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I bought a 2007 Aston Martin DB9 brand new from orange county CA. This car stoped in the middle of the major intersection in los angeles within the first month I bought it. Soon after dealer told me the engine is bad and they replaced the engine. It has been nothing but trouble. TOTAL LEMON. Dealer and Aston refuse to take it back. Anyone has experinced similar issues.


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    If I were in your shoes I would first draft a demand letter to your dealer and CC it to the North America or USA office of Aston Martin. In the demand letter you will be specific but concise concerning the defects. You will discuss your dealer's breach of contract and refusal to perform under your warranty. Remember, there are also implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Be sure to include exactly what your endstate is. If you want 3rd party to perform all warranty work state that, if you want $ back because of your defective vehicle state how much and why. If you are asking for money I would certainly have a certified mechanic give a written opinion on what is wrong and why. Use that mechanic's letter as an enclosure to your demand letter. For a vehicle of this expense, I would consider retaining an attorney. Having an attorney write this on letterhead will likely be more effective. As always, if your demand letter is not well-received, you can sue your dealer and Aston Martin in the Superior Courts of California. The Superior Court has the authority to order rescission of this car contract if that is what you want.

    Be sure to log your complaint with the better business bureau and State of California attorney general's office.

    Good luck to you.
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    Thank you so much for a great advice. Subsequent to my 1st posting, I did do what you said and end up filling a lawsuit against Bauer and Aston Martin in California Supreme court. We are in the court system right now and they are using the stall technique now, thinking that time is on their side so they are dragging it as much as they can, thinking I will go away. I would never buy a car from BAUER or ASTON MARTIN.
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    I actually never heard that someone had such problems with his Aston Martin. You are definitely right the car is a Lemon. I always thought that this car must be perfect because James Bond is using this car. Unfortunately I never drove an Aston Martin but prospectively I would love to just drive this car one time. Hope that this won't be a Lemon.
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    Introduced in 2004 as the successor to the legendary DB7, the Aston Martin DB9 has quickly risen to become one of the most admired exotic sports cars available today. In addition to a classy, awe-inspiring exterior design, the 2010 Aston Martin DB9 features first-rate interior accommodations typical of most exotics at this price point. What’s more, its state-of-the-art engineering allows it to compete with class-leading powerhouses manufactured by Lamborghini and Ferrari .

    The 2010 Aston Martin DB9 is not perfect, but its drawbacks are negligible. Its back seat doesn’t accommodate average-size adults -- though no exotic sports car does. And, like most of its competitors, the 2010 Aston Martin DB9 lacks practical cargo room. What’s more, test drivers note that its performance abilities aren’t as hardcore as some of its rivals. That, however, is counter-balanced by the fact that few of its rivals are as comfortable to handle as the 2010 Aston Martin DB9.

    All in all, reviewers admire this powerful exotic street machine."[T]he new DB9 is an assault on Porsche -- and all other world-class sports car manufacturers, for that matter," writes Forbes. "It takes Aston's credibility as a sports car builder to a new level and is one of the most exciting cars an automaker has ever produced. It also challenges the iconic styling of a vehicle like the Porsche 911 with drop-dead looks of its own."
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