Mazda CX-9 Driver Information System (DIS)

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I've unlocked the DIS on my 3 but can't get the CX9 to fully display. In the 3, you push the FM/AM and CD buttons together, insert the key and turn to "ON." Hold the buttons until "DIS ON" displays, then hold the SET (or :00) button until the clock changes over to the DIS.

My wife's 2008 Sport AWD (with Bose) acts the same way to get the "DIS ON" message, but it has neither a SET or :00 button, so I don't know which button to use. To complicate it further, sometimes people have had to reset their battery or turn they car off then back on after first getting DIS ON.

Anyone try this? Anyone want to experiment to find the right combination of buttons? FYI, the DIS can display real-time MPG, average MPG, DTE and average MPH.


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    I have skimmed thru the workshop manual and don't remember reading anything related to DIS mentioned in the phonebook-thick workshop manual. Yes, there is a diagnostic mode and test mode that one can enter thru a bunch of steps. However, I have no seen anything related to MPG at all.
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    The story is, it's buried (not deep, just not obvious) b/c it's touted as a feature on the GT (which I hear has an "INFO" button that lets the user get these readings). Just hold the FM/AM and CD buttons, turn your key to "ON" and hold the buttons, and you'll see DIS ON appear in the radio display. That "unlocks" the DIS, but then there's some other button - my mystery - which will actually display it. It was :00 in my 3. I'm thought it'd be the H or M button, but I tried those. I may have to try a battery reset.
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    When I get back tonight, I will dig thru the workshop manual again to see if there is any mentioning of this procedure. Usually, a workshop manual will cover things like that so that service technician would know how to.
    I have a Prius. I love to monitor MPG while I drive. It trains you to be a better driver, MPG-wise.
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    Were you able to find the unlock procedure in the workshop manual? No further post on this topic so I'm wondering if it was a dead end. Please let us know the magic combination if you find it.
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    No. I wasn't able to.
    I am considering ScanGuageII ($159). It provides much more than just MPG.
    Read it up and decide for yourself.
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    Do the 2009 models come with a better trip computer, i.e. mpg, miles til empty, etc? I wonder if the 07/08's could be compatible if it's only a software change...
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    It would be awesome if someone figures out a way to access the trip computer. The Australian CX-9 includes a trip computer and it has an "info" button on the head unit. I also remember reading somewhere that the U.S model has the trip computer as well but for some reason it's disabled.

    Now that we found a way to unlock it we just need to figure out how to access it.
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    I tried this and had no Idea that you could unlock it. I presse the set button while the radio was on and it dispalyed everthing everyone posted.
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    Ok, I'm confused. Is there a way to display the trip computer or are we talking about the Mazda 3?
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    this is weird, why USA's Mazda vehicles doesnt have this feature ?
    we have it in the middle east, i own CX9 GT and we do have an Info button next to the clock button, it shows all trip infos + MPGs

    i figured out that Autsralia's mazda's also have this button..
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    So exactly WHERE is your Clock button????

    Mine doesn't have a clock button. Is it on the center console surrounding the LCD display?

    Click on the INTERIOR View and the image of the LCD on the 2nd Row, first on the left on the Mazda USA website right here.... ehicleCode=CX9

    Is your button here? Are your buttons labeled differently? Do you have SAT? RTN, DISP?

    Something really strange going on here. Can you upload a photo of where on yoru dash this button is on YOUR CX-9?
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    So I looked up the CX-9 console on the Mazda Australia Site and there is definately different buttons on the center console compared to the U.S. Model

    The OZ model has the following buttons
    LEFT of LCD Display
    - Load/Eject
    - H (our I assume)
    - M (inute I assume)
    - Disp
    - SCAN

    On the Right the OZ CX-9 has
    - FM1/2
    - AM
    - CD
    - Media

    For us here in the U.S. we have the following buttons
    LEFT of LCD Display
    RTN (Return)

    On the RIGHT we have

    So my question to those down under is how do you navigate in and out of the navigation system without the Return button? How do you get into NAvigation without the NAV button?? You must have more touchscreen options in your menu than in ours.

    We CANNOT set the time because the manul says that it's automatically set by the GPS system.

    So why would Mazda do this???
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    After reading the posts in this string, I decided to go straight to the horse's mouth, so to speak, and got this from Mazda USA regarding the DIS:

    "Unfortunately this is only available for new vehicles and cannot be adapted to older models. Also, the data management system that controls the information system is factory installed and cannot be installed at the dealership." :cry:

    Believe what you will, but I think it might be time to abandon this quest and install the ScanGuage II.
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    I wouldn't expect Mazda to tell you how to hack their system...

    That's like going to the IRS and asking what loophole you should use when filing your taxes. ;)
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    I love my ScanGaugeII. It is selling very well, believe it or not.
    You get much more than just a trip computer. It has the "Scan", "Gauge" functions that a "Trip" computer from factory does not offer.

    Scan: see error codes, and look it up on internet for causes of problems (knock on the wood)
    Gauge: see detail parameters of your powertrain such as coolant temp, battery voltage (knowing when your battery is dying..) and all sorts of details.
    Trip: current, today, previous day, this tank, distance, fuel consumed, ....

    I mounted to in front of the instrument cluster and behind the steering wheel. The cable is almost invisible since the OBDII connector is right below the steering wheel column. It looks like part of the instrumentation.
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    I'd love to see a picture of your SG mounted in front of the instrument cluster, if you have time. I'm still debating over trying that location, or purchasing a BlendMount and putting it over the rearview mirror.
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    I will snap a picture and send you the link.
    I can't put it on the rearview mirror since I got a auto-dimming homelink one. The space on top of it seems very limited to me. Besides, it is natural to me to put all
    driving parameters in one place. :)

    My ScanGaugeII is blocking the odometer and trip meter a bit, but one can still see them if one leans forward. So, no problem there. I don't try to read the odometer/trip meter all the time. ScanGaugeII info is more interesting to me.
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    Maybe you can put the pic on your CarSpace page so the rest of us can see it too? Thanks.
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    Done. The pictures are in my CarSpace now. They are from my cell phone. Sorry for the poor quality.
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    Your wiring solution looks like it worked well.

    Here's the link for anyone looking for the CarSpace page:
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    How can I set up the clock when my battery damaged? Thanks.
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