Speedometer Spike When Starting Murano

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Is it normal for the Speedomoter to quickly spike ( the the max point ) and then return to Zero when starting ?


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    I don't know whether it's common with the Murano but I would expect to see some transient electrical effects when starting.

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    That's the normal behavior on my 2009. At initial startup, the RPM and the MPH needles go to the redline and then settle back to normal.
  • davidv935davidv935 Member Posts: 17
    My RPM and speedometer do the same thing. Obviously, it's not a reflection of a spike in the actual engine speed, rather it seems to be just a reflection of electrical activation of the gauges.
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    Since the Murano has a push-button start, I would expect the meters on the cars to spike. There is no way for the car's electricals to know what you are going to do next unlike the old 3-position manual insert key where you got the battery active before you actually turned on the ignition ...

    I test drove 3 Murano's (the last being the LE AWD trim) and noticed this behavior with all 3 trims, hence was better prepared when I bought my own SL.
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    The needle-stretch is absolutely normal, nothing to do with any electrical noise or anything of the sort. My guess is designers (and their focus groups) thought it made the Murano look more sporty. Myself, I kinda like it (not that I think the car was lacking in sportiness in any way). I use it as a mandatory "wait" period before shifting into gear so I am sure everything is ready to go.
    If you don't like it, you can disable it via the "DIAL EFFECTS" option on your dot-matrix display.
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    Very true folks - TOTALLY normal.

    Just an effect - has nothing to do with an engine or start "spike"..
    As others mentioned many race indicators / performance vehicles etc perform a complete swing of the gauge/needles as either a start-up calibration, or indication that the gauge is working properly and will display the entire range/parameter.

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