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  • cheri_swanson
    Hi Michael! What is the residual value on a 2017 Honda Accord EXL V6 with and without navigation? Does it vary by state? We are currently shopping in our state and have also had a quote in another state. The Edmunds calculator has been very helpful for determining lease payment, but I am not sure what the residual value percentage is. We will be leasing. Thanks so much!
  • kevinros
    Hi Michaell, I am curious if you have any RV, and MF numbers yet for a 2018 Audi A4 lease with delivery in August. Looking at 15k miles p.a. for 36, 39 or 42 months on a premium plus Quatro. Estimated negotiated price approx $42800 plus 6.25% Texas sales tax. Please give me estimates if you have any yet. Thanks
  • ninenine
    Please help. I am living in Texas. Trying to lease a 2017 GX460 Luxury model. I got a quote from a dealer.
    MSRP $65909; Sale price: $61609; Residual $40863.58; term 36/12K; monthly payment $860.85.
    Is that a good deal? This is my first time to lease a car. Do I have to pay tax for leasing in TX???
    July 24
    • ninenine
      oh.. 0 down. i forgot to mention this. Thanks!
  • posh8688
    Dear Michaell,
    Hope you are doing good.
    I read somewhere that calling the dealer and setting up the time with a fleet manager will give the best result in terms of pricing. Could you please confirm?
    July 23
  • kadeemm
    Can you provide the July 2017 lease numbers for 2017 x5 35i x drive?

    July 22
  • m_garozzo
    Michael, I'm looking at leasing a 2017 Audi A4 Quatro Premium Plus with Tech package in Southern California. Below are the details on the lease:

    VEHICLE 2017 AUDI A4 8W25NY 4dr Sdn 2.0T quattro Prem Plus AT

    Vehicle Price: $48,725.00
    AutoNation Savings: - $6,271.39
    Customer Rebate: - $1,000.00
    AutoNation Price: $41,453.61

    Sales Tax (estimate): + $3,937.04
    Weight Fee: + $24.00
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $357.00
    Flat Add/County Fee: + $22.00
    Electronic Filing: + $29.00
    Smog Abatement Fee: + $20.00
    Documentation Fee: + $80.00
    Tire/Battery/MVWEA: + $8.75
    Balance Due (estimate): $45,931.40

    Lease option was 36 Months 12k miles with $1,000 rebate with $2000 down lease with tax is $482. I'm thinking it should be $395 with a MF of 0.00043 and Residual of 56%, can you confirm?
    July 21
  • turdferg
    Hi Michaell

    Looking to make sure these numbers seem fair? I still have 2x payments left on my current lease which will need to be rolled into this. One issue I have is that the dealer wants to use a different leasing company than Honda Finance, whom I currently lease with. He says he'll cut me a check for the $350 disposition fee, but will "need" to roll that $350 into this new lease - meaning I'll be paying the interest on it.

    Year: [2017]
    Make, Model, and Trim: [Honda CRV EX AWD]
    Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
    Zip Code: [19301]
    MSRP [$29,500]
    Sale Price [$26,472]
    Cap Reduction [$1000]
    Cap Cost [$25,472]
    Residual [$17,700]
    MF [0.0017]
    Monthly Payment before tax [$289]

    July 17
  • celticfen1an
    You are the man! Thank you sir.
    July 16
  • raymanbama
    HI Michaell

    Thank you so much for your help!
    I just sent you a more detailed message by email for your input, if at all possible.
    Many thanks!
    July 16
  • fp10023
    it was a service loaner, it was never titled
    July 14
  • fp10023
    hi! i need help, confused on what i should be aiming for

    Q7 premium+ w/navi. tech package
    loaner car w//3,900 miles

    $300 doc fee
    2411,46 taxes
    324 non tax
    net price 42,926

    if i make a downpayment of 4,000 my monthly will be $456

    Residual is at 55% and money factor is at 0.0099

    the MF and monthly payments seem high. id like to be in the high $300 for monthly, how do i get there (if possible)?

    thank you for help :)

    i forgot to mention I'm in the was. d.c. area. can buy in maryland, va, or dc but am willing to buy in any state if it will get me a better deal

    and....are there any incentives i can utilize ?
    July 14
  • rdxlover
    Hi Michael - Can you please tell me what the residual value is for a 2017 GLC 36 months with 15K and also the RV for a 2018 GLA 36/15K? Thank you!
    July 13
  • bostongirl21
    Hi, Michael - looking for 2017 Kia Soul ! MF and residual for Massachusetts
    36/12 and 24/12
    Thank you!
    July 6
  • saxplayer1
    Hi Michael, could you tell me the MF and RV for leasing a 2017 (new?) Audi S6 prestige with most options (MSRP 90k)? It has 4,700 miles and is being sold as "new" as the manager drove it.

