Clicking Noise While Driving Lexus RX300

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My Lexus has started to make a strange clicking noise while driving. I thought at first I had a screw or something in my tire. Checked all of the tires and there was nothing. I also removed all the tires checked the brake pads which were fine, and lubed the brakes. The clicking won't stop and I have no idea what else it could be. It clicks while driving and clicks faster as I accelerate. Any ideas?? THANKS!


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    I have a 2004 RX330 that has developed a clicking noise in the front driver dashboard. It occurs when the air conditioner is running in hot weather. When the air conditioner is turned off, the clicking noise continues for a few seconds and then it stops. The Toyota service dept. has been unable to duplicate it; however, after I leave the dealership, it clicks all the way home. Has any other RX330 owners experienced this problem?
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    I have RX300 about a year ago it started in the passenger side took it to the dealer it stopped the noise but when I explained it to the person he knew what the problem was, the replaced something which cost $550.00 the noise stopped but recently it came back and last night it got worst and making different noise. If you find the solution please let me know.
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    I have a '99 RX300 and have had this off and on for a few months. Sometimes it goes away for a couple of days. I had one dealer tech look at it and he said that he thought it was a fan in the climate control system. Unfortunately he said that he would have to take apart the dash to get to it and it could cost up to $1,000 in labor and parts. So I hoping ti resolves itself.
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    I hope to help.
    On long trips we encountered clicking noise like a rattle or "rapid tapping following irregular patterns,road conditions, We drove down I-5 my sweetheart got up and looked around her car and pushed panels in and such, it was located in the rear area by the cargo area. I remembered the Licence plate frame rattles because lexus and toyotas bolt on only at the Top of the frame.
    close the trunk and listen to the "RRAAPP" sound. Case Closed. I am reluctant to drill two holes for the lower licence plate frame, but may opt to
    attach a couple of rubber bits to quiet it down.
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    I had a similar annoying noise with the root cause being found in the air-mix servo. This servo motor box is one of three I believe and is located on the passenger side of the climate control system and accessed by removing the glove compartment (4 screws) and the panel down just above the floor. The servo in question is located behind a couple of heater tubes and you need a stubby phillips screwdriver to remove it. Disconnect the wiring plug. The servo has a damper actuator on one side. Hold with the actuator down and pry open the case. Don't fret if the snaps break because the unit is held together with screws anyway. Clean the contacts inside the box and re-lube the gears and contact plate with silicone grease. Reassemble and reinstall (kind of a pain). Works fine now in my auto (all is quiet again!) and saves hundreds of bucks vs. a visit to Lexus service. Shield the servo from heater tube heat with some aluminum reflective duct sealing tape. I think the heat breaks the lube down and caused the servo voltage to become errant, causing the servo to "hunt" and generate annoying noise. Good Luck.
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    I have a 2004 Lexus RX 330 that has 100,000+ miles. Just recently, a knocking noise comes from the front & rear wheel/suspension as the wheels go up or down an elevated driveway curb. It will do the same thing on the open road but only when the road is uneven. Do you have any idea what is causing it? I assume it might be a costly repair so do you think I can ignore it if it is not annoying?
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    I had this kind of noise when I first go my '99. It was a front strut. It was replaced under warranty. It was difficult to get it addressed because it only happened when the car was cold for some reason. Had to leave it with a tech overnight so he could hear it in the morning.
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    You are the MAN!! I KNOW :) that is what is causing the clicking. I thought it was in front of the driver but it could be on the left. It only happens when I turned the car off in cool weather and start it in hot weather. It's definitely the climate control system. I'll go servo hunting and check it out! Thanks a tonne for the info.
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    I have a 2004 RX330 as well and have the same clicking noise. It is intermittent and seems to be coming from the steering wheel area. I can't figure out what is causing it. I turn on and off the AC, play with the blinkers, steering wheel adjuster and everything else within the area and nothing seems to stop it. Have you had any success in getting it fixed?
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    Turn the temperature setting to MAX COOL, "park" the airflow, air distribution system in full defrost/defog/demist position, and then turn the system off and see if the clicking doesn't go away
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    We also have the clicking, can somebody offer assistance in executing these instructions?

