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Im driving a 2005 2door manual. It had front end work done a month a go- a brand new steering column and both front swaybar bushings and a 4 wheel alignment.

The past week Ive noticed the performance exhaust sounds louder and a slight vibration under my feet- drivers side. Today the vibration is now a shake, when I cut the wheel hard it clunks and you can feel it, and driving down the highway the car feels like its hesitating. I hope this makes some sense lol.
It almost feels as if Im losing my steering or as if one of the tires is going to fall off. Should it be ok to drive a short distance to the dealer?
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    I Know that cobalts have the worst front end in the business. I have one that only has 7 K on it and the dealer is in the process of installing a new front suspension. Rack and Pinion is shot, Steering shaft had to be replaced, lower control arm bushings almost fell out and new ones had to be pressed in and the springs and shock suck so bad it sounds like there is a pogo stick spring on each tire.
    YOu are probably out of warrantee on that car. I think front ends are only good to around 12 K miles... The will rip you a new one if you take it to the dealer.. Suggust you take it to a good front end place, one with an old timer in it... Most of these kids dont have a clue what they are working on. Almost all have ADD, cant hear, and cant see either. If your car was made on Monday or Friday, you
    probably got a peice of crap too. I don;t really know what the hesitation would have to do with the suspension, Thats a whole different thing. Put it on a code reader and see what it says. Some parts places like Auto Zone will pull the numbers for free for you.
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    I think you have a lemon. I had a 2006 Cobalt that had over 40,000 miles on it and it never needed any front end work, My friend has an 06 with 67,000 miles on it and it has only been in for 1 repair the key getting stuck in the ignition. I now have an 08 Cobalt. and I did have the intimidiate shaft changed because of an occasional thumping when turning while stopped, and that fixed the problem otherwise the car has been trouble free at 10,100 miles. :)
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    That's a new one to me or this forum.
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    I would bet that this 07 cobalt was either made on a Monday or a Friday. I use to work on the ford mustang assembly plant in Linden NJ, and Cars made on those days were the worst. Guys were hyped up about going out friday and not thinking too much about what they were doing. and Monday they were getting over a hangover... usually only 1 out of 3 cars would start on Monday and Friday... the average was a lot better on the middle week days... Yes Charlie Brown there is a big differance. And Yes I use to be a front end specialist.
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    Absolutely right!

    Here are the lyrics from a song that was one of my favorites from Johnny Cash. "A Wednesday Car".

    Here are the lyrics... have fun.

    Lyrics A Wednesday Car

    The assembly line is runnin' slow on Monday
    They've been livin' it up and layin' up Saturday and Sunday
    On Tuesday they're about to come around
    But they still feel bad and they're kinda down
    And mad cause they've got four more day before the weekend rolls around

    On Wednesday they're feelin' fine again
    And they're workin' like a dog and diggin' in
    Tryin' to do everything they should puttin' 'em cars together good
    And I got me a car that was made on Wednesday on Wednesday
    If you're gonna boy yourself a new car
    You just better hope you're lucky enough to get one made on Wednesday

    On Thursday the weekend is in sight
    And they're in a hurry and they don't do nothing right
    Friday is the worst day of the week that's the day they make lemons dogs and freaks
    If your car was made on Friday friend you'll soon be in the creek

    Cause it's payday and the loafin' has begun
    Lord them Friday cars just hope you don't get one
    Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday
    Are all bad days and the only try day is Wednesday
    And my car was made on Wednesday on Wednesday
    If your car wasn't made on Wednesday I'd advise you not to even leave home
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    I've had nothing but problems with my 06 cobalt LT that i bought april 07... just wondered if anyone has had any weird winding noises in the front end when braking or even cruising a slow speed? unfortunately i bought from the worst dealer around and didnt find out til i told ppl where i got my car. they are known for not doin repairs and have had nothing but problems with my gas gauge for a year but also this damn winding noise. sounds stupid but the only way i can describe the noise is a helicoptors propellers slowing down... it makes that sort of winding noise when i brake or cruise along at 30-40kms/hr..,. anyone else had any noise issues like this? i dont know what to do anymore. I've fought with the dealer who is hopeless and now fighting with GM canada who is also doing nothing
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    I too have a 2007 Cobalt LS 4 dr sedan and at around 14,000mi had a banging in front end..they replaced the at 16,000mi the same noise back again. I took it to a dealer closer to home to have it checked. Well, there explanation was according to them i hit the curb and dented the radiator(cost fix they say), and the mount was what i heard and theyd tightn it up. Afriend looked at it and the radiator hadn't had any repair on it and he put it back in mounts. Also, he said i didn't hit anything as the spoiler is lower to the ground than the radiator and had no marks on it and wasn't broken(the spoiler). He said the indentation on the radiator was made by a floor jack. I went back to the dealer they say no way did they do that. (Radiator doesn't leak), but tried to have them fix what they done but no go as i have no proof. The car has only been to the original dealer and the 2nd one. Anything or anyone that i can complain to about this to have it fixed? Is this covered on warranty or no?
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    Don't feel bad. My car was doing the same thing and now it also brakes by itself. Be careful.
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    My car started out that way. At first it was basically breaking on its on. Took it to the dealership and they couldn't find the problem. Just recently my car braked completly by itself causing me to run into the curb and now I have a several repairs that need to get done. Good luck!!! I have been fighting this for about a year. Now I think that it is time to take action. I just needed to make sure that I wasn't the only one that all of this was happening to. Of course they try to make you feel like your crazy and it is only your
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