1998 Grand AM V6 Engine

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My Grand Am V6 has 43,226 miles and my battery
light came on. Since I have the extended warranty
I took it back to the dealer and they informed me
the alternator was bad. How can I get the
manufacturer to pay some of the cost for this
alternator? How long does an alternator last?


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    If you have an extended warranty why are you worried about the cost of the new part? Are you referring to the deductible?
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    Do you have a deductible on your extended warranty?GM alternators are not known for lasting a long time in the vehicles made in the last 5 years,because of the high load the electronics puts on them, that is why in the next 5 years,the systems are going to a higher voltage system. The ones i have seen have been going about 2-3 years.
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    Since we already have a topic discussing Grand Am Problems (#1368), let's take any further discussion of this there.

    Deeflowers, if you still need assistance with this just click on that highlighted link and post in that topic.

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