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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • exclusiv_range
    Hello, can I please have the numbers for a 18 RR Sport HSE Dynamic V6 Supercharged, whatever the best term please 39/10, 39/12, 39/15. Miami, FL. The HSE Dynamic is a V6 NOT V8
    February 24
  • mnrobertb
    Dealer quoting a MF of .00065 for Lexus GX460 Prem AWD in 55379 for 36/12. Says that's coming direct from LFS and never have seen MF at .00015. Seems fishy to me based on other reported MFs on this board. Residual was correct at 60%

    Should I run?
    February 22
  • cenglish1
    Hi- Looking for MF and residual for '18 Traverse FWD LT w/comfort and convenience. 36 months 15K and 12K miles. Zip is 08075. Thanks
    February 21
  • cdoc2018
    Hi there--I'm new to this. Zip 94402. Just got a dealer quote for a 2018 T6AWD Inscription and got a $925.01 payment. Seems high! Residual is 37,845.90 and MF rate of .00150.

    Can you help me do better?
    February 21
  • Mitchell
    Hi, Looking for MF & Residual on a Sport 2018 CX 9

    February 20
  • mnsbowen
    Looking for So Fla. numbers.  2018 LT 39/12.
    February 16
  • bubbie11
    Can you please provide the reidual and mf for a 2018 c43 coupe for 36month/12k or 15k in south florida. MSRP is around 63k
    February 14
  • microspot80
    Hi I am new here and looking at a dodge durango, can you provide mf and residual for GT with Navigation, MSRP is $41680, its the RWD model. I am looking at 36, 39 or 48 whatever will provide the lowest monthly payment. 12k or 15k in FL. Thanks
    February 14
  • sardine1861
    Thanks for the quick response on my Chicagoland Q5/sq5 Inquiry. 

    Any insight as to why the Prestige has a lower residual?


    February 10
  • tomax
    Recently leased a demo BMW X1 M sport+ for $455/month for 12K in NY/NJ, only 1st month out of pocket,was MSRP of $47,795. $6800 discount plus $3000-3750 in rebates (they said the extras $750 was a mistake, but they accounted for it). They waived the 1 payment I had left, but warned they are much stricter on lease return extra costs that I may be liable for, ie: overage in mileage-definitely and possible tire and scratches . Was happy overall, but did purchase some extras that I'm not sure about. The maintenance + at $600, as BMW maintenance is 3x36 and now covers oil changes and little more. I researched afterwards & it looks like only brakes/wiper are the extras for $600. Is that worth keeping or should I cancel it? Also, extra Wear and tear for $900 for a $1000/item $5,000 max plan. Said tires alone could easily eat that up and BMW is being very strict. As a result I am paying $487 +another $650 out of pocket. Any comments on the deal and if these extras make sense. Thanks.
    February 8
  • damon4611
    This has been eye opening to read and learn from your forum… Can you help me with the deal laid out below. What do you work up with both 36/12 Chrysler capital lease.

    2018 1500 Express Quad Cap 4x4- Zip 14450

    MSRP- $41,230
    -Rebates - $7,500
    +Negative Equity – 6k
    =Sales Price – $39,730
    Tax, Title Fees - $2k
    Out the Door- $41,730

    January 25
  • nfshubert
    I live in Northern NJ. I was quoted $599 a month For 39 months @ 12K miles. Packages include premium and premium plus. Only money down is first payment. What info do i need to find out if this is a good deal? Thank you! I’ve never leased before so this is all new
    January 24
  • scoobie123
    Lease Question on a 2018 JL Rubicon - I am new to leasing and am trying to calculate an approximate lease payment. I am confused about msrp and base price. Jeep.com returns the following on a build I did: MSRP* $40,495, Added Options $9,485, Destination Charges $1,195. I use MF of .00125 (Florida) and 7.5% Sales Tax. Am I not calculating Gross Cap Cost correctly because I didnt add in Options?

