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Dodge Intrepid Maintenance and Repair

t2sonst2sons Posts: 2
I have a 95 intrepid and iam wondering if anyone has found any solutions as to how to stiffen the rear suspension for towing purposes.


  • I blew out the front passenger door speaker, Chrysler Infinity #04760374AB.

    Does anybody know where I can find a replacement? I'm having trouble finding anything online.
  • Any luck I am looking for the same thing.
  • I'm looking for the same speakers. They might have them at a Chrysler dealership but they might be expensive.

    Does your rear like its blown when you turn up the bass or is mine the only one?
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    What is it about that driver's side door speaker on the Infinity's.....JEEZ! I replaced mine before trading my 2000 ES and prior to that had the center mounted "imaging" one replaced. I had one ordered the first time--through the dealer it was under $100. The second one was replaced by my Dodge dealer who managed to find a used one..
  • I can get you one from our depot. OEM Infinity speaker pn 04760374ab for 70 dollars plus shipping.

    If interested email me at


  • catagorycatagory Posts: 4
    Cannot control the heat. Checked the dash controls and they appear to be working. Selecting vent controls are also working. Constantly have heat as long as the blower is on. AC will work fine until engine heat comes up. Any suggestions as to what controls heat? Is it water flow thru the heater core, or is it diverting air flow thru the core? Repair shop wants to replace the dash controls, but I'm sure that's not it.
  • dsjrdsjr Posts: 3
    I went to get in my Intrepid the other morning and the key wouldn't turn in the ignition. The steering wheel is locked and the key won't turn to start the car or even into the acc position. Anyone have a similar problem and if so how did they fix it?
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    Did you try pulling the steering wheel in one direction or another?>
  • does anyone know who might make a model of the car? cast iron, hot wheels, burago etc.? thanks

  • wilfigwilfig Posts: 1
    The ignition key would not turn in my 2000 Dodge Neon. I tried turning the steering wheel and the key still would not turn. In order for me to turn the key I would have to use my screwdriver handle to bang on the key to turn and start the car. This is happening all the time when I use the car. I don't know if the problem is the ignition lock or the ignition switch. Can anyone help?
  • mrsdrbmrsdrb Posts: 1
    Hi! What did you find out. This exact same thing happened tonight to our daughter's 2000 Dodge Neon. We have tried everything just as you did... only problem for us is that banging on the key didn't work.

    Is there a special way to bang on the key? Anyway, I'd love to find out what happened with your Neon (and if it had to be professionally repaired how much did it cost?) THanks!
  • bigcurtbigcurt Posts: 2
    i was driving my 95 dodge intrepid when it started to shake witha bad miss then it stalled out when i got it started again it had a sulfer smell so i removed the cat now it still wont start new plugs wires and coil pack on it any clues what it could be thanks
  • aa_ezyaa_ezy Posts: 2
    My mechanic just notified me that my radiator failed AGAIN with all it's catastrophic damage to the engine. What I'm having a problem with is what would cause the failure of yet another radiator? It was replaced before, with a "NEW" radiator. It's a '96 with less than 100k. Is it possible that something in the engine is causing the radiators to fail? It sounds to me that that "NEW" replacement was a USED / cheap rebuild? What do you think?
  • razacrazac Posts: 2
    i supos it could happen but not likely !!!! radiators just dont go out like that your mechanic is takeing u for a ride

    only way they go out is if your dumping raidator stop leek in it i would adviz NOT useing ANY of them on the market

    you more than likly have air in the syatem with all the radiators u have gone throgh that is whats worng !!!! IF u have a 3.5 it's easy to fix your self

    the over heating thing has hit me to it's air in the system on the intrepid's it's a closed cooling system

    3.5 engine only how to fix it will take time but not to much u will need like 2 gl's of antifreez just in case
    look at the engin u see the main hose going to the radiator thats your thremastat now do u see the little silver bleeder vavle next to the hose on the therm housing i think it's a 10mm rench when the car is hot open that bleeder vavle CAUTION WILL SPRAY OUT HOT AIR AND COOLENT STAND OFF TO THE SIDE OF IT once u get all coolent close vavle do this a few time then drive the car some more u will repeat this over and over till it stops over heating!!! when the car is cold normly in the morning thats when u add your coolent to the reservoir DO NOT OVER FILL LEAVE AN INCH OR SO TO THE TOP . i think i had to do it for 3 weeks or less and not all the time only when temp went over 3/4's allso check your sensor on the therm.cant miss it same location as the bleeder vavle black clip with 2 wires coming stright out the top of it and the fans if they dont come on when the temp hits 1/2 it's the sensor
  • Replaced both head gaskets.

