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  • davidkodek

    Hello- Looking for incentives residual & mf on Explorer Platinum  36/10.5. In CA. thank you!
    April 26
  • had2_ny
    Hi Michaell,

    I'm looking for ballpark lease pricing on a 2018 Lexus NX 300 AWD 36-42 month/ 15k mi/yr with no more than $1,500 down. Thanks. You always come through.
    April 25
  • kamcad
    Hi Michaell, I've been going over this forum and if don't mind telling me how do you get your numbers for MF and RV? It's pretty much impossible to get this out of a dealer. Talking with a salesman on a new MB C300 and getting BS on finance. I'd go somewhere else but they have the only car I want in Ohio. Just curious :)
    April 18
  • johnnyc5
    Hi Michael...trying to lease a 2018 Envision Preferred. MSRP = $36865 Final price to me is $29492
    Rebates total $5300 and the other savings of $1493 apparently just comes off the top. I think this $29492 could come down just a bit more...wondering your opinion. Also, they are using a money factor of .00099 For 36 months @12Kmiles residual is 55% and for 36 months @15K miles the residual is 53%. I live in zip code 46040. Are these leasing numbers fair and accurate???? We have not even talked about the fees yet. BTW...my rebate stems from the fact I am driving a competitive car (Sonata) lease that will soon expire. Dealership told me this rebate was better than the GM employee discount that I am entitled to because my son is an electrical engineer for GM in Detroit. They said GM will not allow them to stack these 2 rebate/discounts together. Would appreciate your opinion on this potential deal. Thanks!
    April 18
  • madmanager2
    Michaell...I'm trying to work with the same dealer as pittdmb was (at least I think i am based on the stock number of the vehicle...I can see the same stock number on the dealers website). So, I'm trying to get the same deal on another RDX with tech ...same msrp and configuration. Can you tell me if I'm able to contact pittdmb (i tried messaging them via this forum without response)? Also, is the $3300 lease incentive known anywhere else? I cannot seem to find it 'published' in any car research site other than in this forum. Will the dealer divulge this incentive usually? Please let me konw as I'm pulling the trigger on something this week. As always, thanks for your info and help to all those on these forums. Dont' konw what we would do without these....THANKS!!!
    April 16
  • bestmom1
    Hi, Michael!
    Selling price/ total cash price= 35,409
    0 out of pocket.
    No sales tax in NH.
    Did I do alright?

    Also- What do the terms "residual" and "MF" mean?
    How are they calculated? Where do these terms /#'s show up on all my dealer paperwork, or do they?
    Thank you in advance for your help and answering my questions!

    BTW- I'm new here to your forum/site.
    I'm usually very savvy and, a tireless researcher before I make an informed purchase.
    This time, I had an idea of what I wanted to do before my lease ended- 2 months down the road- and was going to make my decision by June. I was torn between another loaded Crosstrek or an Outback, and wanted to test drive both vehicles while waiting for my car to be serviced, in order to mull over my choices.
    Still in shock (in a good way) that I actually drove away in my new 2018 Outback 2.5i Limited :o ;)
    April 16
  • bestmom1
    Hi Michael!
    From NH. New to this and wanting to ask if I got a fair deal after the fact...
    I think I did?
    I felt good after we left, now a bit unsure.
    I really wasn't ready to do a deal now- was going to wait one more month and research a bit more before deciding between another loaded Crosstrek or, jump to an Outback.

    I just leased an Outback 2.5i Limited- loaded with option package # 24 Navigation System, Eyesight, body molding, splash guards, rear bumper cover, door edge guard wheel locks.
    Option Package 24= 2,085.00
    Destination & Delivery=915.00

    I purchased 15K miles per year/ monthly payment (with 0 money down)= $390.00 x 42 months

    BTW-I was almost at the end of my loaded Crosstrek Limited lease 15K miles per year/ monthly payment (with 0 money down) 340.00 x 36 months

    How did I fare?

