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  • tjlions
    Can u tell me the lease numbers for 2016 Regal, Premium 2 package? I'm interested in 36 month 12k miles per year. Or any other lease deals that seem to be better than the norm.

    What is the expiration date on lease cash and is the lease cash factored in after negotiating price?
    January 29
  • mightypeet

    What type of numbers should I expect to see from the dealer on a 39 month/12,000 mile lease on a 2016 Volvo xc60 Premium?
    January 21
  • 4wd_awd
    Thanks so much for the RX350 Lease MF and residual #s!
    January 20
  • ahhnickk
    Hi Michael,

    I'm looking to lease a WRX Premium 6MT, price I'm quote is around $27800. Lease is 36 months 12k miles. I live in NY and most likely getting it from dealer in NJ, so I'm not sure what tax rate it will be. Can I get some numbers as in terms how much it will be after tax? And also the MF and the residual please. I will be talking to the sales later today through the phone so I want some numbers to compare to his. Lastly I will probably be putting down $2000 upfront.
    January 6
  • triciab1
    Hi Michaell, I'm talking to Volkswagen about a lease of the e-Golf. They did a credit check and said I have excellent credit, and then stated a money factor of 0.00155. With interest rates as low as they are, does that sound 'excellent' to you? It's for a 36 month lease with 12k miles/year.
    January 3
    • triciab1
      Just to add: quoted residual of $14,390 (which is consistent of a # I got from another dealer). MSRP of $36,415 for 2016 e-Golf SEL (- fed and state tax credits).
  • azjeffv
    thank you
    January 2
  • nashbmw
    Thank you Michaell! Much appreciated.
    January 1
  • tomorrowland
    Hi Michaell:

    I just get a new offer for X3 x28i

    52020 MSRP 47440 sell price. Not sure about the money factor and residual

    10k/36month. $5000 down payment $561/month after tax (tax is 9.8%)

    Does the payment sounds right? This is my first time leasing and any help will be appreciated :)
    December 2015
  • nm46385
    Hi Michaell,
    Can you please let me know what is the Residual and MF for 2015 QX60 AWD? 39MO/12k
    I believe the Residual for 12k is 57%. I exchanged e-mail with a Infiniti dealer in Maryland and he gave me a MF of .00056 which does not sound right?
    December 2015
  • timmy911

    Dealer offer:

    MSRP - $63,140.00
    Selling Price - $52,140.00
    Cap Cost Reduction: $500
    All Fees: Bank, Dealer, Tag and Title - $1,795
    MF - 0.00066
    Term - 24
    Miles - 7500
    Residual - 67
    Monthly Payment (Tax in) - $560
    Due at signing (including first months payment) - $1060

    Is this a good deal? Thank you in advance for any thoughts and/or insight you would be willing to share?
    December 2015
  • dealornodeal2
    Can you tell me if this is a good deal and if I have the possibility to negotiate further to lower my payments closer to 300. I am a little confused, and this is my first time leasing from NY.
    2015 Q50 Premium Nav
    12k miles/39 mos

    MSRP - 44735
    Cap Cost - 36404
    Due at signing - 1500 down payment + DMV Fees ~ $1975
    Monthly Payment - $339
    December 2015
  • aman27
    Hi there,

    Need your opinion on the following deal for a 2016 Mercedes GLE 4Matic

    MSRP: $60,710
    Selling Price: $53700
    Cap Cost: $102
    Taxes: $2039.82
    Fees & Insurance: $210
    Monthly Payment: $650
    Lease Term: 36
    Miles: 15k
    Total Cash Due up front: $3000.00
    December 2015
  • blkmnny
    Sorry Michaell,

    It is a 2016 subaru forester 2.5i touring with eyesight and nav. leasing in NY, 12K year, 36 months. are the numbers still 60% and .00070?? Thanks
    December 2015
  • andrea69
    hi just need some info/help I want to lease a bmw 2 options, 2015 x5 or x4, this would be my first time leasing, can I get some goods points of what I should use in bargaining. thanks :(
    December 2015
  • rayman2015
    Hi, I need some help, I am not sure if I am posting my queries about the Q50S and QX60 lease in correct spot. Can you please help as I am in urgent need of the MF and residual values...Thx
    December 2015
  • jonathon4
    I plan to lease a 2016 Audi A8 in Dec 2015. Would you know what are the base money factor and residuals for:

    2016 Audi A8 3.0T quattro LWB
    2016 Audi A8 4.0 quattro LWB

    Both are for a 36 month lease and 15,000 miles

    Thanks for your help.
    November 2015
  • samcanas
    Thank you 
    November 2015
  • carshopper1975
    Hi Michaell-

    Thanks for catching the money factor error. You are correct. This is in SoCal (LA area), also, I agree and thought it was odd that the $38K number is higher than MSRP which makes no sense. the OTD of $41k includes TTL fees. Tax rate is 9.25% depending on where you buy the car. I agree that the OTD higher than MSRP is crazy.
    November 2015
  • volvodog
    Hi Michaell,
    I'm coming up with $5,825.00 off sticker. Can you please check your numbers and let me know?
    Also, any advice on how to find my thread would be helpful. I had a hard time finding your answer.
    November 2015
  • viksinghb
    Hi. Do you happen to know the residual and money factor for the new 2016 GLE450 Coupe for 36/15k?

    Sign and Drive (1st month, DMV)
    and how much should my monthly lease payment be around
    November 2015
  • jvbori1
    Florida, 6%. Nevertheless...
    November 2015
  • gracie24
    Hi Michaell,
    I can't seem to make heads or tails of this. Bottom line, does this sound like a good lease deal on a 2015 Infiniti QX60 premium/premium plus w/ nav.

    gross cap: 46468
    cap cost reduction: 4168
    adj cap cost 42299
    resid: 26102
    down payment: 6100
    39 months/22k per year
    $481 mo
    October 2015
  • bruceb9
    We are planning to buy a 2016 Outback, 2.5i Premium in California by Oct31. What is the current money factor and residual value for a 12K, 36M lease? On a Subaru factory lease what is a likely up-front payment, acquisition and or disposition fees?

    Is the Costco negotiated price likely to be the best price? Do you have the percentages of the discounts to compare the Costco pre-negotiated price with Edmunds, Kelly, Consumer Reports, pre-negotiated prices?
    October 2015
  • musicult11
    Hey Michaell,

    I am looking at leasing at 2016 VW GLI SEL. Can you provide the MF and residual for a 15k/36mo lease?
    October 2015
  • baileycakes
    Hi there! :) Could you provide the MF and residual in CA for a 2015 High Altitude (Overland w. Altitude package) 4x4 V6 39 mos/10K? Much appreciated! :)
    September 2015
  • nags1381
    Hi Michaell, I am looking at leasing a 2016 Outback Limited with Navigation and Mooonroof - MSRP of approx. $34500 and the monthly lease of $350. Need to pay TTL upfront and 36000 miles/3 years. 350$ disposition fee. Is this a good rate?
    September 2015
  • brian125
    Disregard gave you wrong vehicle and prices. lol
    September 2015
  • brian125

    Can u give me lease numbers and a monthly price for below info :

    2015 jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4wd model 12 / 36. NY / NJ area, Msrp $36,785. Selling price 31k. Tax, doc, and dmv ..................... OOP

    tks ....................brian
    September 2015
  • slomosi
    Hi Michaell,

    I am about to lease an E-golf. Do you know the current residual/MF and any dealer lease cash incentives at the moment? thanks! I really appreciate it!!

    September 2015
  • tdamisch
    24 and 36 please, thank you.
    September 2015
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