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  • steveg23
    More info on the Audi A3 lease:

    MSRP $41,145.00
    Discount $3,000.00
    Acq Fee $750.00
    Doc Fee $195.00
    Tag and Title Fees $96.00
    Cap Red Tax (whatever that is) $353.05
    September 27
  • steveg23
    looking an Audi A3 to lease.
    The dealer offer on a 2016 A3 2.0T Premium Plus is a .00065 money factor and 54% residual with 12,000 miles.
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Is this a great, good, fair, poor offer?
    September 27
  • topguy1983

    Can you please provide the 2016 Mercedes SL400 hardtop, 12K miles, 36 months, money factor and residual? Also the same info for the 2016 Jaguar F-TYPE?

    Thank you very much for your time and support.
    September 26
  • nitroexpres
    Hi, can you share the MF and Residual for 2016 RAV4 XLE AWD, 36/12 mileage in Denver, CO. Any lease cash? Also need # for 2017 same trim, thanks in advance.
    September 25
  • thor1958
    Hi Michaell,

    Will Audi dealerships sell a 2017 A6 3.0T Prestige / Competition at $1K-$3K below dealers costs?
    September 25
  • ackerman
    Hi Michaell,

    Please provide 2017 Hyundai Sport 2.0T Lease $, Lease Loyalty $, 12K and 15K mileage, Residual %s, 36 Month Lease Money Factors for September and October (if available now).
    Florida deal if relevant.
    Don Ackerman,
    September 23
  • Sribalaji
    2017 Camry XLE
    With 0% and the $500 rebate, price would come out to $23,550, plus taxes and fees. The MSRP is $27,479 (it includes wheel locks, all weather floor liners and cargo tray). Is this a deal?
    Location: Wisconsin (5.6% tax) Thanks
    September 23
  • sid630
    Looking at 2016 maxima sr Illinois 3 year 18k MF and residuals 
    September 21
  • 1longdrive
    Hi Michaell,
    Can you give me the MF & Residual for 2017 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited, for Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
    Lease period 36/12 with 0 down.
    Thanks much!
    September 21
  • stellabella33
    Hi Michaell.

    Feel like I got duped by the dealer who changed prices on me as i decided to lease instead of buy.

    2017 Sienna AWD Limited Premium, Indiana
    $44,750 + 650 acq fee + 165.25 other fees, Residual 25,850 (53%)
    Payment 598.35 + 41.88 tax
    Zero down

    Does this seem reasonable?
    September 20
  • Bakeek
    Thank you so much for this information! You make me feel so much better about this process!

    2016 TRD 4WD Tundra Double Cab Standard Bed 5.7 V*8 SR5- MSRP:$41513
    48mo/12k lease term through US Bank (quoted .00135)
    September 19
  • bonguri
    Hi Michaell,
    I'm writing to get your help for my lease deal (2017 Jetta 1.4T S auto in MD)

    -MSRP $20,135

    -Your Price: $16,115
    - Residulas: 54% (36Kmi/3yrs)
    - MFs: 0.0015
    +$410 Destination
 (Negotiated 50%)
    +$300 Processing Fee
+6% MD State Sales Tax
+299 Tag/Registration Fee

    Do you think is this deal worth to trigger or have to investigate more?

    Initially I was looking 2016 Jetta around $180/mo but most of dealerships in MD area suggesting me 2017 than 2016.

    Should I look at out of state purchasing too?

    Thank you for your help!

    With my Regards,

    September 19
  • legolas316
    Hi Michaell,

    Thanks for your help with the Lexus IS 300 F-sport lease quotes. You mentioned that if I looked into dealerships in NV or CO, i would get a more transparent quote, do you know of any dealerships in particular or did you just say that in general?

    thanks again.
    September 13
  • scottny2016
    AWD. Thanks, Michaell. I really appreciate your help.
    September 12
  • cadtac03
    Also Michael if I could ask. Best price for Phoenix on both Subaru LTD Outback with eyesight and all the packages.
    And, Kia Sportage EX FWD with Tech and Premium Package.

