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Chrysler Town and Country MyGig Questions

jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
edited April 2014 in Chrysler
I just purchased the 2008 T&C Touring Signature Series and I think I got duped on this MyGig system. My old T&C had the 6-disc DVD changer and I thought this hard drive replaced the changer and allowed you to load movies. In reading the manuals - all three of them - it appears that I can only load music. So, I'm wondering how the heck I load multiple DVDs so that the kids can watch two different movies on the two separate screens?

Also, everything I read on the Chrysler site makes it seem that the uconnect hands free phone system is included in the MyGig system ( re_mygig_link), but when I push the phone button, it says "uconnect not available". Did anyone else experience this problem?


  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I can't help much on the dual DVD question - the MyGIG on mine just has the single DVD player I do know that only music files and pics can be uploaded to the hard drive.

    The Chrysler MyGIG website has several interactive demos that might help. Click on Video Entertainment System on the left side of the screen after you get there.

    On the UConnect, did you pair your cell phone to the MyGIG yet? That option is in the setup. It might be why it says the feature is not available if there is no phone connected.
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    U connect is optional. It doesn't come with every mygig. Do you have the microphone in the rearview mirror? If not, you don't have u connect. You play multiple DVD's by putting one in the top player (behind the screen) and the second in the bottom player (below the heater controls). I can make them play, but can't describe it. I would go to the MyGig page on the Chrysler site to check that out.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I did a bit of research on the Chrysler "Build My Own" website for the T&C Touring Signature Series. It looks like the UConnect is only mentioned with the optional MyGIG with nav or with the optional security group.

    I did see a link that says UConnect is available as a MOPAR dealer-installed option if it didn't come with it from the factory.
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    I have also seen the UConnect install kits for sale on ebay. Mostly being sold by chrysler/dodge/jeep dealers. They are not cheap....
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Do you have the microphone in the rearview mirror?

    I was studying the install guide on the UConnect add-on listed below. It says that after it has been installed the dealer must enable it with a StarScan tool.

    That got me to wondering if it might already be there and it is just turned off. If it does have the little microphone in the mirror I'd say it is possible that the hardware is already there and all the dealer would have to do is activate it.

    Anyway, this is the Bluetooth UConnect add-on if the person wants it: UConnect Accessory
  • jensen3jensen3 Posts: 42
    No, I don't have that fancy auto-dimming mirror with the microphone. I just have the buttons for the phone and voice activation on my "mygig" radio. I guess I'll just have to purchase the add-on.

    I'm really miffed about this whole thing because I don't understand the value of the fancy "mygig" radio system. Am I the only person who expected a little more for my $2,500? Oh, I guess I did get "free" Sirius radio for a year.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Am I the only person who expected a little more for my $2,500?

    I don't see why it would be that much. The MyGIG with nav is only $1,300, which includes the UConnect.

    I did check into the accessory prices for the UConnect add-on on eBay. They are somewhat less expensive than buying one direct from the MOPAR accessories link I previously listed.
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    "I'm really miffed about this whole thing because I don't understand the value of the fancy "mygig" radio system. Am I the only person who expected a little more for my $2,500? Oh, I guess I did get "free" Sirius radio for a year."

    MyGig is only a 650.00 or so option, when it's not included as part of another package. That's pretty much in line with what everybody charges for an upgraded stereo system in their cars. If you get the DVD's ect, it runs about 2200 (if the MyGig wasn't included as part of another package). For example, the MyGig system was included as part of the L package in my van, making the dual DVD system an additional 1500 or so. Satellite radio comes with the system, Sat TV was an additional add on.
  • guvnor2guvnor2 Posts: 1
    There is a button on the radio where you can get access to the second DVD player. When activated, the touch screen will open revealing the second DVD player. Simply put in a DVD and the back screen will play the DVD. You can access the DVD menu with the included remote. I'm surprised the dealer did not go over this function with you. Although, our dealer network sucks as Chrysler Execuvtives sucked the life out of the dealers. Thank you Nardelli and company.
  • grammyk3grammyk3 Posts: 1
    I have copied a few cd's on my hard drive (2008 Town and Country). When I want to listen to my music, everything is listed as "audio track 1, audio track 2, and so on" How in the world can I enter the names of the cd's and the corresponding tracks? I can't find my manual, and I can't figure it out. Thanks.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Do you have the latest Gracenote database? I believe it's version 881. You can check that here:

    Menu > System Setup > System Information.

