Town Car future

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Does anyone know what this cars future is? Will continue to be made for the forseeable future? Thanks


  • euphoniumeuphonium Member Posts: 3,425
    Good question. Neither "Motor Trend" nor "Automobile" has shared any news.

    I look forward to a new body design, 5.4L V8, 6 speed tranny, tachometer in the dash, & seats 6 as comfortable as our '94 Signature.

    However, should our Sig be totaled, I would shop for an 04 to 06 XJ8 Jaguar, even though it only carries 5 people. To me any recent TC is a warmed over '98. ;)
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    It seems the Town car has possibly been replaced by the much smaller , more "preppy - friendly" mk something .It is in the new "launch" campaign .I hope the Lincoln company does not choose tho deal the death-blow to the Town-car , but it seems in interest of fuel economy and greeness , they will .God save us all .
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    For 2009 The Town Car will be available only by Special Order. That's what the dealer told me. They pushing the MKS as a replacement but their bigest client Limo comapanies are not happy with that. We'll see what happens.
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