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Suzuki SX4 Brake Light

bradmillerbradmiller Member Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Suzuki
I have put on over 45000 miles already on my 07 SX4 and love this car. I am getting a brake light coming on at various times after releasing the brakes and accelerating. It goes out usually after I stop accelerating or hitting the brakes. It does not come back on after driving about 20 miles. Any one have this problem or know what maybe causing it?


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    paimonpaimon Member Posts: 3
    I checked the ODI/NHTSA site, but could find no SX4 recall or service bulletin for the problem you describe:


    I think there's a switch in the brake pedal linkage that activates the brake lights -- this part may be faulty or out of adjustment.
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    rallyratrallyrat Member Posts: 1
    I just had the exact problem at 7,500 miles, it was caused by low break fluid, it drove me crazy I timed it with my sceduled maintinance, the suzuki tech knew immediatly and they solved it. It was a result of the pads wearing so the fluid level went down, I was advised that if I was to continue to break in the manner that I had been I would need a front break job in 10,000 miles. Time for me to lighten up. I do reccomend that you speak with a suzuki tech.
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    jhertikjhertik Member Posts: 1
    Yes, I am having the same trouble I have 40k on my 2007. The brake light comes on when cornering and then goes off. I figured it was probably the brake pads wearing down I have not replaced them yet. And Yes I agree this is a great car averaging 30.6 mpg summer blend and winter blend with awd 26mpg. This car goes anywhere in the snow.
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    kmaxine04kmaxine04 Member Posts: 18
    I'm sure you probally figured it out but your fluid is low if you go around corners or brake or take off too fast your fluid shifts and causes your light to go off.. even if its only a little bit low..
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    stacytxstacytx Member Posts: 1
    I also had the same problem with my brake light. After having my brake pads replaced I have not had any trouble with the light coming on and off.

    I am having a lot of trouble out of my airbags system. The airbag light on the odometer stays on and I have had it in the shop several times for the same problem.

    Is anyone else having trouble with the airbag system?
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