    Many thanks!
    April 15
  • irish6

    It has been a while since I have purchased a vehicle and Edmunds used to have good forums comparing deals prices. However, I can't find that information anymore? Am I looking in the wrong place? Any help would be much appreciated. Specifically, I am in the market for a 2018 Chevrolet Suburban Premier 2WD
    April 13
  • rajkris
    Hello Michael,
    I got a quote for new 2018 430xi GC black sapphire metallic exterior, Coral red interior with MSports, Premium package, heated steering wheel and Head up display (MSRP 54,585) for an out-the-door price of 51,500 or 550/month with 3000 down payment (all included) for Lease in NJ. Is this a good deal ? Pls let me know - thanks
    April 11
  • bogie949
    I'm waiting for delivery of 2018 Sport Autobiography. Do you have April lease numbers--MF and residuals for 7500 and 10K miles, 36 months? (Are MF's negotiable?)
    April 10
  • jzach
    Could you please give me the residual and MF for a 36 mth/12k and 36/10 lease for the S5 Sportback Prestige in Illinois (DuPage County)?

    THANK YOU Michaell!!
    April 7
  • m1d1
    I forgot add the lease term would be 36 mo./7.5k per year. Not sure if Audi goes that low on mileage but my wife barely drives her car.
    April 7
  • m1d1
    Hi Michaell, just came across your forum posts about the Q7. Could you give me the base MF and residual for 2018 Audi Q7 Premium Plus 2.0T for Houston, TX area? Also, what is the average discount off MSRP are customers getting in my area.
    Thanks for you help,
    April 7
  • jzach
    Could you please give me the residual and MF for a 36 mth/12k and 36/10 lease for the S5 Sportback Prestige in Illinois?
    April 6
  • vacarenthusist
    Hello, Michaell

    Thank you for your responses to my posts on the CX-5 lease forum. The CX-5 vehicle I drove was $34,500. It is a CX-5 GT AWD with premium package. I am in Virginia. I asked for 36 months with 12,000 miles a year. No money down. The opening offer was $420/m. I then spoke to another dealership across town. They priced a $31,615 CX-5 AWD (GT with premium package like the other one, but without accessories) at $399 a month on the same terms. I'd like to be in the mid $300s or lower on this vehicle. Do you think that is feasible in Virginia?

    I am also looking at the BMW 3 series (a car coming out of their loaner program) with AWD and the Acura RDX with AWD. I'm looking to save as much money as possible (I currently drive a Mercedes C300 at $461 month). I've already gone to Audi and Volvo, who stated they could not get me anywhere in the $300s or even mid $400s on the A4 or the XC60 even with $2000 down. What do you think my best option will be?
    April 6
  • sloopster03
    Hi Michael. I'm trying to get an idea of what my payment would be on a 2018 Traverse Redline Edition. Sticker is $50,000. Either 36 or 39 term lease with 12k miles/year. $1000 down with a 680 credit score. This in Los Angeles, CA Thank you sir
    April 4
  • arod6875

    Hello Michaell,
    Hopefully you can give me some advice on a lease for a new 2018 BMW X5 35i. I am currently leasing a BMW and returning the car three months early. The local dealer in NJ said they would roll my MSD into the new lease but that the MF would be .00156. I read on another forum that the MSD should lower the MF to .00121. The dealer quoted me monthly payments of $750 with $2,400 down. The MSRP is $65,500 and after rebates and credits the selling price is $58, 600. Should I be asking for lower monthly payments or lower down payment because the MF should be lowered? Thank you in advance...
    April 3
  • merebatl
    Hi Michaell -
    You are such a great resource on this forum. I arrived at the dealership feeling pretty good about what I negotiated, but now I'm not so sure. Looking for reassurance that I at least didn't get a horrible deal.
    2018 Acura MDX FWD w/Tech Package
    MSRP: $49595
    Negotiated Price: $44,106
    Residual 54%
    Money Factor: .0005000 36/Mo - $15K miles
    No money down/and they paid my first month payment, I still had a month left on my old Infiniti Lease so instead of cutting me a check on that, they paid my first Acura payment which is $40 less than my new Acura payment).
    Total Gross Capitalized cost: $46,981
    $598/Mo payment

    It was confusing (and I almost walked) b/c that there was another sheet where the cost was reduced down to $42,000 (not exact but I forget what the number was). Also, the dealer fee was really high - $798 and another fee for $181. Plus GA Tax and Ad Valorem added $3,191 but these numbers are not what was on the lease agreement

    Thanks in advance!
    April 1
  • fcbryan
    Hi Michael. Thanks for everything you do on here.

    I've just left the dealer on a deal for a 2018 Grand Cherokee High Altitude.

