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  • shandn167
    I just went to a VW dealer for the Black Friday event on VW 2017 GLI I offered 1,000 down with my father co-signing who has perfect credit. They offered 236 per month for 36 mo at 12,000 miles per year.
    I would like to know what the least amount I can pay for this deal. I also was not offered customer loyalty as I am returning a leased Jetta.

    November 22
  • sbz1188
    Hi Michael! Hoping to get your input on the following deal:

    2018 Subaru Outback premium 2.5i — package 15 with eyesight and moonroof

    Subaru of Sherman oaks in SoCal

    MSRP $33,305
    Residual 61%
    MF 0.00050
    $1000 out of pocket
    Check back to me of $2616 (dealer buying the last 8 payments of my current 2015 Ford Focus lease 8 payments x $327/mo left)
    Initial cost $32649.47
    Adjusted cost $32515.53

    $399.99/mo including tax (365.29 without)

    The key here is that the dealer is buying me out of my current lease $2616 as we are moving to Oregon and I have no need for a FWD car.

    Am I getting a bad deal?? Thank you for reviewing, this means the world to me.

    November 22
  • Biabrett
    Looking to lease a 2018 genesis g80 sport in ca. What is mf and residual for 36/12.
    November 22
  • anthonyrrr
    Hello. So I am looking into leaseing the durango i asked about in previous threads today. what kind of advice can you give in negotiating the net cap cost. i assembled a durango on a dodge site and came up with 40000 ish and the msrp windo printo out was about 46000. could the number be that far off?
    November 20
  • rickyeee2
    Hi Michael
    was at Audi dealer in south Florida
    audi Sq5 lease 15k 36 months 1200 out of pocket msrp 67,190 adjusted cap cost 63560

    payment 878.00 with tax
    they are taking my 3 payments back on a5 convertible 719.00 and 2700 over miles

    is this a good deal did not sign papers going tomorrow
    November 18
  • meadowlane
    Thank you Michaell

    MSRP $26,285
    November 17
  • jwileyh2o
    I am trying to lease a 2017 GMC Acadia Denali with a MSRP of $51,185. The discounted price was $43,529. I was quoted $610 w/tax for a 24 month 15k lease with only the 1st months payment due at the start. I saw others were quoted around $475. Do you know the dealers that are offering better leases in the New England area?
    November 14
  • nhholl18
    Hi Michaell,

    2018 Grand Cherokee SRT MF and Residual Please? 36mo and 15k. thanks!

    Or should I just go to dealer auction through a friend? They never seem to lease well!

    much appreciated
    November 13
  • tags1174
    Hey Michael,

    I just posted a question about an SQ5 Prem Plus lease in New Jersey. When I add the numbers up on a lease calc it comes in at $658 with paying fees up front of $2000.

    My dealer offering me the car at $56,940 (6% below MSRP)
    I pay $1875 fees
    I pay Monthly payment of $727

    Are my figures correct or is my dealer offer as good as it gets?

    Please let me know as I am trying to make a decision asap.

    November 13
  • mdchem11
    Hey Michael,

    I just posted something in the Audi Q5 car buying advice-lease deals and pricing thread, then saw the private message link. If you could take a look, I’d appreciate it. In short, wanted a less expensive wheel/tire combo (18”) to reduce MSRP but ultimately agreed to included option (20”), but dealer switched tires/wheels, no documentation, and charged higher MSRP. Do I have any recourse? Thanks.

    November 13
  • JulieM1024
    Hi Michaell,

    Having some trouble posting in the forum. Can you tell me the MF and residual for a 2018 Volvo xc60 T5 R Design 36mos 12k in NY?

    Thanks in advance.
    November 11
  • bxp1962
    I am purchasing/leasing a 2018 Mercedes E400 cabriolet. All in price = $73,987

    I like to keep cars 4-5 years; Do you recommend buying or leasing? If buying should I finance or pay cash?
    If you recommend leasing what would be best terms and estimated payment for 36/12k term?

    November 11
  • renelew
    Hi. I’m new and having trouble posting and navigating. I’m looking for the MF and residual for a 2017 G80 AWD Premium package for 94561. Thanks very much.
    November 9
  • GAGF
    Hi Michaell,

    I have been looking to lease an Infiniti Qx60 premium plus, msrp 51040. These are the numbers I got for it. Please let me know if it is a good deal or if I can still do better.

    Lease term of 39/10K

    MSRP 51040
    Selling price 41718.06
    MF 0.00003
    Residual 26540.80
    Options 199
    Doc fee 699
    taxes 8%

    No money down, paying upfront 761.20 for 1st month and title/registration, monthly payoments of 462.20

    November 9
  • courtastiche
    Michael - could you provide the MF and RV for the details below 2018 SQ5 36 mos/10K miles.

    I'm out of my depth here. Never leased before. Returning to same dealership and selling back my current Q5 2013 w/ 40K miles they are saying they will cut me a check for 24K for.

    Thank you.

    November 8
  • jeffro1975
    Michaell, saw your responses on other inquiries, appreciate your guidance. i'm looking at replacing my 2016 ES350 for a 2017 RX350. My payoff is 39k, my car in is great condition with 22k miles. KBB values it 28-30k trade in.

    I was given quote on an 2017 RX350 MSRP 53,299 with rebates/discounts down to 46,948. Lease at 48 month / 2k down / $831.56. I do not know MF at this time.

