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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • lele2008
    Hello kyfdx
    I got a lease quote for Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4 Matic , I am at North CA, SF area
    List Price $49875
    Case Due $3000 36month /12k
    Monthly Pay $550 tax included
    Is this a good deal? Deal said I need to close the deal today.
    Thanks for your help!
    June 24
  • tohondaornot
    Hello kyfdx
    Can you please provide both the money factor and residual % for the 2018 Honda Accord EX-L in Ft. Lauderdale FL as of June 2018? Thank you.
    June 24
  • renen8770
    Can you please provide the MF, residual, & incentives for 2018 NX300 36/15, in South Florida
    June 19
  • savajo15
    So appreciative of the assistance...

    2018 Discovery HSE LUX


    Zip 77055.

    MF and Res.?
    Any incentives?
    June 18
  • atxcargirl
    I’m trying to get rid of negative equity and read that a lease is the way to go. I’m in Texas and want to know what the residual is on a Infiniti Q60 Red Sport and how to determine how much a payment would be with the negative equity in the equasion assuming car is around 55k.
    June 16
  • michaelp1901
    Hello, thank you for your suggestion of rust on the surface of rotors that collects over night. Will tell my mechanic. Thanks again
    June 14
  • flickerprods
    Hey kyfdx! Thanks for all the help you provide on the forums. My boss is going to get a XC90 Inscription this weekend. Could you share what are the lease/money factor/residual for June?

    Also is there a reason to wait till July/August for summer blowout deals?

    Thanks again.

    June 13
  • shredline
    Hi KYFDX,

    I'm looking at buying or leasing a 2018 430i GC with 8k miles on it (former courtesy car). I see a purchase interest rate from BMW of .9%. Should I be getting a CPO warranty also as the car is at a BMW Dealer? If I lease the car, what is the MF and residual (I'm in zip 92130)? The MSRP is $46,895, but I'm getting it for much less than that. Thanks for your help
    June 13
  • tampahoosier
    Hi! I saw that you were posting lease pricing on Ford Explorers as recently as April 2018, I was hoping you could give me some numbers if able?? I’m looking for the money factor and residual value % on a 2018 Ford Explorer Limited in Ruby Red with Std 3.5L V6, sunroof, upgraded 20" polished aluminum wheels, class III tow. Lease terms would be 3yr/12k and I’m in Tampa, FL. Zip is 33572. Thank you!
    June 12
  • sks2018
    Hi, can I please have the RV and MF for 2018 GLC 350e, 10k/36months in NY? Also, what are the current incentives?
    June 6
  • gmaxxxx

    I'm sorry to bother you but I have a question on purchasing a 2018 BMW X3 m40i.

    I'm going with a cash purchase coming from an Infiniti SUV and do have Costco executive membership and possible fleet pricing through my company.

    I'm going to buy the above in NY.

    I got offered a Sapphire black one with premium package, driving assistance, wireless charging, and HK radio for $54,000.

    Is this a good deal or do you think I could go a little bit lower. I'm looking to purchase the m40i within the upcoming 2 weeks.

    I appreciate your help.

    June 5
  • brinty2
    Hello -

    I messaged with you last month regarding a 2018 Range Rover Sport and you were super helpful to me in terms of the numbers etc. As a result of that, I learned of 2 dealers in my area that should never be consulted and a fleet buying/leasing service that is fantastic. My question to you is: is there any value in me mentioning this fleet service because they deal in all makes/models?

    Just trying to give back so that all can benefit.

    Let me know.

    June 4
  • ruking1
    Yes, want to post an interesting business insider piece that can affect diesels
    May 31
  • ruking1
    Lol! Not for now.
    May 30
  • ericzou
    May 28
  • swinglife
    Hi Kyfdx,

    Net Capitalized Cost: $44329.87
    Residaul: $24,949.60

    I get Depreciation of $496.93 and Interest of $2.08 with MF:0.00003/ Residual 52% (MSRP: $47980)

    What did I missed? I just want to make sure I fully understand lease calculation.

    Thank you.
    May 24
  • carcrazyscott
    Good afternoon. Looks like you're the go-to person for leasing info on new cars and trucks! Thanks for the help! Knowledge is power. Anyway, I'm looking at a 2018 F-150 Super Crew 4x4 5.0ltr or 3.5 EcoBoost with the Lariat or King Ranch packages. Average discount in this part of the country for these is about $9-10K. May I get the residuals for 24/12, 24/15, 36/12 and 36/15? Much appreciated! I know this stuff changes...
    May 17
  • breen1
    Thank you for the info you provided on the Mercedes gls 
    May 16
  • celtics
    May 13
    • celtics
      Is this a good lease
  • davidtrd
    Thank you very much for providing the MF/residual information for the Tundra! It's a big help. :)
    May 11
  • spartanjg
    Hello. Can you please tell me the May 2018 RV and MF for an Explorer Platinum, 36/12, in 48009? Also, has this changes since April 2018?

    Thank you!
    May 2
  • stuartgene53@hotmail.com
    What is the RV & MF for 2018 Volvo XC60 T6 AWD R-Design w/polestar 36/7500? Pricing and lease payment in NYC? Any Deals/Incentives? Thanks.
    April 29