Propeller-like Sound while Driving the car

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I have a 2001 Cadillac Seville STS with 91,000 miles. Recently, while 'driving' the car there is a propeller-like sound that comes from the front half of the car. This sound comes up (or is audible) after the car is driving above 15 mph. The sound frequency/pitch increases & decreases with speed variance. Higher the speed, the more intense is the sound pitch. (It is somewhat similar to putting a card against the spokes of a bicycle and riding, except the sound is more like a propeller of a toy remote airplane). However, when the car is standing idle and I rev up the engine even to high rpm, there is NO sound. It comes up only when the car is driving. I ran the in-dash diagnostic and the problem code ABS C1287 came up, which perhaps is not related to this sound.
Any idea what the problem could be? Will appreciate your feedback.


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    Yep, that's a front motor mount. They are heavy oil-filled mounts and they retail for almost $300. each. Then you'll pay about five hours labour to get the old one out and the new one in.

    The motor mounts rubber exterior deteriorates, and then the oil leaks out, and then the mount does not stop the motor from torquing sideways, so the motor moves too much now, and the noise you hear is the engine grinding against other parts of the car, a vibrating noise, sort of propeller-like, if you will, under load. Once you are moving and the engine torque is minimized, the grinding and noise are non-existent. Get a $1000.00 bill ready. Why do Caddys have oil-filled motor mounts? Because that's how Caddy engineers designed the mounts to that the engine torque is so controlled and smooth and this translates into exceptionally smooth shifts between gears. No clunking as the engine torques through rpms. Great smoothness, but great repair costs. Isn't it just fun to drive a Caddy? I thought so too.
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    Well you bought the Cadillac for the smoothness, so you should expect replacement parts to cost more. OR, you should have bought a Chevy. At 100,000 miles one should expect some maintence costs. I would suggest that replacing all of the mounts might save future replacement costs as the other mounts may be getting close to failure too. The real question is how long will you keep the car.
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    I recently purchased the above mentioned vehicle from an estate sale dealer, but no one knows how the security key pad is armed??
    I have a two page booket on the V-100 SYSTEM,IT DOESN'T TELL ME HOW TO ARM THE SYSTEM WITH THE KEY PAD?
    The booklet does tell me how to try the PANIC mode and it works, as to setting up the system ,how do I arm it if I don't know what numbers the deceased prior owner used.
    The alarm key pad is currently not activated -no red light-when I open and close the car doors ,nothing happens maybe I should place my own 3-digit numbers into the keypad and see what happen-any assistance would be appreciated!!
  • campbonescampbones Member Posts: 1
    I swapped out a steering colume in a 89 sevile. All the wires are hooked up but the car wont turn over. the key had broken off in th ols colume. What ca i do? :(
  • cadilstscadilsts Member Posts: 1
    I have had a vibration in the front of 2001 sts seville, and i cant figure nor can any one else that wants to spend time on it. My steering wheel shakes and my gas pedal vibrates pretty bad at high speeds around 68. The tires are fine plus i have two sets of wheels, situation happens on both sets. My motor mounts are fine, wheels are balanced, control arm bushings seems to be fine. If any one thinks they may know the problem please let me know! I have had this problem on the vehicle since i bought it with 47,000 miles on it.
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    Have a 2006 STS which has larger size rear tires than the front. Question is should the front and rear tries be rotated from side to side to increase life? The manual seems to suggest the tries stay in their regular installation position.

    Al S
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    I have a"Service Traction Control" message displayed on my drivers information center. How do I complete the service and clear this message? The car is a 1996 Seville SLS with 108k miles.
  • jenesaisrienjenesaisrien Member Posts: 3
    hello .you may have a sensor in one of the wheels who does not send the signal .you may have to change a wheel bearing because they are inside the wheelhub ,but first check the connectors at each wheels ,remove the wheels and you will see an eletric connector open it and check inside for corrosion ,if there is so it may be too late .but you can try to put dielectic grease and plug it back . do one wheel at the time then start the engine and check if the code is off.if not it is probably the wheelhub that is ground.
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