windshield antenna on '01 Forester

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I've had two windshield replacements on my '01 Forester due to cracks. Ours is the kind with the antenna in it. We have TERRIBLE radio reception. Since this is an aftermarket windshield I don't know if it has a bad antenna or wasn't connected properly, but I want to do something about it. I was thrilled to see that there's finally a Haynes guide for Foresters, but of course it doesn't cover front winshield antennae!

So, where/how is the windshield antenna connected to the radio and if that isn't the fix, then what about installing an external antenna? Any links on how to do these things?



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    I think that's actually the wiper de-icer.

    I believe the antennae is actually on the driver's side rear side window.
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    Yep that's correct. If you have an aftermarket windshield you might not have the de-icer elements but it won't effect your radio reception.

    It's possible that the connection to the antenna in the driver-side rear window is bad or broken.

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    Oops, I think you're right - I didn't realize it was back there on the driver side window, and there is something back there that got disconnected - I thought it was the defrost! Is there anything I can do to fix that connection?

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    I wonder if it's just soltered on there and the solter cracked?
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    Yes, it looks like the solder came undone. I think I can do it!
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    Good luck - just be very careful with the heat near the glass.
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