Timing Belt Change

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We purchased a used 2000 Sienna last November. There was no maintenance book with the vehicle. We are at 76k miles: when should the timing belt get changed, and also, is it a good idea to change the water pump as well??


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    Manufacturer suggests at 90K.
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    I have exposed the subject belt and have the following questions:

    1)Does the special tool GM uses for this do more than secure the sprockets and crank shaft?
    2)Does the cam sprockets tend to rotate when the belt is removes from valve spring force?
    3)How fragile are the sprockets and will they stand any stress from securing them other than with the special tool?
    4)How do I manipulate the tensioners to remove and reinstall the belt. The top center tensioner has an hex face. Can I turn this to release tension. The side tensioner has a nut and allen head recess. How is this tension released?

    Thanking you in advance for your help


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