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2009 Murano LE Problems

nm29nm29 Member Posts: 2
edited May 2014 in Nissan
I bought a new 2009 Nissan Murano LE fully loaded. After just 3 weeks of driving the sunroof wouldn't open. I took the car to my dealer and they have placed an order for entire sun roof to replace and it is in back order. No one knows when it will come. Calling Nissan is useless as they just don't care. The Warranty is their answer. They don't compensate for the irritation of driving a $40000 car that is not fully functional and the indefinite waiting and commuting back and forth to the dealers to fix a problem that shouldn't have been there to begin with.


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    sixfivesixfive Member Posts: 45
    Good thing you didn't buy a Range Rover...
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    rjmjrjmj Member Posts: 1
    Two questions:
    Does anyone know if the 2009 Murano meet Canadian Standards re importing from the US?. I can't find the info on the RIV web site so if anyone has done this I would be greatly appreciative.
    Secondly, are there any negative issues with this model and year?
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    davidv935davidv935 Member Posts: 17
    Would Canadian standards require daytime running lights? Other than your odometer being in KM and the US version is in miles, someone told me daytime running lights are mandatory in Canada. Of course, I guess you could just turn them on all the time. What's the price difference now that the US dollar has lost so much of its value?
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    davidv935davidv935 Member Posts: 17
    The owners manual says not to worry if the light comes on, and to tighten the gas tank cap and the light will eventually go out. Since the 1st of March, I've had the light go on 3 times. The first time, it stayed on for 4 days after tightening the gas cap, while the second time the light stayed on for a week. This time, it went on the 27th of May and it's still on. The gas cap feels loose every time I fill up.
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    jo123jo123 Member Posts: 1
    I too had my service engine light come on and stay on for 2 days before I took it to my dealer. They told me that when you get gas you must twist your gas cap to the right until you hear 3 distinct clicks. It is not completely closed until that point and will tell the computer that gas is evaporating and will trigger the engine light to come on. No more problems with that any longer and very relieved that it was something soooo simple. Hope this helps.
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    davidv935davidv935 Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the advice - I will certainly try it. I've never counted the clicks, but am fairly certain there have been at least three. Too bad the computer doesn't get the message for so long that thinks are okay again. My Maxima did this once in 4 years, but this is getting annoying.

    Thanks again for your post.
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    ronswmronswm Member Posts: 9
    This is concerning the tire pressure on the 20" tires...my tire pressure light came on today...the inside dirver's door says to inflate to 33psi, but my light stayed on even after pumping them all to 34-35psi. I have the 20's, and I don't know whether this setting can be adjusted by me (us) or if the dealer can. The imprint on the tires says 44psi, though.
    Once I realized the light was still on, I inflated them all to 44psi, and it turned off.
    I don't understand why there's a difference between the tire label and the door label. :confuse:
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    kjsmittykjsmitty Member Posts: 25
    You should be running 33 psi, not 44.
    Whats on the tire has nothing to do with what's displayed within the door jam. The 44psi on the tire is the max safe pressure you can run in the tire under max load. The 33psi recommended by Nissan is the psi offering the best comfort, performance, and safety for the OEM size tire etc..

    Now, I don't know where you live but most likely the temperature dropped causing a 2-3 psi drop in your tires. This will set the TPMS off. You mentioned you filled the tires to 44 psi and the light went out - good. Now, once your tires are cold, as in wait for a while after being driven or in the morning etc., go out and lower each back to 33-34psi (COLD). Your TPMS light will remain off. The Mo TPMS is a very sensitive system (I have an 09 LE myself).

    Also, how far had you driven once you initially pumped them up to 33-35psi?? It can take up to 20-30 min of driving and/or several "on-offs" to reset the system/light etc..

    Good luck
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    ziggy123ziggy123 Member Posts: 1
    On my 2009 Murano the cruise control fails after driving about 100 miles. The green light remains on, but the cruise will not engage. Also, when I cut off the engine after driving this far, when I immediately turn it back on, the gear shift is locked and will not engage. I have to wait until the vehicle "cools down" and then I can put the car into gear. The dealer can't isolate the problem and says I will have to drive the car at least 100 miles and bring it to them. Anyone else have this problem?
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    ckmcgckmcg Member Posts: 1
    Well, at least your sunroof didn't spontaneously shatter while driving down the road like mine did!!!!!! I bought my LE murano on 07/08 and drove it for 9 days...all the sudden I heard a loud noise and heard my sunroof shatter above my head! I got out to see what the heck happened and sure enough, there was a hole in my sunroof.... (i had it completely closed at the time this happened). And I can promise you that it was a defect of the car.... it obviously just wasn't manufactured right... so Im now waiting on a back order sunroof to come in....the dealership told me that a new sunroof panel was being shipped to them by August 14...I can't believe this happened to my brand new car!
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    nm29nm29 Member Posts: 2
    Hope your sunroof issue gets resolved. The dealers fixed mine but the inner screen wouldn't work. They then ordered the entire assembly again and installed the sunroof and seem to work so far. Nissan doesn't seem to supply parts quickly - it is always in back order.
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