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I need some pre-purchase inspection advice.

I'd rather have someone come inspect the Buick LeSabre I'm considering right there on the dealer lot, but I don't trust Carchex and SGS automotive, especially after looking them up on the Better Business Bureau and finding hardly anything on them online.

Do Goodyear, Firestone, Pep Boys, Precision Auto, any national place like them, do pre-purchase inspections?

Or better yet, can anybody here from Nashville, TN recommend a car inspection facility downtown?

Thanks in advance.


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    Firestone does inspections. You will have to drive it to their store, however, they won't come to the dealership. I have never had a dealer protest. If they did I would be very suspicious.
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    I've had a good experience with They do a 150 point pre-purchase inspection including a test drive. I was notified that the inspection report was available on-line shortly after the inspection was completed. The inspection report was a great tool for negotations.
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    How could any inspection service find ALL of the little bugs hiding in your used (pre-owned) car???
    I thought I was thorough looking for leaks (common problem with Buicks) and driving, Listening to weird noises and vibrations. Buy it, take it home, and I discover the famous dash lights and HVAC indicator lights and radio lights are burned out.

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    What did you expect from a Buick?
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