2010 Chevrolet Cobalt

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I saw this in Motortrend magazine. There is basic information on GM Insider posted here and also Motortrend. The current Cobalt is a very good car but it can only get better.


http://www.motortrend.com/future/spied_vehicles/112_0805_2010_chevrolet_cobalt_s- - pied/index.html

GM Insider below:

Chevrolet Cobalt: For about a year now it has been rumored that the Cobalt would receive a MCE in 2008 to keep it up with the competition. We have now heard that the MCE has been cancelled. Instead, an all-new Cobalt is set to arrive in the 2010 model-year. This car will have been developed world-wide, and will be sold world-wide. Aside from offering regular sedan/coupe models, GM will also have a high-styled coupe that is unique to the Cobalt line. This car will be used as competition against the Scion tC and Civic Coupe.


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    It seems pretty obvious that the success of the Malibu would mean that other Chevy cars would get a version of its styling. The current Cobalt is refined and a decent performer. Chevy would do well to improve on this even more. I'm hoping for even more performance availability like an Evo/STI fighter. I would love to see an AWD and maybe a hatch or wagon version. My big concern is whether or not they keep the "baby vette" look of the coupe. I have one and I love that look.
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    Unfortunately, the Cobalt as with many other brands cars get the best trouble free models a few years after first production. The highly praised Honda Civic had a few problems at its highly publicized release. It takes the consumers to basically bench test them for the manufactures and to report/discover problems that can be addressed.

    The next generation Cobalt will be out within 2-years and will share platforms with the Saturn Astra which is getting a lot of great press. I am sure the two door will continue in a sports car like appearance along with a possible hatchback like the Astra.
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    I agree with you about new designs. I would probably never buy the first year of a new car design because of those possible defects and also because of higher prices due to higher demand for a new model. I expect to have my car loan payed off in 2011 anyway so I will probably wait for good deals on remaining 2011's just like I did with my current car which, when I bought it, was a remaining 2007.
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