    July 5
  • cedarlake
    Hello, I would like to get the RV and MF rates for leasing 2017Ram Big Horn 1500, crew cab, 4x4, SLT, 24 Months, 12,000 per year. MSRP $48,775. In Michigan
    June 29
  • mickeydsc
    Thanks in advance! May I have the RV, MF and current lease incentives for a 36 mo lease with 18K/yr miles on a 2017 F-150 Supercab XLT for South Carolina?
    June 27
  • garyjg11
    What is residual for a 2017 Lexus IS200t (base model)  for a 36 month lease and 18,000 miles per year?
    June 27
  • luvauto
    Great help to so many, appreciate it.
    Many Thanks.
    June 27
  • cardog1988
    Hi ! Needing the residual for 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited , in Texas , MSRP is 43670.00--4 years 15k ---
    June 26
  • michaelisaac
    Hi what is the residual and MF on 2017 RX AWD 36/7500 and 36/15K in Tennessee?
    June 21
  • Michaell earned the 50000 Comments badge.
    Some people are beginning to wonder if you’re the owner.
    June 21
  • brownie23
    Hi, Im looking for lease numbers(MF residual) on a 2017 Lexus Rx350 F sport for June in South Florida, 36 month, 12k Thanks
    June 16
  • jayhawker3
    MSRP is 31815, cap cost is 26578, sales tax is 1197, fees 229, residual is 15271, drive off is 398.84. this is on the 2017 passat sel premium. They will give me 765 cash back for the remainder of my lease which i will use for tint, tip spoiler and transport fee
    June 11
  • bada_bing45
    Hey Michael-

    I am trying to get the best deal on a Q7 Prestige, 2017. The best deal they're offering me after going back and forth is at $68,560 (MSRP was 70,060).
    Totals Sales Price was $69,205.
    Trade In: $7,500.
    Tax: $3,856
    Dealer, License, Reg, Fees: $345.

    Net Sales Price: $66,058.

    I have a decent financing offer at 2% for 72 months with not much down payment. $3,000.

    I'm worried as I just don't drive that much and I know how Audi's can depreciate pretty quickly over the first 2 years.
    They offered me a Lease Deal as a 2nd option which I know nothing about. All of the fees were the exact same. The terms were:

    Option 1: 57% Residual at 36 months, $39,934
    Option 2: 55% Residual at 36 months, $38,533

    36 Months, 12K miles, $5K down- Payment would be $952.21

    Seems like you know your stuff- is this a decent deal I've worked? What deal would you prefer in my situation? Is it smarter to buy or lease in your honest opinion?

    I appreciate any insight!

    June 8
  • jasoncasto
    Michaell, I hope I am sending this message to you directly. Not sure if I am doing it right. What is it that you do for work? Do you possibly sell/lease Infiniti's. I live in Salt Lake City. I see you live in Colorado. I am looking to lease a QX60 fully loaded (except I don't want the DVD entertainment). I feel somewhat jerked around by the Utah Infiniti dealer. Are you an Infiniti dealer. If not could you recommend who I should go to? I am totally willing to go to Colorado.
    June 6
  • fortune007
    Need help in buying 2017 Honda Civic EX with Honda Sensing for zip 14221
    I got a quote of $22,000 before additional charges of
    8.75% tax
    Doc fee $75
    Others 150

    Honda can finance 0.9 for less than 36 months or 1.9 over 36 months.

    Pl advise if this is good price.

    May 28
  • boot2
    Hello Michaell, I was hoping you could help me with the residual value and the money factor for a 2017 Ram 1500 Laramie 4x2 in Phoenix. 36 or 39 month lease w/ 15k annual miles. Negotiated price of 38k. Any help on acquisition fees, etc for financing with FCI
    thanks in advance!
    May 28
  • dcrna1
    Hello Michaell, I am in Tennessee. Can you help with lease information on Volvo XC90 Inscription for 24 and 33 months with 10 and 15 thousand miles?

    Thank you!
    May 27