Windstar Engine flutter

mfacdgba33mfacdgba33 Member Posts: 19
With my 2001 windstar it has an engine shutter while maintaining a constant speed. When the van is gaining speed or going up a hill or coasting the shutter is gone. When I reach a level spot in the road and lets say want to stay at 50 mph with or with out the cruise control engaged the engine will flutter and shack like its not getting fuel or a misfire or something of that nature. The engine never dies at idle it used to but stopped doing that and hasnt for many montths now. Im confused by this because it seems that if i had a vaccuum leak or a upper intake problem that it would do it all the time but it doesnt. The engine idles fine, starts fineand otherwise has no other issues. If you have or have had this problem and or know a fix you would be my hero.


  • mustang428mustang428 Member Posts: 1
    im working on a 01 windstar with 77000miles that cuts out on acceleration intermitelly, cutsout at 40-50 mph in cruise mode, or when holding steady speed. no codes are stored or freeze frame dtcs. it has a new coil pack plugs and wires it feels like all cylinders drop when it act seem to do it more often when hot
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    well i have a 99 windstar and did the same thing i found a bad injector and it only missfired inbetween 1000 and 2000 rpm they also have a problem with the computer {PCM} filling with water its under the wiper cowling on the passenger side check it for moisture usaully number 4 cylinder when that happens give those things a try.The injector fixed mine working great now. Have u replaced the upper intake gaskets yet there is a kit out for them with a new valve cover i have done that too but u will get lean codes and engine light with that problem.Good luck
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    My wife's 03 Windstar 77000 miles developed two problems: Started with misfire code, bog from a stop, flutter at speed. No codes anymore. Replaced: plugs, wires, (engine cylinder block is stamped 1,2,3 and should be 3,2,1!) coil pack, TPS, IAC, fuel filter (twice), air filter, camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor. Cleaned MAF with CRC cleaner. Still no joy. Good fuel pump pressure, good fuel regulator response, manifold 'flappers' seem to function. Second problem, strange that ABS and BRK lights have acted up at the same time as engine issues. Replaced rear shoes, front ok, fluid ok. (don't ever lose a caliper slide bolt, dealer wanted $28! Got one at a bolt supply for free.) Still have occasional squeal and BRK light turns on. Jumpered per discussion and ABS doesn't light. At wits-end due to engine bog and finally took it to dealership for both issues. Awaiting prognosis and will post.
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    Recently bought 97' windstar 3.8L has new headgasket and freeze plugs. Stalls when in gear and turning steering wheel.Acts as if timing is off.Starts slow and and has very little power during uphill travel.Re-Timed to correct setting and replaced cam sensor! New plugs.Ran well for 3 out of 7 miles but quickley went back to bogging down and misfiring??Any advice is welcome.
  • mfacdgba33mfacdgba33 Member Posts: 19
    try checking the fuel pressure to see if it is good and also look at maybe replaceing the fuel filter
  • lil2lowlil2low Member Posts: 1

    Did you find the cause for the misfiring? I am wondering because I'm going through the very same thing right now with our van and it has me stumped. Any info would be appriciated greatly!!

  • 03winded03winded Member Posts: 2
    yes, it ended up being the spark control modules. I ended up taking it in to the dealer because none of the manuals had clear instructions on how to get in behind the top of the engine! As I discovered at a later time, all you have to do is take off the windshield wipers and all of the screws in that panel. The whole thing lifts off and provides easy access to the back of the engine.
  • mfacdgba33mfacdgba33 Member Posts: 19
    windstars are plagued with these issues. First if the plugs are having fuzzy concrete like stuff on them when they are removed its a sign of oil fouling which is almost always cause by intake valve seals going bad. Its a called atomization. Abs/brake light comeing on means the abs module under the car near the drivers seat is not working any more. The module is very expensive so most people ignore the light. the van will still stop and brake normally without it.
  • tommie2016tommie2016 Member Posts: 1
    regards the engine fluttering, what was the cause.. ? I have a 2003 Windstar with exact same issue, but never stalls or gives me other issues...
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