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atari_400atari_400 Member Posts: 2
Hi there. Can anybody tell me what the 'AUX' button does on a 2006 Zephyr 6 disc stereo ?


  • lonolono Member Posts: 1
    I had the same question and the only answer I can get is that the AUX button is "inoperable" and does nothing. I'm also wondering what MP3 compatible means; there are no specific directions that I can find concerning this feature either. Sorry. :(
  • carrionfeastcarrionfeast Member Posts: 1
    MP3 Compatible means the ability to read an MP3 disc (computer burned CD-R). An MP3 disc is different than an audio disc in that it can hold approximately 80-90 songs depending file sizes of the MP3's compared to a regularly burned audio disc which usually can't hold more than 20 songs or so. Usually, most programs (such as Nero) offer the ability to burn an MP3 "jukebox" disc to take advantage of this.

    Too bad there isn't any sort of Auxiliary INPUT that I can find as I'm getting a little tired of burning mp3 discs and would rather use an iPod for music.

    As far as the AUX button, I'm curious to know what it's intended function is (whether inoperable or not) also. My 2006 Zephyr is already has a 6 disc changer so I doubt it had anything to do with that.
  • 99accent99accent Member Posts: 237
    will I have any issues when I change the battery in my Lincoln 2006 Zephyr other than resetting the clock and radio , will I have to reset the remote that came with the car ,not remote start?
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