Jeep Grand Cherokee Windshield Cracks

ellie51ellie51 Member Posts: 2
I don't how I'm gonna explain this to my insurance agent, but for the third time in two years I started the day with a crack in the windshield of my 2004 JGC Ltd. I haven't been able to identify the cause of any of the three (no big trucks throwing rocks, etc.). The cracks just appear. I thought maybe the problem was the business State Farm sent to replace the glass -- but I'm thinking the second time around, they probably would've been more careful. Now I'm wondering if it's something with the Jeep itself -- some kind of misalignment that makes the windshield twist and crack. For the record, I've had it back to the dealer twice because it was pulling to the right and got the standard "unable to replicate the problem" ticket. Took it to an independent tire and lube place, and they confirmed the right front wheel was out of alignment and improved it some -- but it's still pulling a little. Not as dramatically as before, but it's noticeable. Combined with what's going to be the third windshield replacement in the two years since I bought it, I'm wondering if I bought a lemon. Anybody else have windshield problems with JGCs?


  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    Dose the crack seam to start in the same place?
  • ellie51ellie51 Member Posts: 2
    It's always generally in the center, within an inch or two of the rear view mirror. Did I remember to say there's never been a foreign object involved? At least that I know of. I drive home, park in the driveway, and when I walk out next morning, there's the crack.
  • webmaxtorwebmaxtor Member Posts: 2
    Interesting. I am currently placing an insurance claim for my 2004 JGC Limited as well. I was also surprised one day by a ~3" crack extending from the roof line just to the right of the rear view mirror (looking out). No sign of chips, or damage from stones either. Just a new crack one day.

    Incidentally, mine is also pulling to the right, but given visible tire wear, I think I will have a better chance getting a repair person to believe me.

    Just a coincidence?
  • willlibwilllib Member Posts: 1
    hi, I've got the same problem with my Jeep GCL 2002, 3 times too. crack apeer neer the rear view mirror. have you find the problem?
  • webmaxtorwebmaxtor Member Posts: 2
    I'm still driving mine (it's been years since my post) and haven't had a problem (at least with the window) since.
  • g3airg3air Member Posts: 1
    Returning from a 1800 mile trip in late November, 2011, I had my car washed and cleaned. The car wash supervisor pointed out a crack in the windshield of my 9-month old Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2WD. The crack extended downward about 9 inches from the top edge of the glass on the driver's side of the rear view mirror, and then curved horizontally just below the mirror for about 11 inches. There were no chips or other evidence of a stone or object strike.

    My local dealer's Service Director examined the crack, took digital photographs and said he would consult the factory to determine warranty coverage. He also stated he could see no chips or evidence of a strike causing the crack. Within a day, the factory stated the the windshield was not covered by warranty, since I had exceeded the warranty limitation of 1year or 12,000 miles (I had 13,248 miles). However, as a "gesture of good will," they offered to share equally the cost of the replacement (estimated at $1,200!) with me.

    Since my insurance deductible was less favorable, I accepted their offer, although I had great concern that this was a design flaw and not wear and tear. A week later, I have been informed by the dealer that the windshield is back ordered at the factory and I will not receive a replacement until after the first of the year.The dealer also mentioned that there were currently 75 of these windshields on back order.

    It occurs to me there is circumstantial evidence of a flaw in this model's design and that other owners are experiencing the same failure. If there are 75 windshields on back order, that would seem to indicate there have already been a number of replacements. What would be normal expectation for windshield replacements on a new model? Should I pursue this further with the company and if so, what is the best way to proceed?
  • lammerxlammerx Member Posts: 1
    I had the same exact lines in my windshield. I drove a few hundred miles and am certain that nothing large enough to break my windshield hit the car. There were no cracks when we parked the car, the next day there was a line that extended downward 9-10 inches from the driver’s side from the top edge and took a turn and ran another 10 inches or so around the mirror. The car is 6 months old with 6,000 miles. The jeep dealer claims there was a small impact, but there was not and there seem to be too many of the same exact type of breaks. If anything did hit the windshield it had to be tiny and too small to have caused such damage.

    2012 JGC Limited
  • ivan23ivan23 Member Posts: 1
    Washed my 2012 Grand Cherokee in the driveway today. Came back and hour later to put it back in the garage and noticed the windshield had cracked where the rear view mirror contacts the windshield. One crack towards the roof and 3 others head down and out to each side of the windshield. No sign of impact or chipping. Just cracked.
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