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  • gillb
    From Gary: Just to update my last post....I finally found a manual lease calculation I understand and came up with the following....which actually matches the dealer quote exactly. I was wondering if it looked right to you.
    MSRP $$29795 x 64% = $19069
    Residual $29975 - $19069 = $10906/36 =$302.94
    Interest $28855 (selling price)+10,906= $39,761x.00118= $46.92
    Monthly Payment with Interest and Sales Tax $302.94 + $46.92 =$349.86 x 6% sales tax = $370.85
    Dealer Admin Fee $599/36= $16.63
    Monthly + sales tax +dealer fees = $387.48
    August 24
  • gillb
    Hi Michael....the deal quoted by the dealer has zero down. In Florida sales tax on cars is 6% and there is a $599 administrative fee every dealer charges and is never negotiable. There is is also registration and new tags included in the Cap Cost number, I don't have the break out right now but it should be about $450. The tax, admin fee and tags are all included in the Cap Cost of $30,349. The $30,349 number seems to be invoice plus the above items though I found it confusing that its higher then MSRP which I pulled off the Kia site. I'm meeting with the dealer Saturday. What do I need to do to UN-confuse?
    August 24
  • mwinner
    I am interested in a 2017 A4 premium quattro 12k/36 months. I was quoted the following:
    MSRP 45020
    selling price 43669
    MF .00079
    Residual 59%
    2000 grand down 549/month
    Is this a good deal or is there more wiggle room? I've seen selling prices of 41692 on edmunds and kbb.
    August 23
  • mamawheels
    Hi - after a crazy amount of decision-making, I'd like to lease a 2017 Pacifica Touring-L Plus with the advanced safety tech option. I'm completely new to car buying and I want to be prepared when I go shopping this week.

    Can you help me find the MF and Residual for that for NJ? Any other pearls of wisdom you have are deeply appreciated.

    Signed, the gal who swore she'd never drive a minivan. Ever.
    August 20
    • Michaell
      If you haven't already, please post in the Pacifica discussion. That way, everyone can benefit from the information.
    • mamawheels
      AHA!!! I found it! LOL I'm so sorry, I'm really brand new and this and having trouble understanding the forums. I thought I was posting it to the pacifica discussion. Let's try again! I also sent you a separate email. Thank you!! ;)
  • schafercpa
    Daughter is West Palm Beach Florida.
    Can you give me residual and $ Factor
    2016 A3 1.8 Premium 12K/ 36 mos

    August 22
  • veep1
    Hi Michaell,

    I found you on my Google Search and saw your BMW / BMW 5 Series thread.

    I'm looking to lease a 2016 535i xdrive NJ BMW dealer.

    1. Can you let me know MF/Residual.
    2. How do I know if I'm getting a good deal. For example, ongoing incentive.


    August 10
    • Michaell
      If you haven't already, please post in the 5-series discussion. That way, everyone can benefit from the information.
  • pineapple2016

    Can you help me determine the MF and Residual for the following cars in Southern CA?

    Acura 2016 TLX Base w/ Tech, Acura 2016 TLX V6 w/tech? looking for 36/15K miles, Tier 1 credit
    August 16
    • Michaell
      If you haven't already, please post in the TLX discussion. That way, everyone can benefit from the information.
  • thomas115
    Can you help me determine the MF and Residual for the 2017 Hyundai Elantra SE manual?
    Thank you.
    August 17
    • Michaell
      If you haven't already, please post in the Elantra discussion. That way, everyone can benefit from the information.
  • luizperl
    Hi Michaell,

    I'm new to the forum. Just wondering if you would be able to advise on would what would be the MF and residual plus a good monthly lease payment deal based on the following:

    2017 Audi A4 Premium Plus FWD

    Negotiated Price: $42,500
    Florida Sales Tax: 6%

    $3,000 Down
    36 Months
    12,000 Miles

    Thanks in advance.
    August 21
    • Michaell
      If you haven't already, please post in the A4 discussion. That way, everyone can benefit from the information.
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    You received 250 LOLs. Looks like you're popular around these parts.
    August 12
  • carbonmike
    Hello Michaell, I am looking to lease a 2016 4runner limited with 3rd row in Maryland. Only other options are floor matts and cargo tray. I have started negotiating but this is the initial offer from a single dealer.
    MSRP: $45,625
    Sale Price: $43,900
    Residual: $29,200

    Research reveals 42978 as fair selling price. So looks like some work to be done.

    Let me know your thoughts and
    Can you please send me the MF and residual for 24/36 doing 12k/yr.


    P.S. I couldn't figure out how to post in the actual 4 runner forum so I believe this connected to the link by your name.
    August 10
    • Michaell
      Here is the link to the 4Runner lease discussion ....
  • lbjpilot

    Was wondering what the mf ans risidual for aug (new york)
    36 month 12k miles a year lease

    August 9
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    August 8
  • bigdee444
    Hi Michaell,

    I was given a quote on a Honda pilot touring for $688 a month. I think that's pretty high based off these numbers, what do you think?

