RWD) for Feb-March 2017 (for 10k/36 month and 12k/36 months)?

    Any manufacturer incentives during these 2 months?
    February 11