    Updates to the Gracenote and also the MyGIG application software can be downloaded from here:

    MyGIG Unofficial Updates

    I have the latest update installed but I still would sometimes get the "track01", etc., name in the list. What I did to solve that problem was to d/l the latest Apple iTunes (it's free) to my PC. Then, instead of ripping CDs to MyGIG I first use iTunes to copy them to the PC. So far iTunes has named every album and music file correctly.

    I bought a $20 4GB USB flash drive to copy the music from the HD on my computer to the MyGIG. I know it sounds like a lot but it's actually faster than ripping a CD directly to the MyGIG. You can copy multiple folders at the same time as long as each one is in the root directory.

    I have a mirror image on my PC of the music files and folders on MyGIG. One of the benefits of doing it this way is that I can custom name any music folder and that name becomes a new Playlist name on MyGIG when I copy it there. Also makes it very easy to combine multiple disc CD collections into one folder or create custom music folders.

    Apple iTune Free Download
  • macusermacuser Posts: 23

    Same thing with me...EVERYTHING I read on-line and in the catalog implies that U-Connect is there with the MyGig. I finally found a salesman who said that u need the mirror with the microphone, and unless you r there to see it (and know that) you would THINK that u have U-Connect. I said I should buy one and then sue Chrysler, but everyone said I'd get nowhere with that.

    I decided it wasn't worth the money, and bought a Garmin GPS that has Bluetooth. Only disadvantage is that it doesns't turn the radio off when using the phone.

    If u bought an add on U-Connect, please let me know the cost (including installation) and satisfaction level.
  • I bought an 08 Touring with the 25L package (no nav.) and was thinking about replacing the factory speakers. To help me decide which aftermarket speaker, does anyone know the RMS power output per channel for the "base" MyGig six speaker entertainment system? Before you ask, the Touring with the "Sound Group" was hard to find and I couldn't justify the price increase for the Limited. Thanks.
  • gio7gio7 Posts: 5
    Hey everyone, I'm joining the chaos in here, LOL. Just bought my '08 T&C 25L last week and I'm crazy about it! The dealer must've updated the software to(RER_9.807) coz everything except one is working: the DVD playback on the NAV/HD. It shows the chapter and counter but no option to view the movie. I did it with the van in park. What could be wrong with this?? :confuse:
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I did it with the van in park. What could be wrong with this??

    What state are you in? Certain states do not allow front seat video, whether the vehicle is in park or not. The dealer can enable that feature with a StarScan tool (works only when in park) but if you're in a state that does not allow it he could get into trouble. Your MyGIG owner's manual should have a yellow paper insert that lists the states where the front seat video is not permitted.

    BTW, there are at least two aftermarket companies that sell plug-in modules to enable front seat video, whether you're in motion or not. Do a Google search for NAV-TV MyGIG or Lockpick MyGIG.
  • gio7gio7 Posts: 5
    I live in Michigan, and the dealer says it's even unlawful for the seats to face backwards when the car is in motion.
    I am aware of the lockpick, allgig and freegig,but they're pretty expensive for a small feature.Others say you can hack the front DVD by unclamping the negative part of the battery for a few minutes.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I don't know the entire list of states that ban front seat video but I do remember that Michigan is one of them. I don't know if you'll be traveling in another state sometime and you drop by a dealership if they would enable it for you or not.

    There is a YouTube video that shows how to bypass the front seat video lockout on certain versions of the application software. It was a bug that was fixed on later versions.
  • gio7gio7 Posts: 5
    That is a good idea. I'll try and stop by a dealership when I drive to Toronto or Chicago. Thanks for the tip. ;)
  • When I connect my mp3 player to the Mygig system via the aux input, I have to turn the volume up all the way on the mp3 player to get any decent sound level out of the Van's sound system. This results in major distortion. Does anyone else have this problem, and is there any way to increase the input sensitivity on the Mygig system??
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