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2001 Acura MDX Trip Computer not working

ycmdxycmdx Member Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Acura
Hi, I am new here and need your help. The trip computer (LCD screen) in my 2001 MDX is not working (no light/display). I tried all the buttons nearby including the brightness control. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Yifan


  • yuripyurip Member Posts: 3
    Hi Yifan:

    I've exact the same problem... What did you do?


  • ycmdxycmdx Member Posts: 4
    I replaced the unit with a working one I got from eBay. It works fine now. Unfortuately, the newer one is a Canadian model that shows Km, liters, etc. Good luck!
  • yuripyurip Member Posts: 3
    Hmm - we may be able to help each other. I'm in Canada and just retuned from wreck yard - they have unit in US with miles and gallons + GPS but not regular one - do you want to switch?
  • ycmdxycmdx Member Posts: 4
    I do, but wondering how to complete the transaction.
  • johnessjohness Member Posts: 1
    The front fan blower on my 02 MDX quit completely. The rear blower works fine off the same switch. The fan is not bad; it hot wires ok. The fuse is not blown. I tried a used relay switch off an 00 Accord that I know is good, so I'm left thinking it's the switch, which is located in the Trip Computer. Any suggestions?
  • ycmdxycmdx Member Posts: 4
    it is likely that the trip computer has some control. my fan was back to work after i replaced it.
  • ae446cae446c Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I just bought MDX 2002 and in the middle of computer screen is a quarter size black mark-stein.This mark is from inside of the screen. Do I need buy whole new computer or I can some how fix it? Thanks for any help..
  • yuripyurip Member Posts: 3
    You may want to check scrap to make it easy
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