    "Turn the temperature setting to MAX COOL, "park" the airflow, air distribution system in full defrost/defog/demist position, and then turn the system off and see if the clicking doesn't go away "

    I think the MAX COOL is acheived by pushing the 'up' button on the TEMP control.

    I don't understand how to "park" the airflow. Is this as simple as pushing the button with defroster icon, orange indicator light and the word 'FRONT' on it?

    I also am not clear on this instruction, "and then turn the system off", is this as simple as pushing the button with the fan blade icon and the word 'OFF'?

    Thanks in advance for clarification.
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    i just purchase use with 86,000 miles, it drives like a dream except for this faint bubbly gurgling click noise from dash while car is driving. i thought i might be the cassette player with something in there but it's coming from inside the dash area. Any help as i dont want to take it to lexus dealership. no warning light come on, and i believe it still makes noise when air conditioner is off.
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    Mine has always made a very faint noise (squish-zz-zz-zz) I believe comes from the A/C "reheat" (?) servo. It has never been a problem and it is only barely noticeable when it is completely quiet in the cabin. It doesn't matter if the A/C is on or off, and can even be heard when there is no accessory power. Usually the regular operator of the car is the only one who ever notices it.

    I believe it is the (vacume operated) servo that closes and opens the flow of coolant through the heater core in response to changes in the cabin temperature.
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    I had same situation on my car and problem was the air vantilation switch control with electric motor, which is can able to find under desh. When switching the air flow position electric motor control the vantilation valve inside the aircondition unit, which is inside the main unit. So, can able to find two switch close each other ( top and bottom ).
    They also link together I think. For my car, inside the top switch electric motor gear tip was worn out. so, sometime not in the right position make can not contact with other control switch then try to get contact but slip the gear caused noise. So I remove top switch and open the cover then put some very thinn rubber ( about 1mm ) stick top of the electric motor gear tip to make sure gear not to loose or slip. If top switch is working ok the bottom switch no more making the noise.
    My cas is right hand drive, so switch is on left hand side behind glove box. You can able to find very easy after turn the air condition on and try to change the vantilation position.
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    Simple temporary fix:

    Turn the heater to MAX leave it on for 3-4 minutes and turn it off; that will take care of it for days or weeks, when it comes back do the same thing. I know it’s not a permanent fix, but it will take care of the annoying noise and keep you about 7 Benjamin in ur pockets.

    Good Luck!
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    TEMPERATURE SERVO MOTOR is the problem. You will eventually have to replace it. It is a costly item to be installed. If you can do it yourself, it would be cheaper.
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    I tried what said turned the AC all the way up. The fan all the way up.t hen I made sure I was in  park and pressed my front and side defroster buttons left it for 30 seconds and then pressed the off button. And bam no more clicking noise thanks w west great advice. No I only wander how long it'll last . For now I'm just happy it's stopped. It clicked while it was running or off AC on or off . It clicked when ever it wanted. But not no more:)

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    I just bought a 1999 RX 300 with 205,000 miles on it from a private party working at a non Lexus dealership for $750. I paid $350 to get a list of recommended repairs from the same dealer shop. I see it needs tires but they wanted to replace all break pads and do nearly three grand in repairs mostly “urgent.” I took it to my local small shop, I have a relationship with them. They said do only half the breaks but the timing belt is urgent and replace the water pump at the same time while in there. This sounded logical to me because the car had failed to turn over at the dealer and my mechanic at the trusted shop said the belt was clicking and 2 of 3 cylinders were already damaged so any opinions on how the dealer could miss the timing belt? Or could anyone think the clicking noise was something else?
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