Starter Installation

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I have a 2000 MPV and i 'm changing the starter myself...does anybody know if it's easier to get at it from the top or from underneath?


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    Not sure on the 2000 model but I recently changed it out on my 93 model and I hope you have very small hands and the 2wd model. The 4wd model calls for removing everything under the sun to get at it.

    But anyway, on my 93 it was only accessible from the bottom. I had to jack up the passenger side to make some room to work as well. It's just your basic starter swap (3 bolts holding it in) but it is in an awkward place and you can not disconnect the wires going to the solenoid until you have the starter loose since they are on the top of the starter where you can't reach them. The hardest part really is just fishing the starter in and out between everything. So a 10 minute job took me a day to complete.
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    Whenever I have my oil changed , my starter stops working, not right away, but like the next day I took it to a quick service place and he touched something on the divers' side under the car he didn't raise the hood and it started immediately
    can you tell what it was and where it is located Thank You
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