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1996 Grand Am Starts Shaking at 55 MPH ??

shepuz2shepuz2 Posts: 1
I drove my girlfriends '96 GrandAm (6 cyl) today and it started shaking at about 55 MPH. I know she needs a front end alignment and has let it go too long, but could this be the cause? Wheel bearing issues? Power steering issues? At 86K miles she has had pretty good luck with this car, but I told her it might be time to "pay the piper".
THANKS for any advice.


  • thaivillethaiville Posts: 1
    I have owned so far 3 Grand Ams. Only one is a V-6. The V-6 gives me those symptoms from 45-55 with a steady or climbing steady speed. Stepping on the gas or letting off stops this but IT WILL resume.

    I have spent about $1,000.00 dollars with mechanics looking for the problem. None of them listen to me but when i drive them they feel it. I explain I'm broke and i have changed the fuel I use, changed the fuel filter as suggested and am preparing to finally change the fuel pump.

    This problem has plaged me since 2005. I left to Iraq for 2 years and when i returned my father told me how it was still doing it. I have 136,000 pampered in maintanence but driven fast and hard miles.

    I keep the maintenance up to date but I drive the car hard. I would say the problem started about 120,000 miles.

    I think we have to just break down and change out the fuel pump. Good luck and PLEASE update me on what you do and what occurs.


    Keith 1997 Grand AM SE 4 door V-6 owned since 35 miles.
  • Balance the tires, do a rotation , a tune up would help,
  • Car drove well this morning until I had to stop for a light. The check engine light comes on once in a while - after gas fillup, but this morning it started to blink and the car started to shake when I applied the brakes - like it wanted to stall. Once I started driving again, the light stopped blinking, but stayed on.

    Any ideas? Got me to work, but it's a 20 mile drive back home. :cry:
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