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Understanding 2008 CR-V Navigation Radio System w/XM

kevinaomkevinaom Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Honda
Ok, I am working on fully understanding my new Honda CRV 2008 EX-L with Navi radio and navigation system. Three big questions I keep running up against.

First, I cannot figure out how to just change the categories on the XM radio. The book says that when you have the "Mode" set to category you just use the two last keys on the radio to flip through categories. But, when I try that it just goes to the "pre-set" which is set up for that key. I cannot believe that for XM radio you have to cycle through the channels one at a time to get to the channel you want do you??

Which leads me to my second question. How do you enter in a channel by numbers? So, if I want to go to channel 150, can I somehow enter in 150 into a screen to take me there? I cannot find that either.

Finally, the Navi really bugs me. My cheap Garmin at Best Buy for my other car seems to have far more maps, far more POIs and never have I driven on a "unverified route". I live in a subdivision 90 minutes outside of Chicago and it is in an "unverified route" on this Navi. You have to be joking me! I hope there is just something I am missing here as I would hope the installed systems were at least as good as the ones you buy for nothing at BB/CC.

OK, thanks for listening and I look forward (hopefully) to some help!


  • hondabluehondablue Posts: 5
    To access channels in XM use the voice recognition mode. Say "XM Channel one five zero" and magically your there. If you find a type of music you like depress the mode to switch to category and you'll get all stations in that category.

    Nav map is verified for some locations but still works just as well in none verified areas. The message is a pain but I suspect it is a lawyer thing. You'll learn to live with it. What choice do you have? Also, mak sure you update your maps (new DVD about $189) issued each October.
  • yankeefan2yankeefan2 Posts: 53
    Go to this web site. You can find what your Nav system covers and Order the new disk through it. ;)
  • As for the unverified routes... see my message here:

    What it amounts to is this: They haven't gone out and actually DRIVEN on the roads that say they're "unverified route". It doesn't mean it's all that much less accurate, just that they haven't... been verified yet. ;)

    The problem is that the Honda uses Alpine's nav system, and it's nice but the other guys' systems are backed better, IMO.
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