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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • andy365
    Did anyone get $3,500 in lease bonus cash on Acura TLX with Technology or Advance Package ($3,000 on TLX Base). what is the best deal for lease on Acura TLX with technologu package.
    November 22
  • tomy3
    Did you read my question regarding the use of the certificate value in the leasing process/ negotiation? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
    November 22
  • tomy3
    Can I use the Total Price value on the Edmunds Certificate as a good target for a cap cost in a lease deal? As an example, I received a cert #1573TYYA1121 for a 2018 Jeep JK Unlimited Altitude -MSRP of $45,300 and a Total Price of $40,810. Is the $40,810 unreasonable (too low) for starting a lease discussion?
    November 22
  • johnbaonp
    Sorry for my ignorance but can you please show me where the Edmunds price tools? Thanks.
    November 19
  • qumranbc1
    Hello...Do you have the current mf and residual for Guilia?
    November 16
  • carlie2018
    Hello there Kyfdx,

    What are the 2018 Cadillac XT5 Luxury AWD (1SD) residuals and money factors for 36/10 and 39/10?

    I am working with a dealer in Jersey who is offering me:
    2018 New Cadillac XT5 4D Wagon Luxury AWD (1SD) (6NH26) with 2200 miles
    MSRP: $52190.00
    Disc.: $-8401.72
    Cost: $43788.28

    Tax: $3044.68
    Dealer Documentation: $498.00
    Registration Fee: $401.00
    Other Fees: (?) $175.15
    Wast Tire Mgmt Fee: $7.50
    Subtotal: $47914.61

    So, $4500 down to cover above including first month payment of $385.92.


    Thanks :) Carlie
    November 14
  • bigalaska
    Greetings from the far north. Our 2015.5 XC60 AWD T6 lease expires next month. Looking at either a 2018 XC60 or SC90. Have top credit rating. Please provide MF/RV/Incentives, etc. for:

    2018 XC60 Momentum T5 AWD, (Convenience/Vision/Advanced/12.3" Nav/Heated seats/20" wheels/Protection), 36mo/10000miles, MSRP $51,955

    2018 XC90 Momentum Plus T6 AWD, (Convenience/Heated seats/Protection), 36mo/10000miles, MSRP $65,500

    from what I see online, it looks like the Swedens Greetings promotion provides incentives/allowances for the XC90 but not the XC60? - so the lease cost for the XC90 may be less than the XC60?

    this far north, the XC60s sell before they even reach the lot. Whereas there are 8 or 9 XC90s on the lot. Should we expect a better capitalized cost for the XC90 - since they appear to be in lower demand than the XC60?

    thanks for your help!
    November 14
  • jimdd
    Good Morning. I'm gaming out a 2018 Altitude 4z4 lease in Upstate NY. I'm seeing a MF of .00061 and residual of 55% on a 39/10. Is that reasonable?


    November 6
  • dhop
    Kyfdx, Can I get the MF and RV for 2018 JGC Altitude package 4x2 36mos/12k. So Calif?
    Would you recommend leasing one of the 2017's left or go with a 2018? more incentives w 2017's but is the MF RV that much better w 2018's
    October 30
  • daw2014
    I just gave back my 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited with power moon roof, navigation and am leasing a 2017 GCL with the same as above but with blind side. MSRP is $44075. I use to pay $435 39/10 no money down and included my taxes and now I will pay $415 for 39/10 + $292 for DMV. I think this is a great deal since I had 3 more payments left of $435. The original payment should of been $450, but my father ended up paying the difference since I was haggling so much it was driving him crazy and he just wanted to leave.... This is in Manhattan/NYC.
    Do you think it is a good deal??
    October 15
  • lrc300
    Hi kyfdx,

    I would really appreciate if you would provide the October MF and RV for Mercedes 2018 C300 RWD and 2018 CLA 250, both 

    I am also very interested in hearing what you would consider the best discount (percentage off) on MSRP 

    Thank you! 
    October 12
  • textmemaybe
    Can I get the MF and Residual on a 2018 Lexus NX 300t AWD w/ Premium Package for 36mo/10K miles and 36mo/12K miles? I reside in Northern California/Greater Sacramento Region. Thank you in advance!
    October 10
  • rcampos17
    Hi K, trying to lease a S450 2018 already got 8% dsct on msrp, what do you Think os the best dsct incannget from dealer (Mercedes benz of Miami) also what is the best MF for a tier1 client with 830 credit score, i sae you post MF 36/15k is 0.00095, also  can i lower the money factor with auto payments, msrp is 107k i am thinking to give $10k total oit of pocket, let me know if we can have monthly payment $1k including Taxes
    my best rgds
    October 8
  • dhop
    Hi Kyfdx, Need your Help! Narrowed down to'17 Lexus GX 460 or Ford Explorer Sport? Can you please let me know the MF & RV for the '17 Lexus GX 460 Luxury model? 36mos/12k miles, live in Orange County, CA.
    The Luxury MSRP $65,360 is the only model that offers the Auto 3rd row controls instead of manual.

    *What is the absolute MINIMUM drive off I can negotiate- Doc Fee, Acq Fee, License & Registration Calif? (don’t like to put money down on leases)
    Confirm any current lease cash incentives..$3k?
    Thank you!
    Busy Mom trying to Lease a car

    Need the Same information for the Ford Explorer Sport w 401A packages MSRP $51,695
    October 4
  • cpaohio
    Can you please tell me the residual and money factor for 2017 Range Rover Sport Supersharged 5.0 lease of 36 month for the new 4th quarter rates that came out today? its for 12K miles. I know Sept rates were .00145 and 54% for the 12K miles. Thanks!
    October 3
  • hritz90
    Hi kyfdx,
    I am looking into a 2017 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV. It has 22K miles on it and was previously a rental vehicle. The dealership has the their market price listed at almost 17K for it. Car fax indicates it is a good deal as there were no reported accidents. It also says it is certified, although Im not certain how much of a difference that makes? Do you think this is a fair deal, how low do you think I can get them to agree on? (Considering if I did a 60mo loan)
    Thank you in advance.
    October 1
  • guill1234
    what is MF and RV for the 2018 Mazda CX-9 touring and grand touring 12k/36 months?
    September 29
  • sjacob914
    Thank You for the quick reply kyfdx. Is it .00188 MF and 61% residual for an Audi A5 Sportback premium as well?
    September 29
  • rsmith111
    hey thanks for the quick reply,

    whats the amg c63 sedan at

    rv and mf


    September 28
  • ncsailing
    Hello, I am looking for the September 2017 MF and lease terms for VW GTI, Autobahn. 3/30 and 3/36.
    September 28
  • katarina3
    I would like your recommended purchase price and lease terms for the following: 2017 Volvo V60 R-Design Platinum in the SF Bay Area? I am interested in Purchase Price, Residual and Money Factor(translated to interest rate).
    September 23