Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Body Noises

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I have a 2004 Colorado 4x4 crew cab w/ 65,000 miles on it. My brother was messing around and was shaking the truck bed/rear end side to side and I noticed a clunking sound. I checked the spare tire to see if it was loose or anything else and everything was tight. I put my hand on the passengers rear tire while he was rocking the truck and it is definitely coming from that area. I checked the lugs for tightness everything seems ok. Any ideas??? I'm thinking something is loose in the diff or the bearings. Has anyone else had this problem???
Any help would be appreciated.


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    i own a 2006 canyon entended cab 2 wheel drive it has the same clunk when you shake the rearend caused by the side play in the diff dealer checked it out and sayes it was normal but i still think something wrong .
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    my canyon was making a banging noise under my feet on drivers side, took to dealer 4 maybe five times they changed steering shaft but it the noise did not go away , they changed cab mount bolts , still not fixed, the last time it was in they had a new mechanic look at it .fixed he found that the cab mount rubber was split in halve causing the problem 3 months left and it going back to gm then getting a toyota/
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    Yep, the grass is always greener on the other side. Maybe you should spend some time on the Toyota forums to see if the grass is really greener over there and yes besure to send all your money to Japan as they need it worse than our country does. :P
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    Why not at least support another American auto manufacture.
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    I wonder how many flakes over there on the Japanese forums say that they will never buy Japanese again when their problems start. Some make themselves believe as do the dealers that problems are just maintenance issues.
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    There are a numbe of Camry owners that say they wish they had bought the Impala instead but now are to upside down in their loans to get rid of the Camry.
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    Hey everybody i got a riddle for you. I own a 06 Canyon 4x4 crew cab 5 cyl. When i put the truck in reverse and start moving (any speed fast of slow) i get a squeek the seems to come from the front end. Now here is the part that gets me.... When i put it in drive and move (any speed) no more squeek. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I thought wheel bearings but they would prob. be noisy no matter what direction they are goin in. And they are way to pricey for me to replace them just to rule them out. I am at a loss. Any info would be greatly appriceated.

    Thank you
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    Repost this in one of the established forums as the host will freeze this anyway. If everyone started a new forum for every question we'd never get any answers and I'm sure you could see what a mess this would be.
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    i also have a grinding/rubbing sound when i stop and turn my wheel to back into my driveway on my 2008 gmc canyon with 11k miles on it. never been in a wreck,and i had a recent front end alinement due to the front tires wearing out on the insides (they said the toe was off)
    i dont know what it is,but it sounds like a ball joint i had going bad in a saab i once had.
    i tried spraying all the rubber bushings i could find in the front end with silicone spray. i think that eliminated the noise for a while,anyway i forgot about for a few months. i thought it was the sway bar bushings gripping the sway bar that was makin that persistant noise. no noise while driving straight or turning, only when i stop,then back up and have to cut the wheel while going slow,especially when backing over the ramp up into my driveway...
    i love my truck.. 18mpg city--26mpg highway... my sons $32,000.00 2011 tacoma 4x4 gets 14 city-19 highway...
    one complaint-- my bumpers look like burnt toast on the insides from rust... i see many gm trucks with rusted out bumpers... i took my truck back to the dealer and complained when it was new. they basically said i have to wait till they rust thru and hope it is still under warranty...didnt like that...
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    about my 2008 canyon grinding and creaking noises .. THEY ARE GETTING LOUDER THAN THE RADIO
    I contacted GM . i am out of warranty now by 6 months,but they didnt throw me under the bus yet.they said to take it to the dealer,they will take into consideration that my truck now only has 19K miles on it,and will try to fix my problem under warranty.
    i took it to my local dealer.. i explained to the service manager and later the mechanic given the job that then noise happens only after driving at least 15 miles. i actually played 3 recordings i made of the creaking-sawing noise when driving below 5mph and turning the wheel over uneven surfaces like pulling into a driveway from the street...
    later that day i got a call from the dealer. he said the rotors are hitting the calipers and need cut-and that also requires new pads.. i could do that myself,but i figured ,if that fixes it,go ahead and do it.. I know i didnt need pads because when searching for the noise source i had the calipers off to grease the pins and silicone the boots over the pins and anti seize the hardware(i am a maintenance kinda guy- because machines dont wear out-they are neglected to death) i knew my rotors were a bit out of true so i said go ahead...$196.00 later, i drove the truck to work the next day and none of the noises are gone,none of them...
    GM has been very good with follow up calls to me and that dealer to see if my problems are fixed and i am going to take the truck in one more time,but i am about to dump this truck. i know mechanics dont get paid much to do warranty work,i use to be a flat rate mechanic myself back in the 70s... i have never hauled anything bigger than a mattress in the back fo my truck. i have only had passengers in the back seats 2 times since new... I only drive it to work when i cant commute on my motorcycles due to bad weather or winter or if my wife and i go shopping.. i really dont even need a truck but i like 4X4 for those 2 or 3 days a year that we get bad roads the snow plows cant keep up with from snow here in pittsburgh pa.. it is not a work truck, i shine it, totally stock except for a rubber bedmat and soft toneau cover. still has original tires on it..
    trying to chase the noise away- i tried spraying everything that moves under the truck with special aero grease that goes on thin to penetrate,and gets thick as carrier-solvents evaporate.. i used the eitire 16 oz can. i especially sprayed the mounting points of the torsion bars and between the leafs of the rear springs.. i lifted the boots covering the ball joints and squirted moly ep grease in with a needle attachment on my air powered grease gun. i even pulled the rubber boot down and shot lots of grease into the steering shaft which is just inside the right upper control arm.. the driveshaft ...the u joints appear tight,and the noise is not in time with rotation of the drive shaft or wheels, it is in time with the right front wheel entering a driveway. it happens when the whole chasis is getting twisted because all 4 wheels are on different planes ..
    my last truck lasted me 30 years ,i bought it new in 1978 and it only had 67k on it when it drove to the junkyard due to unsafe frame rust. (a ford e150 econoline van)
    has anyone out there ever been able to find the source of the noises that have stricken my truck and that i am reading about on the forums for chevy colorado and gmc canyons from many others that are having the same problem??
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