Mercury Mountaineer AC Question

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This is my second one, had an '06 and now the '08. They both have the six cylinder but the '06 gave me better mileage. The '08 rides better, sharper appearance and full-time awd. So far, the '08 when first turn on a/c, a bad aroma comes out til it is running for about a minute.


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    Sounds like mold in the vents. The dealer should be able to spray some BG Frigi-Fresh or similar product in it and kill it off.
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    Can Someone tell Me where the Charging Port is for the Low Side of a 97 Mountaineer. I have looked in all the Places I thought I would find it, did Ford hide it Somewhere it's not Visable ???
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    One of the easiest ways I know of, is to Turn the Heat wide Open for about a 1/2 hr then spray a Small Amount of Lysol in the Intake Vent the Heat usualy kills the Mold
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    Turn the Heat wide Open for about a 1/2 hr

    Hehe, that would kill a lot of stuff out here in Boise in August (high 90's to low 100's is common). Lysol would be easier to find than the BG stuff and cheaper too.

    The next question someone is going to have is where is the intake vent? (and don't say next to the charging port :) ).

    All I can find about the AC on the '97 Mountaineer is blower motor stuff. You may have better luck than me at AutoZone or a similar repair site. Online Repair Manuals
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