Lexus SC 300/SC 400

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  • barresa62barresa62 Member Posts: 1,379
    I will be taking possession of a 92' SC400 w/118k miles on it in a few days. It has belonged to a friend of mine since 93'. He has babied it. It's black w/grey leather interior and additional wood pkg on the console to match the dash and doors. It has all options except for the Nagamichi (sp?) stereo. It has been upgraded w/95' chrome wheels. I've read many a good thing about the SCs and am looking forward to owning it as well as posting here.

    Thanks Claires for setting up this thread. I like the SC 430 but felt the SC300/400s deserved their own discussion :-)

    Newbie in Seattle,
  • dsrothdsroth Member Posts: 6
    We have a 1995 SC400 that has been a great car. Recently the inside cabin heat works sporadically (when it is turned on). When the car is driving down the road, the inside cabin heater works properly. When the car sits idle at a stop sign, the heater blower still works but the heat turns to cold air. We have replaced the thermostat and cap. What else can be causing the sporadic heat/cold?
  • jdimicco1jdimicco1 Member Posts: 5
    Just purchased a '95 SC 400 with - get this - 59,000 miles on it. It's got every option. I'm looking forward to many, many miles of pleasure (if not ecstasy!) driving this beauty. Seems perfect except for the power antenna (which is now a manual).

    Anything I should look for - or look out for - in terms of problems down the road?
  • joneshaferjoneshafer Member Posts: 1
    My 95 SC400 has water in the left headlight. Anyone have advice on removing the lens to clear the water and how to seal the gasket so it won't recur?

    Also, both headlight lens are yellowing and dull. I've bought Mequier's plastic cleaner but haven't yet used it. Any advice on whether or not to do so?

    Last, the display for the a/c is clouding out on the right side. Is there a fix less expensive and troublesome than replacing the display?
  • jwoods1jwoods1 Member Posts: 1
    92 lexus runs rich idles high and low
  • fredlesliefredleslie Member Posts: 1
    When I drove "Jade" out of the new car showroom in northern New Jersey in August of 1995 more than 14 years ago, who would have thought we'd still be together and quite happy with each other for so long after that? She was the second SC400 I ever owned and I knew what I was getting into when I returned my 1992 SC400 "Honey"'s lease when it expired. I've owned or leased Jaguars, Mercedes, Cadillacs, BMWs, etc. when I lived in New York City but not once did I ever imagine that I'd still be drawing stares on the street and thumbs up on the road being with Jade! If this were a marriage, it would be a very, very good one. As with my wife, I am planning to be with Jade until my very last day.
  • blaine6blaine6 Member Posts: 1
    My 95 SC 400 had the same leak issues in the front left headlight What did you find out as the best way to take care of it in the future.
  • 310310 Member Posts: 1
    The tail light on this car had a similar issue. I took it all the way out and ran a hair dryer into the lens to dry it out. Before reinstalling, I cleaned the rubber seals and made sure everything joined's worked ever since, no more condensation in the lens. The plastic headlight cleaner definitely works and makes a huge difference compared to the yellowed lights the car had before.
  • lconnelllconnell Member Posts: 3
    I don't have an answer for you, but I am having a similar problem with a 1992 Lexus SC 300. It was running great & now it is running rough, won't idle & is blowing black smoke. Did you get your problem resolved? If so, what did you do?
  • lconnelllconnell Member Posts: 3
    My 1992 Lexus SC 300 with 120,000 miles that has been running fine until recently it started running poorly & dying with a puff of white smoke. Installed a new head gasket, but still running poorly & dying. Took it to a Toyota dealer & they thought it may be bad gas. Had them drain the tank. It ran great for 3 days. Now it's back to running rough, not idling & blowing black smoke. Toyota wants to try replacing the ECM, but they are not sure that is the problem. At $1000.00 I want to be reasonably sure that is the problem & not throwing parts at it until we fix it. Anyone have a similar situation?

  • ahepp44ahepp44 Member Posts: 1
    Does anybody have fixes to this problem? I have observed this in other SC 300 & 400's.
  • 06nighthawkv606nighthawkv6 Member Posts: 55

    I just picked up an Sc300. Yes, you heard me right, it is the year 2014 and I just picked up a 1995 Sc 300 and let me tell you boys, it is in EXCELLENT condition! I don't have any problems and I hope I never do cause the prices of some of these problems is REALLY WORRYING ME! Thank god the PREVIOUS owner garaged it and most importantly, drove it nicely and did not abuse it because as a result, I have a very reliable and most important, STYLED RIGHT TO MY SATISFACTION for a DAILY DRIVER! The seats and leather have ELIMINATED my back problem which my previous Honda only made worse and agitated. The engine is so smooth and QUIET and road noise is totally gone. My Accord was horrible at comfort and this car is a pro at quiet and comfort. I'm glad I only paid peanuts for it cause it is not especially stingy on gas but with all the leftover money I have from not having to spend 25 or 30 grand for a decent car now a days, I came out ahead and I now don't drive long distances and waste gas like I did with the Honda. All in all, a great score and a life changer and saver too!

  • bigsc400bigsc400 Member Posts: 1

    I have a 1993 SC400 with 55,100 original miles and garaged since it was brandy new All options including sunroof and heated seats. Rides and handles like new. Perfect inside and out. I might let it go for the right offer!

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