    MSRP $42,070
    Sale price $39,402
    Residual 60%
    Money factor .00190
    36 months 12,000 miles a year
    August 6
  • icon5585
    August 6
  • icon5585
    Hey Michaell, my dad is getting ready to lease a 2016 Mercedes Benz E400 convertible and was hoping to get the residual and money factor for 36 months/10k per year. Thank you in advance :)

    - Hank
    August 6
  • wolverine011
    I'm negotiating right now:

    2016 Q50 2.0T Premium AWD
    MSRP approx $39,650

    $2,000 down payment
    10K miles per

    Dealer won't give me MF or residual value... would love your feedback!
    August 5
  • flycaster
    Hey Michaell, I certainly appreciate your help. Although not stated, the reason I put this inquiry online is that on a phone call to the financial guy at my dealership to be, he said 0.0005. Frankly, I don't trust these guys as we know they can also ask for higher MFs than their finance company issues.
    August 4
  • upstatecar
    Hi, I got the following lease offer today on a 2016 Subaru 2.5i Limited and was wondering if it was a good deal. It seems a little high to me, but I haven't leased a Subaru before. I live in upstate NY so the tax rate is 7%.

    MSRP: 30461
    Adjusted cap cost: 29750.18
    Total cap reduction: 1000
    Tax: 931.13
    Cap adds: 595
    Sales price: 27224.05
    Money factor: .00055
    Residual: 57%
    36 months/15k miles per year

    Monthly payment: 370

    They are also paying off 1035 from my prior lease.

    Thank you for your help.
    August 3
  • raben217
    Hi, thanks for all the help and I would like to know residual and money factor numbers on a lease. Its for a 2016 and 2017 subaru 2.5i outback limited. 36 month 15k year. Im in South Florida, Palm Beach county.
    Thank you
    August 3
  • sodifficult
    Hi Michaell. Are you able to get the numbers for Infiniti? I posted in the 2016 Q50 thread trying to get some info on the August rates for the 2016 Q50 Red Sport 400 AWD - 36/12 and 39/12 and also for the RWD. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    August 3
  • kap8
    320xi, sorry
    August 2
  • s60leaser
    Hi-I am looking at a 2016 VolvoXC60 T6-E AWD lease. 36m/12k,0 down. $509/month.
    Includes premium pkg, loyalty & conquest cash. PLUS gets me out of my existing lease-Which has 7 months to go and Im now at my max. mileage.
    Good deal?
    OK and take it BC it gets me out of my existing lease?
    Thanks so much for the advice.
    July 30
  • notl2016
    Hi, I am looking at a Pacifica Limited in the Chicago area. Do you have the RV and MF for 36/12 and 39/12. Thank You.
    July 20
  • mkhalil33
    I hope you are having a good day. I'm being told the the 36 and 39 month residual is 55% by Infiniti on the RWD QX80? Is that accurate?
    July 19
  • username7
    Hey Michaell-
    Looking at a 2016 340i X-drive lease for 36/10k with $1500 down. Wondering if the following is a decent deal. MSRP $56,900, cap cost $54,000, 66% residual, .00157 mf, $664 monthly payment including tax. This is for zip 99016. WA state. $400 doc fees. Using the lease calculator, I come up with a $616 payment incl tax, so $664 seems high.

    July 19
  • crazyray79
    Thank you that was a super quick response
    July 18
  • elainel123
    Thanks so much for the Santa Fe/Sport numbers. For 12/36, a 21017 Sport 2.4 with prem and tech the MSRP is listed as $37250. Dealer advertises a sale price of $28940. My calculations:
    $37259 x 57% = $21232.5 residual
    Cap 28940 - 21232.5 = 7707.5 depreciation / 36 = $214.10 mth
    Finance: cap 28940 + resid 21232.5 = 50172.5 x 1.704% (.00071 x 2400) = 854.94
    854.94/36 = 23.75 mth

    So, 214.10 + 23.75 = 237.85 plus sales tax 6% (14.27) = $252.12 per month

    This is not including destination charge.....salesman quoted me $420s, is he just giving me a ridiculous price or am I doing something wrong in my calcs?? Don't want to look like an idiot.

    Thank you, Michael

    July 14
  • renwick2
    Hi, thanks for all your help so far with my questions on the Mazda lease.

    I'm heading out tomorrow to test drive and negotiate, and want to make sure I have as much info as possible.The Mazda lease deal is $239/mo for 36/12,000 based on a MSRP of $19595 + $835 destination fee and -625 Mazda lease support. So the cap cost is $19,600. I'm going to offer 10,000 mi instead of 12,000, which you said would lower the monthly payment about $7.

    I've found a Mazda advertised for $18,821 (MSRP $20,475 - $1654 "savings" from the dealer), and am hoping to get $800 for a trade-in. Does this mean the monthly lease payment is lower, because the cap cost is lower? Or, since this is a Mazda advertised lease deal, will l still have to pay $239 at any dealer, no matter what price I negotiate?

    In general, what I need to know is if it's even worth negotiating since this is a lease deal?
    July 13
  • sfhome4you
    Hi Michael,

    I really like the F Pace S model and I'm in negotiations on a 36/12 lease. The Residual is $34,233, and the MF Rate is . 000181 guessing this is not a Good MF?
    July 12
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