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  • notl2016
    Hi, I am looking at a Pacifica Limited in the Chicago area. Do you have the RV and MF for 36/12 and 39/12. Thank You.
    July 20
  • mkhalil33
    I hope you are having a good day. I'm being told the the 36 and 39 month residual is 55% by Infiniti on the RWD QX80? Is that accurate?
    July 19
  • username7
    Hey Michaell-
    Looking at a 2016 340i X-drive lease for 36/10k with $1500 down. Wondering if the following is a decent deal. MSRP $56,900, cap cost $54,000, 66% residual, .00157 mf, $664 monthly payment including tax. This is for zip 99016. WA state. $400 doc fees. Using the lease calculator, I come up with a $616 payment incl tax, so $664 seems high.

    July 19
  • crazyray79
    Thank you that was a super quick response
    July 18
  • elainel123
    Thanks so much for the Santa Fe/Sport numbers. For 12/36, a 21017 Sport 2.4 with prem and tech the MSRP is listed as $37250. Dealer advertises a sale price of $28940. My calculations:
    $37259 x 57% = $21232.5 residual
    Cap 28940 - 21232.5 = 7707.5 depreciation / 36 = $214.10 mth
    Finance: cap 28940 + resid 21232.5 = 50172.5 x 1.704% (.00071 x 2400) = 854.94
    854.94/36 = 23.75 mth

    So, 214.10 + 23.75 = 237.85 plus sales tax 6% (14.27) = $252.12 per month

    This is not including destination charge.....salesman quoted me $420s, is he just giving me a ridiculous price or am I doing something wrong in my calcs?? Don't want to look like an idiot.

    Thank you, Michael

    July 14
  • renwick2
    Hi, thanks for all your help so far with my questions on the Mazda lease.

    I'm heading out tomorrow to test drive and negotiate, and want to make sure I have as much info as possible.The Mazda lease deal is $239/mo for 36/12,000 based on a MSRP of $19595 + $835 destination fee and -625 Mazda lease support. So the cap cost is $19,600. I'm going to offer 10,000 mi instead of 12,000, which you said would lower the monthly payment about $7.

    I've found a Mazda advertised for $18,821 (MSRP $20,475 - $1654 "savings" from the dealer), and am hoping to get $800 for a trade-in. Does this mean the monthly lease payment is lower, because the cap cost is lower? Or, since this is a Mazda advertised lease deal, will l still have to pay $239 at any dealer, no matter what price I negotiate?

    In general, what I need to know is if it's even worth negotiating since this is a lease deal?
    July 13
  • sfhome4you
    Hi Michael,

    I really like the F Pace S model and I'm in negotiations on a 36/12 lease. The Residual is $34,233, and the MF Rate is . 000181 guessing this is not a Good MF?
    July 12
  • bluecarmd
    I'm new on the forum and on this site so please bear with me.
    I'm trying to negotiate a lease (39 mo/12K miles) on an Infiniti Q50 3.0 AWD with premium plus package, driver assist and maple interior. I've been quoted a price of $48,195 and lease payment of $445.53 with $4000k down. I have no idea how to determine whether this is a good deal or whether to shop around to multiple dealers, although I would prefer dealing with one in NJ. I live in New York. I would appreciate your advice on how to use the numbers you provide on the forum for residual value and money factor to analyze any deals I am offered and to help me to negotiate a better one.
    Thank you in advance for helping a new car leasee!!
    July 10
  • soflalease
    Also looking for MF and Residual for 2016 QX60 FWD and QX50, 36 and 39 month and 12k and 15k for each....Florida as well, thank you much!!

    July 9
  • joemitchell
    Hello Michaell,

    We're considering leasing an Audi Q5 3.0T Premium Plus in the Austin, TX area. A friend just bought a similar car and they convinced her to finance with a balloon payment, to avoid paying sales tax twice. Can you advise on pros/cons of lease vs balloon?

    Thanks very much for your help and your time.
    July 6
  • chinny23
    Hi Michaell,
    I am trying to determine if leasing a 2017 Volvo XC 90 R-design. IS WORTHWHILE.

    MSRP 66510
    CAP COST 65510
    MF .00169
    residual 10/36: 60%
             10/24: 69%
    I'm in Texas. I'm also looking to do one pay lease and was told the MF is .00021. Is it better to go withe 24/month lease since the residual is higher?

    July 5
  • greystallion
    Hi Michael, 

    I had a question regarding your response in the Audi lease forum...what is an MDS and did you think the deal of 500/month with 1600 down was a good deal? I appreciate your response and time. 
    July 5
  • justme2016
    Hi there,

    What is the MF for a 2016 428i GC at 12K miles? The car has 6500 miles. The MSRP is $50395. Selling price is $45500. Residual (61%) with depreciation for the miles is $29844. $2K down payment. Monthly payments of $475. Is this a good deal? Also, how much should the car be discounted with 6500 miles on it already?

