Is CR-V safer than Civic

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Looking to buy a car for my 16 year old . Safety comes first and was wondering which would be the safer vehicle a CRV or a Civic.


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    You may want to ask over in Best Car for a new teenage driver instead.
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    What model years? The CR-V is heavier, a safety plus, but it's risk of rollover is higher.

    The Feds and Insurance Institute rate cars for safety. They may help you decide:
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    probably a 2007 or 2008
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    I have yet to figure out what possesses folks to buy new cars for 16 year old new, inexperienced drivers. This was virtually never done when I was 16 years old, but I see it done more and more today. I've heard some people say "because I want all the nice safety featues on my kid's car", but many (albeit sometimes not all) of these features can be found in used cars that cost far less and would be significantly less expensive to insure. I also personally think young people today, members of the "me" generation, should not expect to have the best of everything at first. Sorry to get on my soapbox- I recognize that the opinions I express are not shared by all.
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    Here's an Edmund's article about buying a safe car for teen drivers.
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    My logic is that used cars here in Las Vegas are not that much cheaper than the Hondas. Used have no warranty and have been driven in the Vegas heat which can really tear up a car. The Hondas are smaller cars yet are somewhat safe and should be easier to drive.
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    Also she is learning to drive in a 2000 Ml320 which has very good crash ratings but its handling and braking is not that great. I would like her to drive something that has good ratings and is responsive to drive.
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    The fact that the CR-V has Vehicle Stability Assist would be enough to sway me to a CR-V LX for an inexperienced driver. The Civic is a very safe car, but is lacking in stability control, which will help keep the car on its intended course in emergency maneuvers as well as low-traction maneuvers (wet/slick roads). Both cars should be pretty similar in acceleration; the Civic will be sporty to drive, with very responsive handling. The CR-V has friendly/safe handling and should also be easy to drive after learning in an ML320.

    I wouldn't say she needs AWD, but VSA is useful for those rare situations where one might otherwise lose control of the car.

    Of course, safe and sound driving practices will keep that to a minimum.

    The CR-V LX 2WD should cost only about a thousand dollars more than a Civic EX with an automatic, and will come well-equipped if not loaded.
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    Looking to buy a car for my 16 year old . Safety comes first and was wondering which would be the safer vehicle a CRV or a Civic.

    Depends who you ask. If you are worried about your 16 year olds safety, then the biggest heaviest Tank is the safest vehicle for your kid. But if you thinking about putting this kind of vehicle in the hands of inexperienced kid, then you are basically giving him/her a weapon to menace and maim others on the road.

    So, we go back to the SUV wars of the late 90's early 2000's, where the biggest baddest SUV seemed to be safest for certain segments of the population.

    So, whose safety are you concerned about?
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