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  • csdean10
    Hi Michael - I want to lease a Ford Explorer Sport in Michigan.

    I want to make sure I'm getting the absolute lower price on the deal with ZERO out of pocket. I am new to all of this.

    What do you recommend I do and how do I calculate the lowest price? I have seen everyone talk about the lease factor and residual and stuff. Please help I would like to get it within the next month or so.
    April 30
  • alanxparr
    Hi Michael,

    I posted this earlier but didn't get any responses and I'm heading out to visit a dealer shortly. Can you help me out?

    I'm looking at my first BMW, an m235i. This will also be my first lease, and I want 12k/year for 36 months.

    The numbers I have from the dealer are:
    MSRP of 52,349 (has tech and cold weather packages)
    Cap Cost of 50,500
    Money Factor of 0.00175
    Residual of 60%

    I think the MF is too high, as is the Cap Cost. Would like to get an opinion on current lease values in the upper Midwest right now.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    April 29
  • ajkyct32
    Hi Michaell,

    I am looking into leasing for the first time, and I am trying to acquire as much info as I can going into this process. I am looking at leasing a 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited AWD with the Ultimate Package. The asking for this vehicle was $34,945 and the dealer took off $1500 in incentives. I have not negotiated a lower sticker price yet. For $3000 down they would make my monthly payment $390. However they have been elusive in telling me what the MF and Residual numbers would be. If you could, may I please have the MF and residual numbers for this vehicle in Connecticut for 12k miles / 36 months. FYI, I also posted in the Hyundai Tucson Lease Questions Forum. Thank you very much!
    April 27
  • jeepbuyer2016
    I'm looking to get a new 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee any chance you can share with me RV and MF for Overland and Summit on 36month 25K lease?
    Many thanks ... location is western PA.
    April 27
  • nab1313
    i also listed this in the crosstrek forum.. thanks so much
    April 26
  • nab1313
    Hello, I need some help and would appreciate it so much. I am considering leasing for the first time and im trying to plug some numbers to see possibilities of a decent vs. not decent deal. Location New York City

    Subaru Crosstrek Limited with moonroof/navigation/keyless access= MSRP 28,900
    hoping to get it for 27000. with that said. what can i expect from the MF and residual percentage/amount? And can these numbers be adjusted by the dealer or do they come from the leasing company.
    My credit score is 730, so not sure what tier in terms of financing, that I fall into.

    If i can have the current MF and residual percentage i think it will help me price the deal better myself. Im not putting any money down either. thanks so much

    I would like to lease for 36/month at 12000 miles per year
    April 26
  • nycxfinest
    I'm looking to get into a 16 audi s4. do you know what are the current mf and residual for the car on 10k and 12k miles in NY. what kind of deal should i be looking at as to discounts. I'm a sales rep at a Honda/Acura dealership here in nyc.

    Thank You
    April 18
    • Michaell
      Please post your request in the S4 lease discussion. That way, everybody can benefit from the information.

  • acflyguy18
    Just posted in the Legacy forum. Was hoping I could get the numbers for a 16 Legacy Limited, with eyesight, all the options. Believe its popular package 4. MF from the dealer is saying .0009 but I was told .0004 by another dealer about 10 days ago. Residuals I am seeing are the same, really just curious about MF. Also, don't know if region matters but I am in Dallas TX.

    April 21
    • Michaell
      Can you post in the Legacy lease discussion? That way, everybody can benefit from the information.

  • scamp11231
    Hi Michael,

    Looking for mf and residual on Outback limited with moonroof/keyless entry/navigation package. Im in NYC area if that makes a difference. Not sure you can guide me on the discounted car price that we should work back from . Thank you for any help.
    April 14
    • Michaell
      Please repost in the Outback discussion - that way, everybody will benefit from the information:

  • red787
    Hi Michael

    Thanks for your help. I am planning to lease a nissan new 2015 awd pathfinder s and I was wondering if you can help me with the residual and mf. I got the price down to 27051 here in nj. Before going to dealer and negotiating the rest I would like help in the above. Thank you
    April 16
    • Michaell
      Can you repost in the Pathfinder discussion? That way, everybody will benefit from the information.
  • lulahord
    Hi Michael, I am looking at leasing a CRG. MSRP 49,765 / negotiated down to 46,350. 3 year lease/12,000 miles. $4224 (taxes, tags, 1st month, 495 processing and 995 destination charges). MF .00166 payment $585. What do you think? Thank you!!! LH.
    April 18
    • Michaell
      Answered in the thread you started.
  • bmwagain
    Thanks again for your reply! Turns out the dealer said the 58% residual was an honest mistake. The Cap Cost is indeed 46,620 and the $3500 is for fees and window tinting.
    April 12
  • mast3rsgageer
    ot a quote from a dealer today for 
    MSRP of 45500
    cap reduction of 43000
    $600 with 3200 down which covers taxes and other fees
    does that deal sound good? L
    April 11
  • stabone131
    Hi Michaell! We decided to buy and have been shopping around. The best offer we've received to date is:


    Toyota XLE - Midnight Blue, Captain chairs, Protection Plan, NAV, Sunroof (all not-optional options as we specifically want a midnight blue one with captain chairs).

