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Toyota Avalon Water Leaks

bobdp1bobdp1 Posts: 3
My 2006 Avalon Ltd has been in shop for 3+ weeks for water leak. Second time water has gotten into car. 1st time was a cracked cowl at windshield, took 3 trips back to get the moldy, smelly carpet replaced. this time the leak is from a disconnected hose at sunroof that let water under carpet behind driver. Toyota is replacing carpet again, cleaned interior metal surfaces with bleach to get rid of mold, and replaced all seat foam. I am worried that once the warranty is up I will continue to have water leaks. Anyone else having water filtration in cabin? And don't get me going on the worthless nav system, for 2500 bucks it doesn't reliably take you anywhere.


  • rpfingstenrpfingsten Posts: 154

    I have an 07 avy xls and about 3 months after I bought it I ran into a water leak.. My car was parked in a parking lot during a down pour.. when i got in the car I noticed a little water on the dash.. thought it must have been something I "splashed" in in my haste to get into the car and out of the rain.. but when I started to drive the car, I noticed water coming out of the speakers on both A pillars..... couldn't believeit... took it straight back to the dealer.. turns out drain tubes on the sunroof were not "hooked up".... they hooked em up and havent had a problelm since..

  • bobdp1bobdp1 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response. This same drain tube at the sunroof became detached and lead to the water getting under the carpet.
  • tim93tim93 Posts: 1
    I just ran across this problem on our car.Believe it or not this is a easy fix if you have some mechanical skills.What I believed happened is when the factory installed the rubber drain hoses to the drain outlet on the sunroof they did'nt factor in that the hose might shrink during heating and cooling of the car and the hose pulled away from the drain the same amount on both sides.To fix:disconect battery,waite 10 minutes,open sunroof and remove the inside molding around headliner,should pull right off,pull down the hand grab handle and pry off the cover caps carefully to expose the mounting clips,with a screwdriver or needle nose pliers squeeze the clip and pull handle off,then remove the plastic cover on the sunvisor pivot to expose two phillips screws to remove the sunvisor,you don't have to completetly remove it,let it hang,next the side pilar cover has to be taken down,there is a rubber molding and one clip holding it up,pull the molding back enough to reveal the cover,pull it out enough to get to the clip,I took a pair of needle nose pliers and twisted the clip to get it out,set the cover on the dash,this should give you enough room to pull the headliner down(front corners of sunroof) to see the end of the hose,pull the hose toward the drain and slip it over the drain fitting,take a wire tie and put it over the hose so this will not happen again,reverse taredown prosedure,do other side same way and you're good to go,,,hope this helps.
  • 2000 avalon xl with xls features with moon roof leaks at front door where the seam is at the frame and wets floor and carpet.
    Some people think call it the a frame.
    The moon roof does not have any internal drains that i can find.
    I can't find and specs or images of moon roof layout.
    When closed water runs down the front windsshield side.
    So is it leaking inside of moon roof frame or is the windshield leaking.

    I just found this.
    So moon roof or windshield?

    Component Description:
    34. STRUCTURE:BODY Bulletin Number: BO03100
    Bulletin Date: NOV 2000

    Vehicle: 2000 Toyota Avalon

    And what is the best fix?
  • My car leaked on the left side and next the right side so i think it's clogged.
    I called the dealership it's a about 250.00 to take it apart and clean it.
    Way too much.
    OK i find these 2.
    On another forum a guy said use a air pump to see it it clears and another a guitar string to auger it out.
    So if anyone else has a problem hopefully they can fix it.

    I'll try it tomorrow and let y'all know how it goes.
    Good Luck to ALL!
  • Owned a new 2001 Avalon Limited and I bought my 2007 Limited new. All was fine with the 2007 until about 45000 miles. Noticed a bad smell in the car that got worse. Turned out the moonroof drains had become detached. By time problem was diagnosed there was mould smell in car bad enough that I could not drive it without the windows down. I was out of warranty due to mileage, but when I pushed Toyota, to their credit they did the right thing and replaced the carpet the pad and the soundproofing that is sprayed on the floor pan at the factory. After additional trips back to the dealer to kill the smell it finally was conquered, though this whole process took 8 months. My opinon is that the quality of American assembled Toyotas is inferior to when the Japanese assembled them. Sorry USA.
  • Thanks Tim93. Fixed the problem today. Couldn't really peal back the headliner very easily but I got my hand between the pillar liner and the opening in the headliner at the sunroof. Sure enough there was the hose, off the drain. However, it had a clip. Luckily it could be manipulated by hand and I squeezed it and put it back on the drain. I couldn't really see that there were drains on all 4 corners though, maybe just the front two. Guess Ill know if they start to leak also.
  • jdbsgjdbsg Posts: 1

    2003 Toyota Avalon Water leak on passenger and rear floor boards (more in rear).
    1.Sunroof doesn't appear to be clogged or disconnected. Drains outside.
    2. Poured water on outside of windows and appears to drain properly outside.
    3. Trunk is dry
    4. Speakers went erratic with serious static and eventually stopped. After sucking out water and two days, radio worked and static only happened when changing stations.
    4. Covered car with tarp during next rain. Some water continued, but not nearly the amount when first discovered.
    5. Radio stopped working again.

    I'm assuming there might be wiring running trough the floor boards?

    Is there anything that could be coming from the engine to check?

    What should be checked next?

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