Lexus LS400 hood struts

ejstefanejstefan Member Posts: 2
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Does anyone know where, other than the dealer, I
can get replacement hood struts for my 91 Lexus
LS400? I bought replacement hood struts for my
Taurus SHO from O'Reillys for less than 1/3 what
the dealer wants...


  • palmharborpalmharbor Member Posts: 26
    I had the same falling hood-struts and could not find a local parts store/chain that could supply. I had to go to the dealer and spend $70 per side! You may want to try a Toyota dealer for this part. I have a dealer up the road who is advertising Lexus parts and non-warranty repairs.
  • racqballracqball Member Posts: 2
    Can anyone share with me their experience with this car? I found one with 94,000 miles, good shape, however it needs A/C Compressor. Wants 11K is this a fair price?
  • lazarus629lazarus629 Member Posts: 4
    We have a 1990. Repairs are more expensive for this car than comparable repairs on, say, a Camry. However, the car is magnificent. Edmunds appraisal program seems pretty reliable indicator. Also check local listings on here or on for rough comps. If the compressor is gone, other A/C components may need fixing soon. Talk to a local Lexus dealer to get estimates to repair before you buy.
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