    Now I do not get any spark.

    error code 125455.

    Autozone told me that error code 54 meant that my distributor was bad, HA HA "97" 3.3s did not have a distributor.

    Cleared the code and tried to restart, error code 125455 came back.

    Had plenty of spark before replacing the head gaskets.

    Please help if you can.

    Thank you in advance for your anticipated response.

    Respectfully submitted,

    John Wm. Willard
    John 374
  • I have seen cars go through radiators because of a head gasket failure.There is a simple chemical test with a special tool,using a fluid that. will change in collor.if it detects combustion gasses in the cooling syst.

    What was the symtem that caused you to bring it to your mechanic----? runing hot or did the radiator fail to the point of it spewd coolant on the ground.?

    What is the time between the failed radiators? More info is needed for me to make
    an educated oppinion.

    1) symtem
    2) time between radiators
    3) the first radiators cause of failure
    4) What is the tech saying is the cause of this failure
    5) has the car ever been in a significant accident with damage to the front end

    hope this will help, i do my best to give you the most accurate answer i can
  • i had the same problem with my 1998 intrepid, it ended up being my thermosat was not opening the whole way, hence the plastic side tank on the rad would over heat and split, it has been 5-years since it was fixed so far so good
  • my 1998 did the same exact thing - it was the computer
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid 3.2. I was driving down the highway one day and everything was fine. Then when I got off and slowed down, I recognized the temp gauge going way up, I parked the car, and turned off the engine, and antifreeze was all over the ground. So I let the car sit, grabbed a couple gallons of water the next day, and drove the car all the way to my friends garage. Again the temp gauge seemed fine until I started hitting red lights, but it did not overheat. Once I got to the garage turned the car off again all the water came right out all over the place. We took the overflow cap off, and there was a lot of air blowing out, as well as radiator fluid/water. Then we filled it up again and let it run for about 20 minutes without overheating, the gauge stayed in the middle position. Turned the car off nothing. Now he's saying that I need a radiator which I don't doubt, but could there be another problem causing this? I didn't drive it or anything just let it sit running. Seems like the air in the system might have been the issue. Is there a way to release the air on a 3.2?
  • if you still have the car and still doing the same thing
    i have a 94 3.3 and had that same problem when i change the timing sensor the motor will turn and should start
  • After I drove the car a few miles, all of a sudden steam started coming out of the radiator. Spitting coolant all over my engin. do I need a new radiator?
  • razacrazac Posts: 2
    hello there just read your post it could be your water pump/thermostat going out... at highway speeds the pump seems fine but once U slow down the temp goes up or red lines.. TO MUCH PRESSURE this is to much for your radiator cap to handle this is y U got anti freeze all over {Seems like the air in the system might have been the issue. Is there a way to release the air on a 3.2}check the top hose from the radiator to the engine look at the housing if U see bleeder valve that should look like your brake's bleeder valve{I.E }if U have ever done brake's you will know what I Am talking about IF U DO NOT SEE THIS VALVE THEN U CANT DO THE THE NEXT STEP
    u will need a 10MM wrench when the car is hot stand on one side and open the valve once u get all antfreezz the shut and waite a few min and repeat

  • bon8699bon8699 Posts: 2
    My Dad's 96 Intrepid had the overdrive go out and hasn't come back at all.All the other gears shift perfect and we replaced the cars torque converter and tried a different computer to fix the problem,no luck.I read it could be the transmission control solinoid.Has anybody had this problem and if so whats the fix,thax
  • poof608poof608 Posts: 3
    the water pump went out in my intrepid, we had it replaced but now the check engine light is on and when you go to start it, it takes about 10 seconds for it to start. Why could this be. the mechanic also said the cam heads need realigned. is this an expensive task?
  • corona89corona89 Posts: 3
    cam heads have lot to do with the light being on but did u have it reset after fixing the water pump?? if not take it to dealer or iwould advise advanced they can do it for free once they reset that and it comes back on then u have the problem elsewhere
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