    What you would feel to be a real price on both for a 3 year lease.

    Thank you again,

    Chris DesMarais

    Also, as I asked before does the Subaru deal still have any leeway regarding the lease factor rate?

    Thank you
    September 12
  • cadtac03
    hello Michael and thank you for the information. Regarding the Subaru lease factor I read your statement a bit of time before about the dealer having .05 leeway on said lease factor. Does this still apply and is it a good negotiation tool?

    Thanks much,

    September 12
  • oscarbmw
    Hi Michaell

    Can you please get the money factor , residual 10K, 12K, for the following vehicles

    1) 2016 BMW X5 M
    2) 2017 BMW X5 5.0

    2016 Land Rover Range Rover

    1) V8 Supercharged
    2) V6 Supercharged HSE

    Thank you so much in advance.

    September 12
  • eruben1
    Hi Michaell, you were very helpful in answering my post ( about leasing a Mercedes C450. I'm sending you a private message in case the dealer reads the forum.

    I asked the dealer about lowering my MF from .00139 to .00096, as well as lowering the acquisition fee from $1095 to the base of $795. They said to do that they'd have to raise the agreed selling price, since I was getting a 10% off MSRP. They insist $845/month is their best, final price, that overall they're barely breaking even on the deal so they can't go any lower without raising something else.

    I did clarify that the $845 includes no up front money from me, everything is rolled in: the $1095 acquisition fee, $2464 in VA tax, $495 processing fee, and $62 registration. Without those, it would be $730/month. Based on comparables that I'm seeing, it seems this is a good deal. Do you agree, or am I missing something?
    September 12
  • don_abramo
    What is the current money factor on leases?  Specifically a Honda Pilot touring with Honda sensing.  Top tier credit, and 15k miles per year?
    September 7
  • luisk77
    *Message No. 2

    Regarding the total amount due at signing, here are the details:
    1st month payment: $552.45
    Acquisition: $995
    Sales taxes: $86
    Security Deposit: $2,750
    Registration fee: $101
    License fee: $268
    Document processing fee: $80
    Electronic filing fee: $29
    California tire fee: $7
    Total: $4,868.45

    BTW, it's 10,000 miles per year.

    And today I got a call from their Financial Dept. They miscalculated the Security Deposit and I have to pay another $250. This is because at the last moment I added the prepaid maintenance service and apparently the guy forgot to add it to the whole equation.
    I'm planning to call them tomorrow and tell them to consider the short $250 as an additional discount on the MSRP since they marked up the Acquisition fee. But I'm not sure if this appropriate.

    Would you please advise: first if this was a good deal and second if you think they will just give up the missing $250? It was their mistake and the contract is already signed.

    September 7
  • luisk77
    Hello Michael. I decided to send you a message to make it easier to check. Here are the numbers and details I got for the lease contract:

    Car: 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC 300 RWD
    State: Southern California (dealership: Fletcher Jones Motorcars, Irvine, California)
    Features: Standard features plus Blind Spot Assist, Panorama Sunroof, Heated Front Seats and Premium Package 01.
    Total Retail Price on the sticker: $43,505 (Suggested Retail Price for Standard car: $38,950).

    Gross capitalized cost: $42,165.71
    Capitalized cost reduction: None
    Adjusted capitalized cost: $42,165.71
    *(The itemization of Gross capitalized cost is: Agreed upon value: $41,315.71. Plus Maintenance agreement $850 = $42,165.71)

    Residual value: $26,110.45
    Depreciation: $16,055.26
    Rent charge: $2,359.82
    Total of base monthly payment: $18,415.08

    Lease term: 36 months.
    Base monthly payment: $511.53
    Sales tax: $40.92
    Total monthly payment: $552.45

