Ford Freestyle aftermarket roof rack crossbars

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we love our - new to us - 2007 SEL AWD FS but we miss the crossbars that allow us to use our rooftop cargo carrier (Sears x cargo 20 sport).

We want to get some after-market railing rack and I was curious to find out if any of you have any input, like which brand and model works well or doesn't work so well with the FS.


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    I found racks for the FS and thought I 'd post to maybe save someone else research-time ....
    The racks compatible w/ the FS's factory rails are:
    Yakima Low Rider Max at approx. $215
    Thule 450 Crossroad at approx. $209
    Thule 450 Crossroad Rapid at $263
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    you can do better, I paid $165 for mine... seem to have gone up a bit.

    Raised Cross Bars by Yakima
    Part Number: F75Z-7855100-BB
    MSRP: $180.56

    Provide additional capacity to carry up to four bike carriers and a platform to mount kayak or canoe carriers. Clamp to the side rails of the factory rack. Integrated locks help secure rack to the vehicle. Can be used with our other equipment carriers (sold separately).

    Ford Freestyle 2005
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