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99 Yukon making scary engine noise at start up then goes away

kcjeffkcjeff Member Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in GMC
I have a 99 Yukon 103,000 miles and have had it 2 years.

Recently i went to start it up to go to work and it made a noise similar to a bad lifter but a little louder . After about 30 seconds it sounds like it goes away completely.

If I were to guess its almost like some part of the engine is not getting oil at start up.

Im a little worried that the more i start the engine up the more damage im doing and soon will have a costly repair bill.

Any idea's what it could be ?


  • kcjeffkcjeff Member Posts: 4
    9 days later not 1 response.......Thanks for all your usefull information
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    You would get better results if you posted your question in the existing GMC Yukon Noises and Sounds discussion. People tend to bypass duplicate topics.

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  • wiredmanwiredman Member Posts: 3
    Is it a "grinding" sound at start up?
  • kcjeffkcjeff Member Posts: 4
    Nope, Its more of a clattering sound. From the few people I have talkd too they all suspect its a valve sticking. Most cold starts it make the sound for 30sec- 3 minutes. Most of warm starts it starts up fine. Not seeing any loss of power or any other symptoms relateing to this.

    Im tempted to change the oil and use a additive to see if that helps.

    My real concern is if it is just a sticking valve am I doing any long term damage to the engine.
  • willecoyotewillecoyote Member Posts: 1
    The water pump in my Yukon XL is going out. My wife says the Dealership told her that she should only replace it with a new water pump. I want to get a rebuilt water pump because of price. Is there a difference between new and rebuilt?
  • ladyj1ladyj1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi kcjeff,

    I also have a 1999 Yukon but I have had mine for 6 years and 144k miles of great performance. I have never kept another vehicle for this length of time nor driven this many miles but I love this vehicle. However, that said, I too have had that clicking/clattering sound occur and it is really doing it at the moment. Several very knowledgeable friends tell me it is a lifter value and they make that sound as they start collapsing. It is made the "scary noise" on cold start ups occasionally for years. But this last week, it has been very loud and pronounced on start up and never goes completely away like it used to. I was advised to use an additive immediately and hope that it is a matter of "cleaning" the lifter values. The alternative is much more expensive.
    Lady J
  • tonazmetonazme Member Posts: 1
    I too have a Yukon with this loud clicking noise upon start up of my vehicle. It does get quieter as the engine warms up. We bought it used last year and noticed noice after first oil change and has gotten progressively worse. We feel it was hidden by the dealer with maybe some heavy weight oil. Only 64K miles! Spoke to GM about problem and dealer. Dealer said that "pistons are shorter on Yukon causing this piston slap" stated that GM sent memo's out that repairmen are not to even attempt to repair problem and that this is "normal" engine sound for the Yukons. Has anyone else had this trouble? I'm just not satisfied with this explanation.
  • kcjeffkcjeff Member Posts: 4
    Yeah, I wouldnt be satisfied either. I would take it to a different GM dealer and see what they say. Seems like if that was the case it would be a constant slap instead of getting quieter as it warms up.....

    I been putting resolin oil additive in mine. Seems to do the trick. Last oil change I used Lucas and it didnt do as well. Im afraid to flush the engine. In fear of making the problem worse. I've heard and witnessed horror stories about that.
  • yukondriveryukondriver Member Posts: 1
    My Yukon has done the same on cold start since I bought it at 44K miles. Now 156K, it may have gotten slightly worse over the years but clears in about 30 seconds. I have a GM dealer in the family and will inquire about GM's practice on notifying dealers and dealers' retention requirements of such communications.
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    I have a 2007 Denali, the engine does the same thing when its cold, but once warmed-up, all is fine. In my opinion, its a non-issue. Just take it easy at first until the engine is fully warmed-up before trying break a 0-60 record.. LOL. Happy Thanksgiving!
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