    June 29
  • gregboyle
    Hi Michaell,
    I'm looking for MF and residual for 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, 6spd. 24/15k
    Thank you very much!
    June 27
  • pike2
    Hello,I'm new here and need your advice. Need the MF and residual for 2017 Elantra Limited Automatic. Mrsp 25960. Also how do you know the dealer is giving you the base mf? Thanks for your time and efforts.pike2
    June 26
  • tomdisalvo
    Thanks for all of your help. I hammered the lease forums and you covered all of my questions within 13 hours. I appreciate the inside information, now to go start negotiating a lease.

    Have a good weekend,
    June 25
  • solidoussnk
    Thanks. Is the first term correct? .00023 or is it .0023 I get an APR of .55% with the former.
    June 15
  • c3po33
    Michaell did you mean to say:

    It's better to go with a higher trim level, then option up a lower one since options are not reflected in the residual value when you said "It's better to go with a lower trim level, then option it up"

    June 9
  • solidoussnk
    June 3
  • edgeskeez
    Hi Michaell

    Could you provide the number for a 2016 chevrolet spark ev for 36/10 in southern california?
    June 1
  • ramirejs
    Hi Michaell, wondering if you have MF and RV figures for the 2016 CX-9. Yesterday I went to a local dealer in Arlington TX, they offered me a 39/15K lease with a MF = 0.00159, RV=57%. That's what they showed me on their screen; however, they were reluctant to show me the binder with the Mazda figures for RV and MF. Suspicious about why they did not want to show me the listings. Wondering if those figures above are fair? My credit score is 812, and the car was a CX-9 Touring with premium package.
    May 31
    • Michaell
      We don't yet have the lease numbers for the new CX-9 ... perhaps in June.
    • ramirejs
      Thanks, will wait then. Just one question: I found that the sales manager was reluctant to show me the lease rates they have at that moment, why do you think they do not want to show me that? Are there any incentives gor the dealer to give higher MF and low residuals?
  • 12mgs20
    Looking at a 2016 GTI S, automatic in NJ. Sale price is 26,500. Lease terms are 56 residual, .00130 MF, 3 yr/15k per year. with 0 down payment is 399. with 2,000 down payment is 375. Are these good deals?
    May 27
  • jjgtanos
    Hey Michaell,

    I would appreciate some information on a 2016 WRX PREMIUM 6 SP Manual MF/RES for 36/10k 36/12k in CA 94523

    Thanks you much!

    May 25
  • lar60
    I noticed you are in CO. I live in CA but need to help my son just graduating college in Denver and starting a job there in buying or leasing a new car. Here are my questions: 1) speaking with Audi, BMW and Subaru dealership in both Denver and Boulder. Any thoughts on dealerships? If it was you, would you steer your kid towards A3 quattro, 320 xi, or Subaru, not sure which model if you're looking for best bang for buck, safety and reasonable payment, ie $350 +/- $50? I think all these manufacturers have college grad programs. should I expect MF rates any better than the base rates? Purchase will be early June.

    Thank you
    May 25
  • fastancurious
    Hi Michaell,

    I am a New poster and may have posted my question as a comment by error.

    My question was, what is money factor and residual numbers on 2016 300s 36/10k 24/10k in FL thanks.

    As well how does one lease through Ally if car is at and owned by dealership?

    Thank you

    May 21
  • billgasser
    I got a quote on 2017 A4 premium Quattro. Net price including taxes 45,287. With MF .00224 and RV 28,809. Dealer said MF was set by Audi Finance. Seems high. Is he telling me the truth or should I look around? Thank you
    May 20
  • jfullam1
    Hi Michaell - First off, I'm a total newb with respect to this forum, as well as leases, so my apologies for a possible wonky request. However, I'm currently contemplating a lease for a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport S. I'm in CT and would be looking to purchase with manual transmission. As for the lease, would be looking to do a 36 month lease, at 12k miles a year. Would you be able to provide the RV and MF? Greatly appreciated.

    May 17
  • keithwa
    Hi Michael, You seem very knowledgable when it comes to leasing etc. I'm in WA state and looking to lease a Honda Accord EX-L. I'm getting pricing of $26,999, but that doesn't include the lease cash. Looking at a 15K/36 month lease. What is a good lease payment w/ $0 down?
    May 16
  • mdubdroid3
    sorry to be annoying..can i get the 15 Edge Titanium/Sport FWD/AWD rates in NorCal? seeing a few dealers being aggressive, but dont have latest #s to confirm their estimates. thanks!
    also, would you know Acq Fee? they are listing it at $640.
    AWD Sport I just got, they are using 53% rv, .75 mf%
    May 14
  • rdxlover
    Hi Michaell - Would you please provide me with the RV and MF for a Mercedes GLA250 in San Diego. Lease terms are 36 months and 15 miles per year. Thank you!
    May 13
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