    Thoughts? i learned from your other comments i should not put down any more than 1k, do you think 1k down, 48 month, for $831.56 a good deal given my negative trade equity?
    November 6
  • gotwoody

    Ordering 2018 Range Rover, MSRP 101,500. Supposed to arrive end of January. Considering 39 or 36 month lease, any idea what residual or factor will be in January?
    November 3
  • rdformula1
    Hi, do you have November MF & Residual for 2017 HSEv6 and SCv8 for 33mo/15k yr
    November 3
  • seansem
    Hi Michaell,

    Looking for pricing info on 2017 Lease A3 Premium Plus in Philly, PA area. 36 months 12K miles
    November 2
  • siss989
    Hello Michaell Sorry to contact you directly, but as its end of the month, I'm hoping to pull the trigger on this today.

    - I'm looking to lease a 2018 X1 MSRP: $40,345 discounted by $3,757 , with a loyalty rebate of $1,500. (Photo attached) I have a lot of negative equity from a trade that still needs to be negotiated, but can you pls tell me if this is a good deal for the x1? They are asking $632/month for 36/12K miles. ( That includes -$4,266 equity or $118.5/month) I'm in Boston MA. thanks!!!

    I also posted this with a pic on the 2018 X1 forum..


    October 31
  • bobwestchester
    We are new to Leasing, Have read many of your posts and are Questioning this deal
    Thanks in advance! We are in 19380
    Mazda cx-5 Grand Touring AWD Premium package
    Sale Price $31,933.00
    Total financed aftermarkets $299.00 (Theft deterrent)
    Net trade allowance $0
    Total cash and rebates $1,610.00
    Security deposit $0
    Advanced payments $398.90
    Upfront charges $306.55
    Total cap reduction $904.55
    Due on delivery $0
    Monthly payment 398.90 for 36 months
    base monthly payment $365.96
    Tax $32.94

    Residual amount $18,771.20
    money factor .00001
    Annual miles 12,000
    Does that look OK?
    Thanks again!!
    October 30
  • seanjoe
    Hi, I my deal on a Dodge Charger GT Plus I 37 months / 10k miles / $0 Down / with a payment of $464 is that a good deal? Also they are giving me $14k for my 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with 81,000 miles is that fair? Thank you so much for the help , this is my 1st lease and the 1st time buying a car without my dads help, he passed away resently and always made the deals with the salesman.
    October 30
    • seanjoe
      I live in Foxboro MA btw if u need that info, I can give you any other info as well. Many Thanks.
  • dhop
    Hi M, Can I get the MF and RV for 2018 JGC Altitude package 4x2 36mos/12k. So Calif?
    Would you recommend leasing one of the 2017's left or go with a 2018? more incentives w 2017's but is the MF RV that much better w 2018's.
    October 30
  • salesops
    Could you advise. Looking for the lease rates in Ma. 36 month /25 k
    On a premium plus and prestige. Thanks
    October 29
  • missysoso1
    Could you advise Southern California 2018 Audi Q5 2.oT Quattro S ironic Premium plus 36/15 , MF R,incentives and rebates with 2K down?

    Thank you very much.
    October 29
  • veronika0603
    Hello, Michaell,

    I hope you can assist. I am looking to lease this car: http://www.circleinfiniti.com/VehicleDetails/new-2018-INFINITI-Q50-3.0t_LUXE_AWD-West_Long_Branch-NJ/304336881

    The lease promotion is $359 per mos. for 39 mos. Offer details: Due at Inception $999 down payment, 1st month payment $359, $0 security deposit, $700 bank fee for a total of $2,058 + Tax, License & Fees. Total payments $14,001 + tax. Total Residual $25,118.50. Offers are subject to change. Price(s) include(s) all costs to be paid by consumer except for Tax, License and Fees. Lessee responsible for maintenance, excess wear & tear. Required at lease inception = Down Payment + 1st month payment + Ref.Sec.Dep, Bank Fee. Lease based on 10k annual miles.

    What monthly lease payments can I actually negotiate if I make a $2K down payment?

    Thanks in advance!
    October 27
  • madhurbehl
    First time buyer looking for residual and money factor numbers in Virginia.
    2017 Mazda MX-5 RF Grand Touring Manual. 36mo/10K mi
    Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing on these forums !
    October 26
  • salesops
    Hi Michaell - looking to confirm some lease numbers in MA
    2018 Q7 Prestige 36months 25k year. Residual 54%, money factor of .00199
    Thank you!
    October 25
  • ccohen6410
    Michaell thanks for the comments on reducing the residual on my X5 offer with 5,300 miles. Question, is the residual off the MSRP before the destination charge of 995, so $60,900 or the full MSRP with destination of $61,895. Using your math with a 57% residual and taking off an extra 4% plus $1,325 for the $0.25 per mil), I get a residual of $31,479 off the MSRP of $61,895 of $31,479. Is this correct? thank you
    October 25
  • sallybee1
    Can you please tell me if the following sounds "kosher" - I am almost up on my first lease I've ever had.....I went in to dealer to look at the new 18 model - and they started talking payments only....I left without committing to anything, and nothing in writing from them. Now I know that you should always start with negotiating the price of the car, then have the numbers worked up...However, when I do the #'s on an online calculator, (all estimated, as the dealer gave me nothing in writing), it appears my payment would be MORE than what they quoted me...they said the MSRP of the car, that they would have to "buy" from another dealer - they don't have the model I want on their lot. In essence, I left there with the option of $0 out of pocket and monthly payment $10 less than current monthly payment. Sounds great, right? But I don't feel comfortable without numbers...help!!! What am I missing here? Thanks
    October 22
    • sallybee1
      Hey Michaell - anyone? Bueller??!!