Element Sun visor replacement

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I own a 2008 Element LX and love it. Problem is with my wife's vanity. She, when riding in the front passenger seat, will pull the rear view mirror around to adjust her lipstick/makeup. The LX's sun visors do not come with mirrors. I am told that I can order a replacement sun visor for the EX model that has a lighted mirror. (I do not like the aftermarket sun visor clip-on mirrors.) I know there is a good chance that the generic wiring harness may have a branch that goes to the sun visor that I could use once I removed the sun visor. Thus the problem! What is the best (safest) way to remove the covers that cover the screws that hold the sun visor to the roof panel without damaging it? I note it has a small slit-do I pry it apart with a Screwdriver? Has anyone done this?

Thanks for any information you can provide.


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    Ussually there are just small clips on either side of the cover peice. Take a tiny screw driver and bend GENTLY!!!! back to look and see how exactly its held in place. Usually if you pop one side off the other comes right out.
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