    *Continue on next message
    September 7
  • andyaudia3
    Hi Michael, Please can you help with an MF and Residual for 2016 Audi A3 Premium Plus Sedan 2.0 TFSI Quattro, Six-speed S tronic. 36mths/7,500 miles? Many thanks for your help.
    September 6
  • jason_lane
    Hi Michael...reaching out to you for assistance with helping me navigate a lease on Subaru Forester 2017 Touring regular engine (non-turbo). 15,000 miles per year, Nashville TN area. I walked into a dealer today and felt like I was having the wool pulled over my eyes, hence I walked out and am turning to your discussion forum here on Edmunds. Can you guide me through the numbers. I have a piece of paper form dealer that shows the model I want (Touring with Eyesight) has an invoice, price of $31,935 on MSRP of $34,464. Does Subaru do holdback to dealer? What should the sale price be on this lease? Residual. Any advice/guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
    September 5
  • bethyg
    Hey Michaell - You seem to be good with all this math so I am reaching out because I am about to get another Audi and for a 2017 A5 Cabriolet was quoted - $2000 (down including 1st payment) - $685 a month - 36mos/10,000 miles. The sticker price of the car is $55,575. I then saw an add for the same car, same sticker price and the quote was - $5,355 (down including 1st month) and $535 a month - 36mos/7500 miles.

    Do other of these deals make sense to you? Would love your input. thanks!
    September 1
  • willb1966
    Any chance of MF, Residual and incentives on a CTS V for August in Riverside CA 10K/36 or 39 months. Thank You 
    August 29
  • Ned Goldsmith
    High Michaell. I posted on the BMW 3 series forum and thread - scrolled to end before posting - think this is right but not certain. In case, here is my question. Thank you!

    "Hi. Looking to lease a 328ix WAGON. In Los Angeles area. MSRP 57070. Dealer offered to me at 51615 (10%). Work for small company so no corp fleet discount, and currently not part of BMWCCA but could join. Questions:
    1. How much should I target for discount off MSRP?
    2. What is the money factor and residual rate for 36month, 12K miles/yr please?
    3. What holdbacks or cash is the dealer getting from BMW I should be aware of?

    Thank you for your help!"
    August 28
  • dmvelite_bball
    Michael, sorry $46,500 is selling price; taxes (4.17%), tags ($67), processing fee ($495). I live in Virginia.
    August 26
  • sarat931
    Hi Machaell,

    This was my original question"
    I am currently running a leased 2015 Audi A4 Prem Plus (May'15), does anyone know if Audi encourages early lease upgrades so that I can upgrade to a 2017 A4 Prem Plus. If yes is it suggestible to upgrade Please advice.

    Thanks in advance !!"

    What I meant was I want to trade in my current current leased car to get the new version is this suggested Am I at loss doing so, can you please advice

    August 26
  • goel_ar1
    Hi Michael - Thanks for your help.

    1. Initially, dealership offered me :

    46345 MSRP
    66% Residual
    Selling Price - 41579 + Aftermarket ($199)=41778
    Adjusted Cap Cost=41778
    Lease Payment=410


    Total Out Of Pocket=3140+410=3560

    2. The reduced selling price to 40579, and add $1500 towards Cap cost reduction. Then they calculated : $359/month + $3550 due on delivery.

    3. Then with $3550 rolled into Cap Cost - they calculated - $450/month payment
    4. Then with 3150 MSD and $407 payment upfront-they made payment as $407. Total upfront=3557

    I can send their initial offer worksheet, if you give me your email.
    August 26
  • ekh443
    Michaell said:

    I have negotiated a 2016 Accord LX Sensing in Los Angeles (9% Tax). Zero drive off, first payment due in a month, 36 months, 12k miles per year for $259 taxes included.

    Im trying to push for $250 a month, but negotiations have stalled. Is this a good deal?

    .00038 and 56%. Need the MSRP and adjusted cap cost in order to model a payment.

    Hi Michaell,

    MSRP $24,840
    Adj cap cost $21,678.45
    Residual $13,607

    what do you think?

    August 25
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