Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Mileage Improvement

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Will GM step up and help out the the consumer who owns a truck or suv? They always talk about consumer loyalty, how about loyalty to the consumer. GM needs to step up and create a fix for our engines to increase fuel mileage. This fix, which I'm sure GM already has developed for future vehicles, would go along way in the PR department. It would also keep loyal GM owners from feeling abandoned and keep them buying GM. It might also help save jobs. Any thought on this.


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    I think you're dreaming.

    Chevy trucks and SUV already have best in class mileage. With gas prices at an all time high and SUV/truck sales down the tubes you can bet that GM would've introduced any significant mileage increase miracle if they had one rather than closing down 4 plants.
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    Asking for a "fix" implies that something is actually wrong. These are full-size trucks. They require sufficient power to move them and their loads. That comes at the expense of fuel economy unless you have a diesel. Nothing will make these trucks "mileage kings".

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    I have a 95 GMC pick-up with a 305 engine. I just now put in a modification to run my truck on HYDROGEN (water). I improved my gas milage from 18.2 to 22.4. How can I adjust the MAP SENSOR so I am getting less gas (doing this will improve my gas milage even more). The HYDROGEN combined with the gas almost double the octane so I now need less gas to the engine. Is there a MAP SENSOR that you can adjust? I need to fool the computer so I can tell it that the engine is running to rich.
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    If it has a screen, remove it. That will cause a lean condition.
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    What if it does not have a screen. Any other suggestions? Thanks
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    If it doesn't have a screen there's not much you can do with it since all it does is measure the volume and temperature of the incoming air.
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    I own a 2004 chevy 2500 with a 6.0L and a 3.73 axle ratio. I am wondering if anyone as a similiar truck or same size motor that has put any bolt on's such as a air intake kit, fuel catalyst system, computer programmer, throttle body spacer, or anything else that has gotten any real world MPG improvements. I read about alot of the products that "SAY" they give you MPG increases. I wondering if anybody as any experiences with the products?
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    The items that you've listed will do two things. Increase in cab noise and lighten your wallet. The manufacturer would've done all of the above in their quest for bragging rights in increased mpg if they beleived it would've helped.
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    hello all,
    i have a 2003 silverado 4x4 with a 5.3. my question is that i feel the mileage is poor compared to what i have heard other trucks are getting. the best hwy i've seen has been 15.5 hwy. i put a volant cold air intake, a torque spacer and a magnaflow exhaust system all with claims of mileage improvements. i have driven this vehicle at a pace to try to get mileage but have not seen any gain. any ideas?
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    What brand tires, size, and psi are you running?

    Last time changed plugs and wires?

    What kind of motor oil and weight?

    What rear end?
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    the tires and rims are 17" off a 2007 gmc 4x4 goodyear wrangler ats 38 psi

    never changed plugs or wires it has 64000 miles on it

    i use 5-30 havoline but thinking about switching to schaffers synthetic on a recommendation from a friend at the local napa store.

    the rear axle ratio i have no idea
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    I'd do the switch to synthetic. Also change the plugs and wires even though GM says it's good to 100K. You will probably show a little increase with the changes. Nothing major but a little here and a little there adds up.
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    that sounds like a great idea. Would you be able to let me in on some info on what it takes make it run on hydrogen and did you notice any power loss?

    Thanks Stacks
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    Depending on how elaborate you want to make the HHO device, it can cost any where from $100.00 to $900.00. I found all the plans on-line (google for HHO) and then built it. Mine cost me $130.00. I used 2 seamless stainless steel pipes (2" and a 2 1/4" by 9" long) $80.00 plus a water filter from Tractor Supply $17.50 and made my own bubbler $10.00 and bits and pieces from AUTO ZONE +/- $15.00. I had an increase of power and a increase in gas mileage. I went from (21 gal tank) 290 - 320 miles and now 380 to +/- 400 miles if I drive like an old lady. If I want to spend a little more, I probably could improve that up to around 475 to 500 miles per 21 gal tank. AND yes thats 25 mpg. I went from 15 - 18 mpg to 18 - 21 mpg.
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    Did you do anything with your MAP sensor or your O2 sensor? I am in the process of doing a HHO system.
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    I'd like very basic info on converting a 07 gas Silverado crew cab to run on hydrogen. Are there any kits and their cost? Also what type of MPG it might give?
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    I have a 2000 Silverado 4.8L and the engine runs fine, except when I go to pass a vehicle. Instead of kicking in to passing gear the truck spits and sputters to the point of almost stalling. Ocassionally it will do this if I jump in it and start it and take right off. If I sit and let it run a few minutes its fine except for passing. The truck has 235,000 miles and I changed the spark plugs and wires around 175,000, but havent had injectors cleaned in a while. I run a can of SeaFoam every oil change and it seemed to help when it first started but has progressively gotten worse. Any ideas on where to start looking for a solution.
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    Could be a clogged cat as seafoam has been known to do that.
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    Is there any way to check the catalytic converter to see if it is clogged, without going to a dealer?
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    Catalytic converters are one of the greatest emission add-ons ever to be installed on vehicles. By cleaning up the pollutants left over from combustion, they reduce tailpipe emissions of hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) to extremely low levels, when everything is operating normally, that is. But sometimes things do not operate normally, and when that happens engine performance may suffer or the vehicle may fail an emissions test.

    See the article listed below for a good start

    Lets us know how you make out!
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    I just bought a GMC 1500 6.0 2wd w/ 150k miles. It runs great but getting 13.2 mpg. Is this the norm and if if not, should I start with changing the coils with a plug change? I wasn't expecting this low of gas mileage. I'd like to put it on a computer but I'm not sure what's good out on the market. The dealship wasn't my first choice.

    No check engine, no problems..just inquiring about mileage.

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    Hi OPC,

    Yes I fear that is all the mileage you are going to get, even with K&N, and a tonneau cover, I'm averaging 18.2mpg(city20% and highway80%) (5.3 liter V8), it also has to do with your rear end gearing.. if you have the higher gear set or a towing lower gear set.

    My guess is make as much air flow through the engine with as much ease, then due to you large V8, up the gearing of your rear, that will likely help. if you dont live in Colorado or in the mts in general ...

    I bought the mass airflow sensor and have had no luck, just that there is too much oxygen in the mix.. and an engine light is now cycling on and off

    see my post here General Intake / Exhaust Mods ... #862 of 864The Generation II FIPK® is K&N's & Granatelli MAF by ttaupier1, might be an option!keywords=#MSG861
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    I'm in Macon Ga. Since my first reply, I've been thru 2 more tanks and still getting 13.2. I asked for it though. I wanted something that would pull. I got it!
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