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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • rosie1523
    Hi! How does this look. It’s 3years/10k on a 2018 RX350. $1250 down. 
    April 20
    • rosie1523
      I forgot to mention monthly payment would be $546. before taxes.
  • rosie1523
  • elie_rg
    Hi sir,

    Can I get residual and MF numbers for a 4Runner Off-road 2018 (non-premium). I'm in South Florida, zip code 33009. My Experian fico is 762 and Transunion is 780. Thinking of leasing for 36months, 12K miles.
    Thank you in advance,

    April 16
  • wokbnj80
    What is the official source for the MF and RV information? Is there anything I can quote to the dealer if he tries to raise the MF (or lower the RV). Thanks
    April 11
  • walle22
    HI - can you help me out? I have 6 more pymts of $325 on a 2016 SE Sport Edition and only have 17500 miles on it. Does it make sense to turn in through the pull ahead deal or wait until October? I am looking to lease a jetta se auto possibly on the 7500 mile lease. I was given these numbers if I turn in now : sale price 18605; net cap cost 20,860; 36 pymnts of $325". Thanks so much!
    April 11
  • kontiki

    Can you provide money factor and RV for both a 2018 RR Supercharged Dynamic and a RR HSE Dynamic. 36 months, 12.000 miles per year in Rhode Island. dealer is quoting .00241 and 57% for the SC Dynamic and .00241 and 58% for the HSE Dynamic.

    Thanks much.
    April 9
  • leasack
    For some reason the 2018 Acadia lease forum has closed for questions/inquiries. Is this something that you can change? If not I'm looking for numbers for 2018 Acadia SLT 24/12, 60076.

    April 8
  • burning_rubber
    I am looking at leasing the golf R and and told the MF is .00244. why is this so high compared with other models?
    April 5
  • cruzin_soho
    MF and Residual for XSE 4cy/6cy 36/12 in Nebraska, 68128.

    Current deal I am working:
    MSRP $36,867 XSE V6
    Neg. Sale Price $31,965 after all fees and rebates
    Tax rate 5.5%
    Where should I be for payment?
    April 5
  • robert279
    MSRP 39726/online sale price
    residual value 36/12,000 $25,424.64/64%
     gross capitalized cost $40,0125/$399?
    capitalized cost reduction (rebates, etc) $500 military/equity $568.52
    $500 adjusted capitalized cost $39.056,36 depreciation amount $13.631,72
    base payment $378,65
    rent charge (tier 1 interest 720 and up) 7.03/.000180
    pre tax lease payment $385,68
    sales tax 3.25% (add roughly $33 a month) $1.253,46
    Due at signing: first months payment

    this will be my first lease. Thank you for any help. 
    March 28
    • robert279
      Location is Oklahoma and for a highlander xle. Sorry forgot to include that.
    • robert279
      Location is Oklahoma and for a highlander xle. Sorry forgot to include that. Thank you again.
  • michelecartalk
    Hi! I would like to lease the 2018 Subaru Limited- fully loaded- with the Eyesight-Moonroof with Navi package. I live in South Florida. What stats can you provide?


    March 27
  • solahai
    Hi there,

    My name is Hamid, and I am a Ph.D. student in Marketing at the Concordia University, Canada.

    I wonder if it is important for dealers to sell either cash or lease/finance. Do you think it could be a good topic of research to predict how many cars would be sold by any type of purchase payment?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards.
    March 21
  • jaglease
    I'm looking at leasing a 2018 4 cylinder F type (automatic) coupe in Boston area
    for 36 months and 12,000 miles per year.
    Can you give me the residual and money factor ? I haven't lease before
    March 19
  • nightowl78
    The deal is in South Florida and yes it is a true $0 out of pocket deal with $277 per month before taxes. The first payment is also included in the $0 due at signing. Should i pull the trigger?
    March 20
  • jtgiglio
    Good afternoon,

    I was reading a few other similar posts here as I am looking to get a 2018 Sierra Denali 1500, Crew, 4x4, Ultimate in the next week or so before the 4/2/18 promotion deadlines. Here are the details I have/need:

    MSRP: $64,545
    Sale Price: $55,200 (MSRP less $9,345 discounts listed on dealer site)
    Sales Tax: 7%
    Zip: 33701
    Residual: ???
    Money Factor: ???

    Term: 36 mos.
    Mileage: 12k/yr.
    Cap Cost/Down: $1,000
    Monthly Payment: $??? (incl. tax)

    I am seeing residuals @62% and MF @.00125 resulting in pmt of $554.00. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for a quick response!
    March 20
  • newmilford
    kyfdx, Need an opinion. I've been leasing a CRV. Time to reup. However I'm torn on continuing a lease on a car that I put 8000 miles a year on yet have to lease at the 12K level due to Honda not doing lower mileage. With the new CRV having all latest safety equip maybe no need to stay on a leasing program verse a purchase? I know it's personal preference but any fiscal thoughts on this 8K annual mileage at 12K pricing?
    March 2
  • bsand0623
    Hello- What is the MF and Residual for 2018 RR Sport HSE. 36/15k or 39/15k, whichever the best term?
    West Palm Beach, FL. Thanks!
    February 25
  • exclusiv_range
    Hello, can I please have the numbers for a 18 RR Sport HSE Dynamic V6 Supercharged, whatever the best term please 39/10, 39/12, 39/15. Miami, FL. The HSE Dynamic is a V6 NOT V8
    February 24