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Toyota Avalon Extra Power Outlet

avalon2006avalon2006 Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I have a 2006 Avalon XLS. Can anyone suggest how I can install built-in extra cigarette lighters? Do they make them? Where can I buy them? I don't want the dangling cigarette expanders you can buy at Wal-Mart for $10. I want something built-in, professional looking. I need 3 cigarette lighters, use them for TV, electronic gadgets, etc. I'm not a smoker.


  • tourbustourbus Posts: 14
    Avalon 2006, don't know if you solved the lighter problem, but I also wanted a power point other then the two buried within the console. I finally ran a line from the fuse box located under the dash on the drivers side. There should be a few spare fuse holders in the box that you can fit a fuse with a pigtail in. Attach a wire to this pigtail, run it up under the dash to the console and attach the new power point (I screwed mine on). Worked for me. I power a Garmin GPS and a Valentine 1 radar detector with no problems. If you locate the power point toward the back of the console it is even hard to see when not in use.
  • Hi Tourbus,

    Interesting idea.I'm going to look into that, thanks.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    If you don't want to do this yourself a car audio store can easily do it for you and usually for a low cost. I had 2 added to my 05 Avalon for less then a 100 bucks.

    I'm already planning to add at least 1 to my new 08.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    I got a quote this evening for $75.00 to add 3 power points to the back face of the console. Below the A/C vents to the back seats.
  • $75 seems reasonable. Who's doing the work? Can you email me pics? I would really appreciate that. Thanks.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    For the 75 bucks they are going to run a fused 10 ga circuit from the battery thru the firewall, under the carpet and to the console. Then wire in the 3 power points.

    "They" are Rhino Linings of Winchester, Va.They have done several things to my Tacoma truck and do nice work at decent prices. Good people to deal with.
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