cracks in the sidewall of one tire.

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I got some cracking on the sidewall of one tire. Should i get it replaced? My car is a 99 chevy malibu. I had the tires replaced
about 6 years ago. Is this from tire age or me driving only 5 miles aday?


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    cracking is normally a sign of age.....I change tires every 5 years whether they need them or not....most of the times I reach tread life on a tire long before I reach the 5 year limit........also a warning was just released by the Feds that stated tires older than 5 years...or words to that effect are more prone to castrophic failures.....

    my advice would be to change it out....and do at least two on the same axle if not all four
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    Get them changed it's called dry rot, tiny little cracks, even though the thread looks good, remember what people dont realize is that it's the side wall that holds up the weight of the car not the thread.
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    Thanks, i will get them replaced this week. only one tire looks bad. Do i need to replace all 4? i got all 4 of them at the same time. I was hoping to save some money now i have to spend money on tires:(
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    Yes, make sure you get four of the same brand tires and also make sure they put new valve stems on along with balancing.
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    I got the new tires put on and i had the adjust the rear brakes. the parking brake will only go down 2" now. But the car brakes alot better. I heard Malibu needs there rear brakes adjusted every 12000 miles so the front brakes wont rear out.
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    Glad to hear it, you did the right thing, fuel mileage will be a little better and you wont be sliding around those turns anymore as much when it rains. Be safe.
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