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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe


  • danio8817
    Hi - trying to secure this deal post- Harvey in TX. Wanted your thoughts and to make sure the numbers looked right before I pulled the trigger. Has been hard to find 2018 with everything I wanted.

    2018 C Class Sedan

    MSRP w/ destination and delivery $49,225
    Sales Price $44,794
    Tax $671.91
    Acquisition Fee $1095
    License and Reg $342

    36 mo/10k Miles $558.07
    36mo/ 10k miles $ 571.10

    0 down- first payment and reg due at signing

    Salesman said buy rate is 0.00129
  • slanzit

    Can I please get the MF's and Residuals for a 2018 Q5 Premium with Navigation & Telematics package, Convenience package, Panoramic sunroof, and heated front seats?

    Year: 2018
    Make, Model, and Trim: Audi Q5 Premium - Navarra Blue metallic with Atlas Beige Interior
    Months/Annual Mileage: 36/10K
    State: Connecticut

    Thank you!
    September 10
  • shtirlets
    Any chance you have numbers (MF/Res) for Nissan Pathfinder SL with Tech.
    Thanks in advance,
    September 10
  • stingray23
    Hi. Do you have the sept. '17 lease numbers for 2017 JGC summit 4x4 and 2017 Trail Hawk? Any incentives? 36/12
    September 8
  • hydro13
    yes a T6
    September 2
  • builder2
    Asking about Jag f-pace btw...
    August 29
  • builder2
    All these lease deals and I see reduced pricing as such. What about an outright purchase of a 20d premium with an msrp say $54K? Is 2k off all I could expect? Near Sacramento, CA.
    August 29
  • myquest
    Can you give me the Residual percentage and MF for both Enclave and Envision, FWD 36/12? I currently lease a 2015 Enclave in zip 49746. Are there incentives?
    August 25
  • max80max
    Hi, I'm interested in leasing a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4 in Northern California. Is 36 or 48 months a better program for this vehicle? I'm looking at 12k/year.

    Can you please provide me with money factors and residuals?

    August 22
  • sobeit
    Thanks so much!!!
    August 22
  • nrenuga
    With MF .00063 as I am new with no credit history (6 months in US ) and Residual 53% as per dealer for 15K Miles.

    With this for MSRP $28,595, Lease Cash is 1750 and Down Payment 2000 for Tucson Sport AWD.

    The dealer is quoting 280~. I am not able to judge if this is right deal.
    August 17
  • pmannymo
    Thanks for your invaluable help on the forums. You help level the playing field and so many of us greatly appreciate that.

    I have used Edmunds to help me on, at least, the last 5 car purchases or leases I've made. While most people dread the process of getting a new vehicle, I love it since you empower us to be better informed.

    I am interesting in a Maserati Levante, but it's been interesting to see the very limited forum activity and lack of residuals and money factors. This brand is increasing market share exponentially. Since specific numbers aren't available, any general information would be helpful. Do the residuals generally keep up with their German counterparts? Reliability vs. the competitors? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    August 10
  • firstbenz2
    You seem to be very knowledgeable on this forum. Do you know the MF and residual on a P1 60K Mercedes? I'm new to leasing so I'm trying to figure out how much my payments should be.
    July 29
  • pumpscrap

    Durango RT, RWD, MSRP $45,175, Negotiated purchase price $38,500
    Dodge site says $364/Mo + Taxes, Title and Gov Fees. Dealer Has me at $420 + Tax?
    Can you tell me the money factor, residual value, and cap cost reduction?
    July 27
    • pumpscrap
      36 month / 10k miles
      guess im asking for residual value and money factor.
  • hillbilly77
    Yes sir, Payments-
    $5k down $257
    $4k down $280
    $3k down $310

    July 23
  • compgen25
    If possible looking for any lease info MF, residual, lease cash on a 12000/36 for a 2017 F250SRW XLT.  
    July 22
  • dcsai78
    Thank you for your prompt responses. You are a hero!

    Need your advice - the Kia dealers here in the Triangle region in NC, are advertising ~$31,320 on Kia Optima SXLs that have an MSRP of $37,090 on their website. Should I even try to ask to adjust the selling price to $27320, to account for the $4,000 lease cash. Asking as the usual dealer speak is "all listed prices include all incentives and rebates". Any insights will greatly help!

    Thanks again!
    July 20
  • samnewcar
    Confused about buy vs lease for a Porsche 911 4S coupe. Will likely exceed the 15K miles/yr by 2-3000 miles each yr. Also, my first time experimenting with a sports car. I have excellent credit. Am trying to figure out
    1. If I like the car: What is the downside to leasing now and buying at the end of 3 years vs. buying now
    2. If I don't enjoy the experience: Am I better off leasing and return with penalties for excess miles/wear and tear vs. trying to sell a car I bought and was paying off.

    July 20