    Here's what I have:

    taxes and DMV down
    $563 a month
    MSRP 51800

    Any idea if that's potentially a good deal?
    March 31
  • affordlux
    Left two messages weeks ago and still have not receives any answers. Went to dealer yesterday without any ammo. Is there someone else I can ask about 2018 Hyundai SE 36MO/12K mile leases in NJ? Particularly interested in Doc fees, MF and what taxes have to be paid at signing. Monthly payment taxes ONLY or lump sum upfront?
    March 30
  • DanBell
    Hello Michaell: when do you think that Honda may blink on bring some incentive to the new 2018 Accord? . the car is not selling as the Honda predicted, I looking for Honda low financing rate and chunk discount on EX-L 1.5 w/ CVT. thank you
    March 29
  • seanf89
    hey im looking at leasing a 2017 or 18 Jetta GLi would u think i would get a better deal on the 17? ive been quoted mid 300s and want to be in the mid 200s. do you think its possible? Thank You
    March 29
  • gcott93
    Hi, I'm trying not to get ripped off on my next lease, there is an overload of info out there and from looking at your comments and suggestions you seem like a great resource. My current situation: seeking to lease a 2018 (or 2017) BMW X4, 3yr/36k miles. 0 down.

    I have 7 payments left on my existing bmw lease @ 600/month
    12000 miles over my allotted miles on current lease

    Thanks so much for taking the time to check me out
    March 28
    • gcott93
      Sorry my zip is 08002
    • gcott93
      BMW's offer was for 0 down 777/month with my current trade
  • smartcpa
    I am looking at a 2018 Audi A4 Premium Plus, Manual Trans,, cold weather package - MSRP is $45,525. Dealer is giving me $4,550 off, and $1,500 "Factory Rebate". Audi care is included - no navigation ($3,200! REALLY?) ZIP 07481

    Are there other current promotions? Car is in stock and will be picked up by 3/31/2018. I see loyalty of $1,000 and Marketing of $1,000 - can they be combined?
    can you confirm RV and MF - 36/12K. They are quoting $506 on a lease. I also think their tax calc is off.
    March 27
  • tucker1969
    Hello Looking to Lease a Chevy 2LT Redline Double Cab Silverado 4x4 w/ 5.3L.
    I have all the executive GM rebates.
    What can I expect my monthly payment to be. Coming in with $900 (tax, title, license, 1st month)
    Zip 48065
    24/10 or 36/10
    Please also explain how MF converts to $Monthly
    March 26
  • skyblazer
    First time leasing; Benz 2018 E400 wagon MSRP $77,800.
    Only drive 4,000 mi per year. Is there a lower mileage than 10K?
    Please provide: MF and Residual for 24/36 months with mileages
    Many Thanks,
    Orange Co. CA
    March 25
  • annier0819
    As an obvious Guru, can you please point me to a link that will give me a step by step instruction on how to negotiate a great lease?
    I see the comments about residuals and money factors, then I see you ask specific questions. I'd like something to explain all the facets, then I guess I have to come to you for the rates.
    I am looking to lease my wife a C43 36/12 and don't know where to begin.
    However, I would also be interested in knowing if there is a definitive and truthful list of "best lease deals" for luxury car?. If there was a great deal out there, I may get her to reconsider.
    Thank you in advance.
    March 23
  • ahavnes
    Hi Michael,

    I'm wondering how much is typical to negotiate off the price of a new QX60. From some of the other boards I've seen, some people are getting up to 20% off MSRP which is crazy to me! Any insight you have or other tips would be much-appreciated.

    March 23
  • solahai
    Hi Michaell,

    My name is Hamid, and I am a Ph.D. student in Marketing at the Concordia University, Canada.

    I wonder if it is important for dealers to sell either cash or lease/finance. Do you think it could be a good topic of research to predict how many cars would be sold by any type of purchase payment?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards.
    March 21
  • megh1921
    New to this and would love a little help! Looking for advice on an XLE AWD MSRP (up charge on color) is $41005, Cap cost is $37321 looking at 36M/12K, not sure what MF should be but they have told me im at 0.001140 is that 1 or 1+. Res is 56.00. Moving from one lease to another with a net trade of 233.82. Does this seem reasonable? Would really appreciate some advice. Looking to sign and drive.
    March 21