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AUDI A4 2.8L -lifters

dstb1dstb1 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Audi
have any A4 owners had the problem of noisy
lifters at first startup in the morning? It seems
like the colder the weather the more clickety-clack
click click click type noise my lifters make. The
noise gradually disappears within 10-30 seconds. I
am told by my "authorized Audi Dealer" that lifter
noise is normal in SOME (not all) high compression
engines as it takes time for the oil to pump up to
the lifters. FRANKLY, I don't buy it. I cannot
believe that any metal against metal noise due to
temporary non-lubrication of internal parts is good
or "normal"

Any other A4 owners experience this? Are you
living with it or has it been resolved? Any input
from anyone with experience or engineering
experience with this problem is appreciated.


  • ccotenjccotenj Member Posts: 610
    well, i don't own an a4 (i have a 325), but i can tell you that on cold mornings, the vanos sounds like a can of coffee full of rocks being rattled around inside of mine, as soon as the engine temp starts to come up, it goes away. mine isn't the only one that does this, anecdotal evidence would suggest that a lot of them do.

    this noise was muted considerably by a switch to synthetic on the first oil change after i bought the car...

    i tend to believe that this isn't oil "starvation" per se (otherwise, you'd have valves rattling around in your combustion chamber by now :) ), but more of a cold oil, cold engine, cold everything metal expansion issue....

    if it kept tapping constantly (think 80's gm product, rap rap rap), then i'd think you have a problem... others may not concur...

  • wenttopsuwenttopsu Member Posts: 2
    I was amazed that as I approached my 22,500 on my service for an A-4 2.8 that the oil pressure gauge lit up for just a moment, and then I found the dip-stick to read low in oil quantity. After having the service completed I was told everything is alright and that the car does burn what would seem to be more oil! Can this be?
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