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turn-off rain sensing wiper in Murano-09

barunkbarunk Posts: 6
edited June 2014 in Nissan
Does any one know, how to turn off rain-sensing wiper in Nissan murano 09.

I had a car wash done recently, and one of my left arm wiper got bent. it cost 45$ to replace the wiper arm.


  • Easy, just read the manual or watch the DVD.
    But since I could not even figure out how to tune the wipers on last Friday night in my first rain, I better tell you that all you have to do is move the wiper handle up one notch.
    Center is off
    One notch down is intermitted, and rain sensing
    One more notch down is slow
    One more notch down is fast.

    Joe K0BX
  • How about disabling the auto wipers (and making it time-based intermittent again) ? the wiper sensor is nearly useless on freezing slushy winter days!
    I do like it in the summer though, so ideally it should be reversible. I haven't found anything on other forums. Any ideas?

    2009 Murano SL w/luxury package
    -awesome car (except for a few human-factor engineering details)
  • I actually went to the dealer and asked them to turn it off for me because I couldn't figure it out and they said it CANNOT BE TURNED OFF! Can you believe that?! I'm still determined to figure it out or find someone who can. I guess the sensor is on the outside of the car, near the windshield. I hate the rain sensor wipers--they go super fast when there's a simple mist and go super slow when there's a downpour, but I'm stuck in traffic and crawling along at 5 mph. SO DANGEROUS!
  • mrstommrstom Posts: 6
    I hate those rain-sensing wipers. Nissan should find a way to disable them via the control panel - as you can with other features like the speed-sensitive volume control. The rain-sensing feature basically renders the intermittent wipers useless.

    Nissan: Listen up! Your customers are telling you something. :cry: ">
  • There's got to be a way to turn them off, especially if you're getting the car washed at an automatic full service car wash.
    I have the rain-sensing wipers on my '07 RX350, and I love them!
    They're one of my favorite features on my car. I just move the stalk up one notch. There's the word "auto" printed on my windshield wiper stalk. Also, you can set the sensitivity of the rain-sensing function to high, low or medium. Granted, it's sometimes difficult to determine if I'm in auto or rains-sense mode(and this happens only after the car has been to the car wash and the attendants seem to know to turn off my wipers anyway) so when I'm unsure,
    I move the stalk down one more notch, which turns the wipers on at regular speed.

    I'd like to hear others' input on the rains-sensing wipers pertaining to the Murano though. Mine work great. On my car, they also increase in speed when the driving speed increases. The only time I have to adjust anything is when there's a light mist-type of rain, and sometimes too much sprinkles get on the windshield and I'll bump down a notch on the stalk to go to regular speed. But, otherwise, they work great.
  • THX for the input. Perhaps the main problem is that the wipers are speed sensitive. Rain-sensing is one thing, but I dont need my wipers moving as quickly during a mist - as they would in a downpour. Under those conditions, the faster I drive the mist seems to evaporate and I do not need the wipers to speed up. Anyway, something tells me this will be perfected in the future -- on all car models. THX again. :)
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