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Manufacture Date?

fpostadanfpostadan Posts: 22
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
For the 2008 Hyundai Veracruz, where would I look to find the manufacture date?

I would like a later model maybe like an April to May born on date.

Thanks in advance.

(still waiting on my 08 Veracruz to arrive at the dealer, should be any day now)


  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Posts: 54
    Open up the driver side door, look down to the right and locate the rectangular-shaped sticker on the door frame. The build month and year can be found there.
  • fpostadanfpostadan Posts: 22
    Just inspected my new 08 Limited Veracruz today. Everything is good, even took it for a test run.

    The manufactured date is April 24, 2008.

    I am having some dealer installed options being done this week.
  • fpostadanfpostadan Posts: 22
    08 VC Limited AWD NAVI- April manufacture date.

    Finally it went down to a Parrot Mk6100 Bluetooth (Paired excellent and works excellent)

    Rosen DVD Entertainment System

    Aux Audio Jack (excellent blue color to match the instrumentation)

    My only gripe Is that the next version of VC could everything be done factory install and make XM as peripheral.

    Thanks for reading and those that responded. I am in the breaking in period right now.

    I am smitten and just in awe about the features toward drivability versus other midsize such as AWD Lock button, awesome when the time comes, and ESC button when the time comes. (loved reading the blink on the instrumentatuion when engaged).

    Oh and both DVD and Aux Audio are FM Modulated which they said would be not. But I don't think its a flaw right now. Am very content and operates well under headphones. And like how the 07's options are now standard, next year w all options will be factory installed.

    Im loving it but it is too late to go to brown interior, lol.
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