    $40,097 OTD


    $1490.23 NJ sales tax (off $21, 289......offering $16,000 on Rav4 lease trade-in)

    $349 doc fee

    $400 license plates

    $569 last 2 payments of our Rav4 lease ( total 'payoff' is $16,569)

    What's your opinion of this deal?
    April 8
  • sunofny99
    Hello Sir,

    Im wondering if you can give me some of your advice

    I'm turning in my lease on a E350 for a 2016 CLS400.

    P1 Package
    Designo Metallic Paint
    19in AMG Multi Spoke rims
    Lane Tracking Package

    MSRP $74,775

    Quoted Price: $66,700 includes the $2000 bonus i believe

    36Mos/10K Year

    Dealer quoted me .00126 MF/58% Residual

    $890/mo (Taxes, Bank Fees, Registration Rolled in)
    $0 out of pocket, only first month.

    Any thoughts?
    April 7
  • bass123

    What's the money factor and residual for 2016 BMW X6 xdrive 5.0 and X6 M, 36 months, 15K/yr?
    April 7
  • apmsingh

    I am looking to lease EX-L with Navi in NJ. What would be the MF and Residual?

    Also, can you explain how with total cap cost of 31,176 and 56% residual and .00041 MF, monthly payment comes to $329.97? My calculations give me around $400 per month before tax

    April 7
  • mast3rsgageer
    2016 Camaro 2ss
    April Numbers in New York

    36/12 39/12 48/12
    36/15 39/15 48/15
    36/18 39/18 48/18
    April 6
  • mast3rsgageer
    April Numbers in New York

    36/12 39/12 48/12
    36/15 39/15 48/15
    36/18 39/18 48/18
    April 6
  • rjlosangeles
    Hi Michaell,
    I need your wise counsel. 
    Southern California 2015 QX 60 FWD fully loaded MSRP 57,040 sales price 47,995
    55% residual 
    .00098 MF

    the residual seems a point too low and the MF seems high. Am I wrong? 

    Thank you! 
    April 6
  • poyol89
    Hi michaell
    what payment include 9% tax do you think is good for lease c300 36/12k,Msrp 49160?with 0 down 0 drive off
    April 4
  • greennie13
    Hi Michael,

    One last follow up on my deal. Based on your last message it sounds as if that might not be a good price on the vehicle. I am thinking about purchasing tomorrow, but wanted to make sure I am getting the best possible outcome. Have you seen significantly lower prices?

    I went to a different dealership and they were unwilling to match it, so that made me feel a bit better about it. Based on your experience and what you are exposed to in your role as a moderator I thought you might have some insights to share.

    March 30
  • boostedf150
    Hey Michael, I posted a few days ago in the real world trade in regarding my leased f150 lariat in ri. I went to a gmc dealer yesterday and they offered me 30k for my trade, which has 51500 miles on it, it's a fully loaded 2013 f150 lariat supercrew that I owe 33000 on it, currently in a lease. They are putting me into a 2016 Sierra Denali 4x4 msrp 57618 lease for 39/18000 with $3000 plus first payment of $599 including sales tax. Am I getting a good deal? The 3000 is essentially paying off my trade in, which is cheaper for me then turning the f150 lease in with approximately 20000 miles over. Thanks for your help
    March 30
  • renee35

    Can you please tell me if you think this is a good deal?

    Audi A6 3.0 S line sport package with led headlights and preferred credit (1600)
    cold weather package
    Bose Surround
    Audi guard all weather mats
    Cargo net
    Wheel lock
    Florett Silver metallic with Black interior

    MSRP: 62,270
    Selling Price: 55,800
    Residual: 53% or 33,003.10
    MF: .0006
    Tax: 6.35%
    Monthly payment: 645 tax already included
    Down: 3500 which covers 1st payment, fees and taxes

    March 29
  • ksierrabonita
    Hi Michaell. This is a great forum!

    Do you know the residual and money factors on 3 year/36k mile lease for a 2016 Volvo S60 Drive E FWD?

    Thanks in advance!
    March 28
  • jwdccmd
    Hi Michael. Great forum. Dreading a lease negotiation tomorrow for a 2015 i3 BEV in MD. Feel under informed. As far as I can tell, need to be focused on getting 7,500 credit + 2,000 build out credit from BMW (per BMWUSA), money factor of .00125. Not sure I see how the residual is treated. Is it a percentage of the MSRP or negotiated price and what is it currently? Looking at 36 mo lease. Any insights here would be appreciated.
    March 24
  • kgomez123
    When calculating the RV, do I use the price with taxes, fees etc?
    March 23
  • Michaell earned the 100 Answers badge.
    Admit it, you read Wikipedia in your spare time.
    March 22
  • carnaught
    Hi Michaell. Interested in lease terms on a '17 A4 lease: 3 yr. 15k/ yr. Premium Plus with Audicare (improves the residual value). No nav., but extra cost metallic paint and iPhone connectivity (name?).

    Thank you my friend!
    March 20
  • rlandry1
    Hi Michael,  just posed on the Acura forum but thought I'd send to you directly since you seem to have a wealth of knowledge in the industry. Acura MDX 2016 AWD tech package. What numbers should I know before heading to dealer? Don't want to overpay. We are turning in a lease on our TL. Thanks so much Michael. 
    March 19
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