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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • bluecarmd
    Looking for help with lease in NY for Infiniti Q50 3.0 AWD premium plus with driver assist. 39 mo lease with 12K miles. Hope to buy at the end so price is important.
    Quoted price of $48, 195 and lease price of $455.53 with 4K down. How do I determine if this is a good deal.
    Thank you for your help.
    July 10
  • kyfdx earned the 250 Answers badge.
    Is there *anything* you don’t know?
    June 28
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    You received 250 LOLs. Looks like you're popular around these parts.
    June 24
  • scd1121
    Hi - Looking for MF and residual on a 2016 Silverado LTZ 4x4 short-box, June 2016 numbers in S. California.

    Thanks for any help.
    June 10
  • jayhawk93
    Can you give me the lease rate, and residual for a 2016 Ford Edge Sport, 10K/36mo in Texas? also is there lease cash available?
    June 9
  • barb2011
    Hi, looking for some info for a sale to be made in the next day or two. Can you spare a few minutes?

    Very odd. I was just down to some heavy numbers at a local OHIO dealer and he quoted MF as .0007
    That said, we talked and talked about the real price and then I showed him the Edmonds price that his own dealership had sent me with the "bar code" - and his face went blank. It was significantly lower on price than what he had just offered me.

    Bottom line, I would like an exl-nav possibly on a lease, possibly right out sale. Deal is EX-l, nav from stock is $28,913; and if they have to go to another dealer a "search" fee $29,306.
    On the paper work the MF is .0007 on regular EXL and 60 % and on the NAV EXL, 58% res with .0008. It's Ohio and the city/state combined tax is 7.25 percent.

    His monthly with 15k and NO DOWN seemed all over the place... but aiming at 400. Frankly, when we finally had the Edmonds price, we didn't get back to the "per month" ...So what would be reasonable
    June 6
    • barb2011
      I think I must have missed your comment on my request? Could you Thank you!
  • barb2011
    Thank you VERY much, Mr. KYFDX
    June 6
  • mddj4
    I did not know if I should wait for a response or message you directly. So I did both, lol.

    Buick Encore 1SL leather FWD
    What is the m/f, Residual value for 36/39 month lease with 10K / 12K? Are there any lease incentives? I also drive a non-GM lease. Thank you for the assistance.

    MSRP for the Buick Encore 1SL Leather that I posted yesterday is $30,715.00. Sorry, I left of the zip code 33166

    mddj4 Posts: 8

    June 2
  • solidoussnk
    May 26
  • solidoussnk
    MSRP is $42245
    May 25
  • airmoss18
    I'm not sure how you came up with that $426 number, but here is what I think the final deal should look like; if you can confirm that these look accurate, I'd appreciate it (even though you mentioned that you had no insight into lease rebates or money factor for the 2015 Edge Sport):
    MSRP: $48,775
    Initial cap cost: $44,442
    Ford rebates: $3500
    Adjusted cap cost: $40,942

    Money factor: .75% (.00031)
    Term; 36 months
    Miles: 36000
    Residual: 53% ($25,851)
    MN tax: 7.125%

    Monthly payment: ($440.25 + $31.42 tax) = $471.67

    Does that look correct to you?
    May 18
  • airmoss18
    Hey kyfdx, looking to verify some lease numbers in MN for a 2015 AWD Edge Sport.

    Should I still expect $2750 in base lease rebates + $500 lease conquest = $3250?
    Dealer is claiming $2500 is the base lease rebate on this car and that the lease conquest is only $250 ($2750 total); will you please clarify?

    Money factor at .5% (.00021), correct?

    36-month, 12k miles/year residual at 53%, correct?
    (Also curious to know if Ford has a 39-month lease that might be worth considering. If so, please let me know the residual for that term)

    I also coincidentally received an email from Ford this evening for a "Ford Exclusive $750 Cash Private Offer" that I can use at any dealership if I buy an Edge before the end of May; my dealership already told me that it is legit and I believe it can be added to the other incentives for a total of either $3500 or $4000 in rebates/incentives, depending on whether the base lease rebate on this 2015 Edge Sport is $2500 or $2750 and the lease conquest rebate is $250 or $500.

    If rebates/incentives are up to $4,000, my cap cost would be $40,442 on a MSRP of $48,775.
    If rebates total $3500 as dealer claims, my cap cost would be $40,942
    No cap cost reduction
    Plates and fees = $735 (pay at signing along with first month's payment)
    MN tax is 7.125%

    If total rebates are $4000, my monthly lease payment should be about $449, correct?
    And if total rebates are $3500, my monthly lease payment should be $464, correct?

