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  • shatikaz
    Hello, quick question. When we get lease numbers here on Edmunds (money factor, residual value) where does that info come from and how do we know its accurate?

    I am about to build my car and I want to agree to a base MF but I need to understand the source so I can present that in the discussion.

    Also, has the RV and MF changed for the 36/10 term 2021 E 450 coupe in 10603?
    March 26
  • b_v_a
    Thanks for getting that MF to me.

    Can you tell me the Residual Value for a 2021 Tacoma Limited Nightshade? 36/12

    I’m up in Layton UT 84040
    March 25
  • zenberg1
    zenberg1 said:
    Can I get MF and RV for a 2021 Crosstrek Prem (auto and moonroof pkg) and Sport (moonroof pkg), 36 months and 10K miles in zip 12561? TY!

    you asked about Prem model. CVT please
    March 24
  • dommyjp411
    Hey Michael! Thanks so so much for the info on the MF for XC60 in Los Angeles. Could i ask you where this info comes from? I called the finance manager at a volvo dealer in Los Angeles who told me the tier one MF for the XC60 T5 AWD r-design is .00173 and tier 3 is approx .00200. Is this correct? If its not, is the finance manager able to manipulate the MF to what they want? I'm just a little confused at the disparity between your MF quote and his? Thanks again for all your help! :)
    March 14
  • Rdw6972
    new to the site....looking for rv and mf for 2021 grand cherokee trailhawk with 5.7 im in nj 07067 also heard that teachers pay 1% over dealer cost is that true?????
    March 9
  • nvenerable
    I am looking for the RV andf MF for 2021 Lexus RX350 AWD Handling package with MSRP $62100. Zip code 91358
    Any incentives?
    March 7
  • truecypher
    Hi Michaell-
    I noticed you posted that 2020 Toyota Prius LE/XLE lease deals expired. I never asked about 2020 lease deals. I am looking at leasing a 2021 Toyota Prius LE or XLE with 36/12 for 33607. Need mf's and residuals.
    March 6
  • Dtyorke23
    Apologies for leaving out the details. ‘21 Cayenne Coupe, S, 39/12k, zip 44070. Thank you.
    March 2
  • jobber104
    My dealer says he can order a 2022 7-series today. Are there any known finance incentives on a 2022 740i for a current BMW owner? Thanks.
    February 26
    • jobber104
      Disregard - posted in wrong place
  • kmilmer
    No, it is a lease
    February 26
  • romeo1991
    I need your help to look at the lease deal that I have for Audi SQ5 P+ 2021 zip code 90705.
    Do you think there is more place for discount?

    Thank you.
    February 24
    • romeo1991
      Please delete this posted here by mistake
  • Euros
    Can you help with money factor and residual % on Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie $61K msrp.
    36 month lease 12K miles per year. 18201 area code.
    Thank you. And any incentives/rebates
    February 21
  • shatikaz
    Hello Michaell,

    I am getting mixed messages from various dealers. Some give me price quotes on a build that will be delivered in ~4 months and others that say they cannot tell me what my costs will be until I take delivery. In your experience, is it possible to receive accurate price quotes on a build 4 months out? Would the money factor and RV change significantly in a 4 month period? Is it customary to leave deposits on a build at the time of ordering? In your opinion, what would be the best way to negotiate a deal in the case of ordering a build?

    Thanks in advance for your time.
    February 21
  • Stampede280
    Can I residual and money factor for a 2021 Macan GTS 10,000 and 12000 miles per year 36,48 and 60 months. Zip 19072
    February 20
  • DRazzy
    Hello Michaell,

    Im in 91761. Can you provide the MF, RV and any incentives for 2021 sr5 toyota 4runner - 2wd or 4wd. Thanks
    February 17
  • shatikaz
    Hi Michaell,

    I am looking for MF, RV, incentives and loyalty in zip 10603 (or 10019 dealer zip) which ever is applicable, for 36/10 term on the 2021 E450 AWD coupe.

    thank you.
    February 17
  • Becky9291
    Hello, could you please tell me the money factor, residual value, and incentives for a lease on the 2021 Honda CR-V LX AWD
    Zip: 11210
    Thank you
    February 16
  • Becky9291
    Hello, can you please tell me the money factor and residual value for 2021 RAV 4 LE AWD
    Zip 11210
    Thank you
    February 16