Blown Jeep Cherokee engine question????

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I bought 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport from my roommate who was moving out of town for 500 bucks. He said it needed major work and turns out it does. I drove it to a Jeep dealership and it needs a new engine and a new radiator from a major coolant leak possibly from a blow head gasket They said it would cost 4,000 dollars to repair including parts and labor. Plus it could use new tires to pass inspection and new brakes and that is another 1,000.
I dont have 4,000 bucks to throw into it but I could manage 2,000- 2,500 could I repair this for 2,500?? Or should I just scrap it?


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    Have you checked with other mechanics in your area?

    If you have a local community college or vocational school with an automotive program you may be able to get them to do the work for you. It would be a time consuming process but you'd get quality work for practically free.

    Alternatively, if you had the skill and the tools you could do it yourself but if you had those you probably wouldn't be asking the question. :)

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    Being a smart [non-permissible content removed]! sorry--I am trying to replace the 4.0 in line jeep engine on my son jeep-Got the old one fine, and got the new/junk yard replacement in place however the engine mounts will not line up? Are there different mounting patterns for each jeep? The replacement is suppose!!!!!!! to be from a Jeep Cherokee 1993 also- Right now it looks like the old one are simply to narrow-passinger side will bolt almost however the drivers side is about 2 inches short of the mounting hole.
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