    Thanks in advance!
    May 17
  • windgiver

    I just got a lease quote from dealer yesterday.
    Could you please advise if this is a deal on a 2016 GLE 350 AWD.
    MSRP: $61,185
    Selling price: $55, 164 (after applying for Chase employee $2,000 discount)
    0 down payment, only pay 1st month payment + bank fee + DMV fee at front - around $2,000
    36 months/ 10,000 miles per year
    Monthly cost: $723.62 (incl tax) - NYC tax rate is 8.875%

    Thank you!!!
    May 13
  • nypedmd
    I have an offer on 2016 Q70 AWD base/premium, MSRP $54405, selling price $50,621.58. 39 mo, 12k/yr, $2426 due at signing in New Jersey. $586.33 month. Don"t know current MF/residuals/rebates etc. Good price?

    May 7
  • unknowjoe
    What is the MF and residual for a 2016 jeep grand cherokee high altitude overland. 36/15k and 24/15k in new jersey May 2016 numbers 
    May 6
  • jtbaer
    Oh I forgot to add the lease is for 10k. thanks so much !
    April 22
  • jtbaer
    Hi I was hoping to get the MF and residual on 2016 340i for april? thanks so much
    April 22
  • bliss155
    answers from the post in the Lexus IS forum:
    MSRP: 37,325
    Dealer invoice: 34,713
    delivery fee: 950.00
    total invoice: 38,959
    total dealer invoice: 36,757
    It's for our daughter and we are trying to get her monthly payment down. It's (the $$$) what we expect to sell her current car for.
    April 21
  • acflyguy18
    Just posted in the Legacy forum. Was hoping I could get the numbers for a 16 Legacy Limited, with eyesight, all the options. Believe its popular package 4. MF from the dealer is saying .0009 but I was told .0004 by another dealer about 10 days ago. Residuals I am seeing are the same, really just curious about MF. Also, don't know if region matters but I am in Dallas TX. Suppose to sign sometime tomorrow, but might hold off until I get the MF numbers straight.

    April 21
  • benibarra23
    Would love some help on this question and you seem like your a great help.

    Wondering if I have room to work with on this deal. I do have a Friends and Family Discount I can use. Seems a little high to me considering the discounts I should be getting.

    MSRP $53,185.00
    Sale Price $48,916.00
    Rebates $2500
    Cash Down $2500

    Monthly payment $476.58 + Tax = $519.47
    Residual 30,847.30
    Money Factor Rate .00054
    10k miles a year
    36 months
    April 18
  • mhark90
    From browsing the website you seem like a great person to ask! My car was totaled from hail- I got $9k for it and I would like to use that money to lease something to get me through the next 2-3 years. I had a VW Eos, I would've bought it over and over again if they were still making it. I began my lease search at MINI, they had a convertible that started at $26k so I thought it would be pretty reasonable to lease. I then went on their website to calculate cost and it was WAY higher than I was expecting. My questions are:
    - If I could do a one pay lease if the manufacturer has gap insurance should I do that? (I don't want to have a car payment- I would rather just pay the whole thing off)
    - Any info on money factor and residual value for the convertible?
    We have USAA and dealer said they are doing a 1k credit starting tomorrow. I am in Texas.

    Know they've got a promo on the hardtop for 209/mo which doesn't sound so bad but if I could make the convertible work I'd rather.

    April 14
  • bass123

    This may be a redundant post (I apologize), but I was wondering what is the money factor and residual for 2016 X6 xdrive 5.0 and X6 M, 36 month, 15K/yr? Thanks
    April 7
  • sandy_16
    MSRP 26,640, cap cost 25,900 and additional 1,900 in rebates
    March 30
  • jzn8205
    Can you please tell me the MF for VW Golf R lease in VA for March, 2016? Thank you!!
    March 28
  • aredlex
    Could use some help, really frustrated. Would you know the MF and RV on 2016 Lexus GS F Sport AWD with 15,000 miles a yr for 36 mos or what would be the best term 24/36/39 I'm looking to do little or no money out of pocket. I'm in New York, Thanks in advance!
    March 18
  • poyol89
    Hi,the best monthly payment for lease C300 MSRP 49550,12K/36 with 9%tax,thank you 
    March 15
  • madmax700
    Hello. Can you give me the one pay money factor and residual on a 2016 GLA250 front wheel drive.

    24/30/36 months w/ 10k & 7.5k

    Thanks so much!
    March 14
  • kyfdx changed his profile picture.
    March 4
  • kyfdx changed his profile picture.
    March 4
  • kimcfadd
    Hi, Saw that you seem to be the go to person for this request. I'm looking for the money factors and residuals for a 2015 Grand Cherokee 4x4 Altitude and Linited, 12K miles / 36 mos.? I live in Ca. (not sure if that matters).

    Thank you for your time.
    February 6
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