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Experiences or known problems with FX35 AWD option?

texasridertexasrider Member Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in INFINITI
I currently own a 2003 Audi A6 CVT, which I love but I looking at purchasing a 2006 or 7 FX35. My concern is that I was trying to stay away from the "AWD" version but the majority of the ones I find out on Auto trader are “AWD”.

It's been my experience that while having options like this sound neat, in the long run they tend to be more of a headache ($$$ maintenance wise $$$); especially when it's something that’s not really needed (I live in Austin TX, very little snow).

So, I'm looking for ANY feedback regarding experiences and/or know issue with the 2006/7 FX35 AWD feature?

Foot note:
I once owned a Ford Probe fully loaded; with the adjustable suspension. It was a cool feature (not very functional) but when it came time to have the struts/shocks (?) replaced, I found out that it cost me twice as much to have my front "adjustable shocks" replaced than it would cost me to have standard shocks/struts replace all around (front and back) on a probe without the "special" suspension.

There in lies my concern with this, not really needed, "AWD" feature on the FX35/45.

Please advise.



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    susanosoonersusanosooner Member Posts: 1
    Hi TXrider

    I own a 2006 FX35 AWD. I have had absolutely ZERO issues with this vehicle. I'm in Tulsa and have faced each extreme in weather conditions. Ice, Snow, heavy rains....extreme heat... You name it, this car has had no troubles.

    I used the snow button feature on my AWD my first winter with the car and it worked great. The snow button coupled with the AWD and auto-torque changes with the wheel that might be slipping... well, I was able to go where I wanted.

    I understand you probably wouldn't face the same challenges in Austin...but I just wanted you to know I consider AWD a great feature in this vehicle. With the weight and torque it has, any/all extra control features can only help. I had a G35 coupe before this and it did slip around some (no AWD, same engine/HP). The traction control on the G35 was a MUST...glad it came standard. ;)
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    deanniedeannie Member Posts: 13
    I know this post is a year and a half late, but I felt compelled to reply. As far as reliability/maintenance goes, an FX35 w/awd is generally a vey reliable car. Regardless of your individual experience, Audis generally are not. However, the car you buy is not a general car, it will be a specific vehicle with its own unique set of problems (or not). Buy an FX that was never a rental vehicle or one that has not had more than one owner. Do not rely on Carfax histories because many owners who plan to sell after an accident will not report the accident through insurance but will repair it out of pocket to hide the damage from Carfax. Have a mechanic look at it first. Check both Alldata & carfax! I assume you already got the car by now and hope you had good luck.
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    surndersurnder Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 FX45, recently it started doing some strange things. It will slip into a 'mode' where it will not accelerate beyond 15 mph. It does this either at a complete stop or if I'm actually moving along. The car is fine when I'm at speeds beyond 15-20 mph. Also, if the car is in 'park' and I'm waiting for it to slip out of this 'mode' these 3 indicator lights will come on...the 'slip', ABS, and VDC off indicator lights simultaneously will appear and the engine will make a rumbling sound.

    I have taken the vehicle to two different Infiniti service dealerships and they cant duplicate the problem, nor can they figure it out. I haven't driven my car for nearly a month now, it's been in service. It isn't reliable, this can happen at anytime. One of the last times I was on a freeway transition ramp (not good). Miller Infiniti in Van Nuys has contacted the "helpline" to no avail. They are now talking about replacing the alternator, but they really have no idea what is going on with the car. So replacing the alternator could be of no help.

    I know this issue is really for maintenance people, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    It sounds as if your car is going into "limp home" mode as a result of some failure involing the engine/transmission controllers or sensors. I would remove the ABS pumpmotor fuse temporarily and drive the car more carefully for a few days to accertain that the problem is not with any of the ABS functions.

    You might have CEL indicator bulb out.
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    wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Install a new 12 volt battery.

    The initial startup "self-testing", multiple system self-testing, can put such a heavy load on a slightly weak battery that you get this "effect".

    Slow engine cranking can often be a symptom also.
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    bredmondbredmond Member Posts: 1
    I bought my FX-35 in 2009 its a 2007. I bought it from Enterprise. It was a rental. It had 19 thousand miles on it when I got it. Fully loaded AWD,BOSE stereo, Leather, rear back up camera, heated seats etc... This is the best Vehicle I've EVER owned. I paid 24 thousand and now have 50 thousand miles on it. I live in NJ and its a solid well made BEAST in the snow. The first time I brought it into the dealership the mechanic cursed saying I got a better deal then they did working for the company. Buy the rental but my personal mechanic says do not purchase the extended warranty. It's a rip off you don't need it.
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    captaingeorgecaptaingeorge Member Posts: 1
    Two Problems. 2009 FX-35 - IntelliCruise Control issues. This as been hapening since delivery of the vehicle - new. The dealer cannot determine the problem. Infiniti has indicated that they have not had any complaints.
    While driving on the interstate with InteliCruise Control selected, the vehicle will sense vehicles and slow down with the vehicle spacing selected on the steering column. While changing lanes to retain the selected speed, the vehicle senses that all vehicles are clear and will go into a rapid acceleration mode - passing gear. This is not necessary as it accelerates too rapidly, giving the driver a sense that it is out of control. This rapid acceleration (pasding gear) is unsafe and disrupting to the driver.
    The second item is also in reference to tje InteliCruise Control. With cruise control on, and driving over an incline - the speed is consistent. At the top of the incline, the vehicle will crest the incline and sense an acceleration of the vehicle and slow down about 5 mph. Shortly after the decelleration of 5 mph, the vehicle will sense the slowdown and will accelerate to the selected speed. This lack of critical sensing is not good in that following cars do not always sense the decelleration and the driver of the FX-35 doesnot always understand why the vehicle is slowing. A bit unnerving.
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