2009 Mustang

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We have seen a lot of spy photos of the new mustang, but how is this refresh going to do with the challengers sales? the challenger is a hot car, and so is the mustang. Then the camero will be coming out so we will finally have a true battle for the title of the best muscle car!


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    From what I've read, the '09 Mustang will be relatively unchanged, and will have a short run. The '10 model will have significant changes, but remain on the same platform.

    Since gasoline prices will likely remain high, I'd be in favor of a smaller, lighter, nimbler Mustang, on the next new platform.
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    Ford's teaser photos of the 2010 Mustang hint at a restyled front end (looks like there's going to be more front overhang and modified headlamp housings) and sides (looks like they've introduced a "shoulder" behind the door similar to the Challenger, added body colored paint to the mirrors, and sharpened the almost-invisible crease intersecting the door handle). The inside looks relatively unchanged (maybe tweaked gauges?). I can't wait for them to unveil the whole thing. I hope they can make the styling less chunky and boring. The last time Ford restyled the Mustang while keeping the same platform it spawned the beautiful "New Edge" Mustangs, including the Bullitt, Mach-1 and Terminator SVT Cobra. :shades:
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    Hey ya i made a mistake the 2009 is not really changed but the 2010 will get an awesome new makeover. I saw the teasers and i like the new look way better the the last gen.
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    The current model Mustang was supposed to be styled after the first generation. From what Ford has posted on the '10 model, it looks like it's going to be styled after the late-'60s Mustangs. I can't wait to see the whole thing. These teaser photos are too much of a tease.
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