    sticker Px MSRP 40495
    Residual Value percentage 0.65
    Residual Value 26321.75
    Negotiated Selling Price 38495
    Fees 1195
    Gross Capitalized Cost 39690
    Capitalized Cost reduction 2000
    Adjusted Capital Cost 37690
    Depreciation Amount - Adj Cap Cost -Residual Value 11368.25
    Add Negative Equity on BMW 10000
    Depreciation Plus Negative Equity 21368.25
    Base Payment - Depreciation Amount /months of lease 593.5625
    Rent Charge - Adj Cap Cost plus residual value X money factor 80.0146875
    Pretax Lease payment - add rent charge to base payment 673.5771875
    Total Lease Payment pretax lease payment x tax rate 722.4
    January 23
  • lmcdearmid
    Hi ,

    I am interested in Leasing a 2018 SLC 300R

    Terms offered were Total cash price 57400

    No cash at signing
    36 months/10k was $788 a month

    these payments seem high , thoughts?

    Thanks !
    January 22
  • smaxgt11
    what is the current money factor and residual for KIA cadenza 2017 24,36, 12k Mile in southern California for tier 1+

    tech and limited

    January 18
  • tonypatel1
    Hello, can you please let me know what the MF, Residual % and best monthly payment you seen for a 2018 Audi A7?

    Locaition: Los Angeles, CA 90292
    10k miles
    36 month lease
    $0 down
    January 18
  • badtalthall419
    May I please have the MF and RV on Ram 1500 Night crew cab 4x4 for 27/10K and 36/10K in KY. Thanks in advance.
    January 14
  • jfitzgerald31
    MF, Residual, and Incentives for 36/15K
    California - 92618
    2018 Sorento
    - EX 2.0T
    - LX V6 3.3 AWD
    - LX FWD V6
    January 13
  • bigguns213
    Can you tell me MF and RV for 2018 C63 and C63S Coupe in Los Angeles 36/10? Do you have average discount in MSRP?
    January 7
  • jacquie5
    can you tell me the MF and RV for a 2017 Mercedes, 4Matic, C300, 36/10

    January 5
  • skieast
    kyfdx -

    Can you tell me MF and RV on 36/12 for both 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo E and Limited?

    January 4
  • agreen59
    Hi Kyfdx,

    Can you tell me how this deal looks?

    2018 BMW X5 sDrive 35i

    MF .00152; RV 59

    MSRP $64,545
    Discount $4,400
    Rebate $3,000
    Total Purchase $57,145

    Down Payment: $5,000 - $925 Bank Fee, $899 Dealer Fee, $500 tax/tag/title, $1,800 cash (whoops, rookie mistake - first time leasing), tax on cap reduction and fees $162

    Monthly Payment : $659 (including 6% tax)

    Thanks for your help!

    January 3
  • slove2007
    Good afternoon - any update on the 2018 S Class 560 RWD on 3yr/15k miles money factor and residual? MBFS running any cashback promos, etc??

    Really appreciate your help!
    January 3
  • 80edmunds
    hi Kyfdx,

    can you please give me the residual and money factor on the following vehicle at 36mo/12k lease in the zip code 91607 Los Angeles, CA?
    and if you have any advice on incentives or rebates in my area.
    thank you!

    2018 Volvo XC60 T6 Inscription
    the sticker price on the particular one i am interested in is $57,855
    January 3
  • jdouglas2
    Hello Kyfdx,

    residual value and money factor for 2018 Mercedes benz e43.

    Your help is much appreciated.
    Happy holidays.

    December 2017
  • clarence10
    Hi kydfx, I am looking at purchasing a used 2014 Lexus LS 460 AWD (Color and Options are TBD).

    My questions are as follows

    1. Where can I find the best deal on a used one? I am on Long Island in NY if that matters
    2. Can a Lexus dealership sell me one that is not L Certified?
    3. For after market warranties or Lexus specific extended warranties, can Lexus dealers outside of my state offer significant discounts on them?


    December 2017