Lexus GX 470 vs. Toyota 4Runner

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I keep hearing that the 4runner and the GX470 is the same. Well, people it's not! You guys really need to sit in both to compare and it's not the same! It's Luxury vs. Economy. I can see as far as size and some of the parts, but there is no comparison. I am tired of people coming up to me at the gas station saying crap like you are just paying for the name. The 4runner is the same...IT"S NOT DAMN IT!!! The 4runner rides like a bumpy truck and the GX is smooth and quiet. The leather and interior alone should shut people up, but they just don't get it. Sorry guys I just need to vent when people has to be negative just because you have a nicer car.


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    I agree with you 100% that the Toyota 4runner and Lexus GX470 aren't the same. I sat and rode in the Toyota 4runner and it's doesn't feel comfortable at all. The Lexus GX470, which I just got this past Saturday is amazing and the 4runner doesn't even come close to it. Driving the Lexus GX470 is really nice and smooth. Just everything about the Lexus GX470 is nice and I'm very happy with the car.
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    I love my GX470. I just get tired of people telling me it's the same as the 4Runner. Congrats on your new purchase!
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    Well, they do have different bodies and interiors. The GX470 body is taller and has a side-hing rear door. In contrast, the 4Runner has a traditional top-hinged rear hatch. The GX470 is significantly heavier.

    But the frame, powertrain (engine, transmission, driveshaft, differential, axles) and basic suspension design are the same.
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    Help me in my hour of need with the most agonizing decision I've ever encountered.

    Two Options:
    2006 GX470 50k miles
    $25500 + $1800 repairs = $27300
    used car dealer bought at auction. no service history. lexus says will need new tires + break pads + 1 extra key


    2007 Toyoyta 4runner Sport V8 4wd 50k miles
    also used car dealer, trade in

    Which will retain value better over the four years I plan to have it and which is guaranteed to be more reliable?

    It seems online, lexus has slightly lower maintenance costs due to service intervals at 7500 miles but higher repair costs. Also, lexus has worse mileage so it's a wash there.
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